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Your problem isn’t patients or staff or you.
It’s your schedule. You’re doing too much!
New breakthroughs let your team double your production
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Yes! Double My Production For $1 To Start

Dear Doctor,

You’re giving your heart and soul to your practice, your patients and your team. You’re investing a small fortune learning how to increase your production, serve your patients, hire, train, keep and inspire your team. It’s taken priceless moments of time with your family and infinite points of sacrifice on your part. Your unbreakable commitment to this process is unquestionable.

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • You want to increase production, but can’t get everyone to buy into your ideas
  • You think and plan and worry about how to get your practice “over the hump”
  • You’re not sure about the right choices for technology, marketing, training and communications
  • Your people are resistant to change … they’re not on the same page as you … they’re not working efficiently
  • Everyone and everything depends on YOU as the “hub of the wheel”

The truth is this… you can’t throw in the towel (even if you wanted to). And you don’t quite know what to do even though you’d be more than willing to do it if you knew how. The most important thing you need to know right now is….

It’s NOT Your Fault. It’s NOT Your Teams’ Fault.

YOU Are NOT The Problem…But YOU Are The Solution

The reason you’re not helping as many patients as you want… The reason you’re not producing as much as you want is actually quite simple…

All the information you have regarding running your practice, growing your practice and pushing your practice to new heights has been designed FOR you and given TO you. But the truth of the matter is that YOU are not the person that information needs to be catered to. YOU are not the person that information is for.

Just think about all the different moving parts in your practice. All the different activities happening all throughout the day. The VAST majority of them have little or NOTHING to do with your daily responsibilities.

The REAL reason your team isn’t executing your plan is because they simply haven’t been given that plan in a way they can receive, understand and implement it. Most importantly, nobody’s given them the tools and skills needed to UNDERSTAND where you want to take your practice and HOW they can help you get it there.

But there IS a solution for a practice that is growing too slow, for a practice that is stuck on a plateau or for a practice that just flat out isn’t performing as well as it should be….

3 Requirements For Doubling Your Production

  • A willingness (or at least a healthy curiosity) to have your practice completely transformed into a happy, motivated, empowering environment with a team that does MOST of the “heavy lifting” FOR you!

  • A true desire for a practice without stress, strain, worry, uncertainty and fear

  • An unquenchable thirst for a practice that is dependably, predictably and consistently growing in both profitability and production.

Team Training Institute IS That Solution

After 25 plus years helping, supporting, training and mentoring dentists and their teams… We’ve boiled YOUR predictable and permanent success down to just 5 simple steps that will double your production.

5 simple steps to go from a practice that owns you…to a practice that you own. Think of being a Team Training Institutes’ Double Your Production member as you own personal step-by-step roadmap to the practice of your dreams.

Everything you need to lift all the weight off of your shoulder and finally build a team driven practice is right here. The Team Training Institute predictable and permanent path to success is simple, but in full transparency, it won’t be “easy”. This isn’t a pie-in-the-sky promise of effortless riches in exchange for no work. The Team Training Institute step-by-step roadmap is the “straight line” to the practice of your dreams…

What Is The Double Your Production Exclusive Membership?

It is Exactly What You Need, When You Need It.

This is the same online training center our High-Level Coaching Clients use and provides you with everything you need to double your production and build a team-driven practices in less time then you’d ever imagine possible.

Every team member is included and receives training’s uniquely tailored to their role – the front desk, the scheduler, the assistant, and clinical administrator. These include the step-by-step systems you need at every stage of practice growth – regardless of where you are today.

Which is why, with your membership you will receive 5 additional logins so that the entire team can participate!

As a Member, You Will Receive….

The Fast Track To Dental Success Trainings

This is where we will go from the Dental Practice that owns you to the practice you own! In these 5 detailed lessons you will walk through the 5 stages of practice growth and we will guide your team to do most of the heavy lifting for you.

Your training is designed to help you coach your team through the 5-stages – your teams’ training provides the step-by-step instructions on how to implement the ideas.


This is where you will determine what type of practice you want. Once you know where you want to go – your team can jump in to help you get there.


There is only so much that you can produce in a day. The easiest and fastest way to ADD additional production comes from the hygiene department. Using our easy to implement scripts hygienists can insprire patient loyalty with every visit while ensuring every patient is getting the highest quality care all way increasing their production.


Plugging the leaky holes in your bucket. There is no sense in bringing in new patients if they simply fall out the back door. Increasing production is not about going faster, doing more & pushing harder. It’s about setting up our practice to maximize the effective and efficient use of your time and your patients time! We can best achieve that by giving patients exactly what they have been asking for and we will show you how easy that really is.


Here, we will focus on case acceptance as an entire practice. it is not just the person doing the treatment presentation who affects the patient’s decision. When the entire practice understands their role and how easy it is to be on the same page, you see case acceptance sky-rocket.


By defining and creating systems in your practice, you alleviate 99.9% of the stress that everyone feels. This opens up enormous amounts of mental, emotional, and physical resources to be spent on growth and productivity. Instead of on the axiety and stress it currently is. We identify 12 key systems that need to be in place and then show you the art of engaging the team in creating the system.

Plus… Each Month You Will Have Access To:

The Monthly Huddle

Every month you will be able to join Dr. John and Wendy in a private online virtual meeting huddle where they will share what is working now in dental practices, guide your vision, and answer your questions. This is the place to have your questions answered by the 2 people who have doubled more dental practice production than anyone else – nowhere else will you get the insights of both the doctor owner and the world’s most productive clinician.

The Monthly System For Success

Each month we will deep dive into a new system for the practice where you will create your Commanders Intent (what is the purpose of this system in our practice), complete your flow chart (or use ours), personalize your scripts (or use ours), and most importantly define your checks and balance to ensure your system is implemented.

In The Trenches With Dr. John and Wendy Briggs

Each month, you can jump inside the mind of Dr. John or Wendy as they walk through a practice – hear what they are thinking, what they are looking for and how they would present to the patient or handle the objections heard in the practice

The Monthly Missing Piece

A thought provoking idea that you can implement immediately in your practice — they will rotate between motivational, clinical, time-management, and leadership tips and tricks all designed to and for maximum effectiveness and efficiency for you and your team

Get It All For Only $1 to Start and only $199/month

Cancel at any time

60-day Money Back Guarantee: We stand by our membership and want you to experience zero risk when choosing us to coach you which is why we offer a no-questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee for the first 60 days should you decide this is not for you

The Double Your Production Membership

  • Access for You PLUS 5 Team Members

    Additional Team Members are only $10/month

  • The Fast Track to Dental Success Doctor and Team Training

  • Systems for Success Trainings

  • Monthly Huddles with Dr. John and Wendy

  • In The Trenches Video's

  • Missing Pieces Videos

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Join Hundreds of Other Dental Practices Who Are Growing and Enjoying Life Again!

“Katie did $3,200 today and averages $1,650 a day!”

“Doubled our production!”

“We have been with TTI for a couple of months now, and the first thing that we noticed a double in hygiene production and definitely patient satisfaction. They gave us the verbal skills we needed to get the job done easily without any confrontation. And the one thing that we found was that the patients TRULY appreciate the convenience of the additional preventive services at the time of their hygiene appointment.”
— Dr. Robert Branca, Long Island NY

“The best investment you can make!”

“I have worked with 3 other practice management companies over a span of 20 years and the Team Training Institute is by far the best investment you can make to grow personally, professionally, and profitability. “ — Hope White, Hood Dental Care

“Do it! They helped us get out of a rut”

“Do it! They really helped us to be empowered to get out of a rut and enjoy our last 10-15 years in practice” – Sylvia Betts, Charles Betts DMD, PC

“John is a dentist like me!”

“You can bring in all the new patients you want into your office, but if you can’t serve them and do the dentistry, that is going to fail. What impresses me about John is he’s a dentist like me. I’ve heard a zillion consultants with great ideas but when you have one of the ‘guys’ showing you how to do it and PROVE that it works. It’s powerful.

If I could give a gift to any young dentists and tell them someone you could hang your hat on, I would hang it on these guys, they are going to give you the skills that will last a lifetime.” — Dr. Cris, WI

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60-day Money Back Guarantee: We stand by our membership and want you to experience zero risk when choosing us to coach you which is why we offer a no-questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee for the first 60 days should you decide this is not for you