Lessons We Can Learn From A Past Disaster

Here's What You Get:


Module 1: Mindset Shift - Thinking Like a CEO at War

Most dentists have lost confidence. The pandemic has really shaken them. They suddenly don’t have the financial resources they thought they did. So, they’re struggling on an emotional level ... and even paralyzed by it.

We fix that first, in Module 1.

You get the same mental tools used by Special Forces operators to confront life-or-death threats. You learn to slow everything down, then focus on the next action that leads to the outcome you want

You learn to upgrade your thinking, so you see possibilities where before you saw problems. Because you can be bitter or you can be better -- but you can’t be both.

Module 2: How to Attract Teams and Patients

Warning: It’s tempting to think our teams and patients will come flooding back after we open our doors ... as if nothing happened. But something did happen. And we’ll never go back to what was “normal” just a few weeks ago.

For starters, not everyone in your office may be eager to come back. Some are scared, no matter what they say. But you simply must have a strong team when you re-open. If you’re short-staffed or trying to hire and train too many people, your practice will tear apart at the seams.

To avoid that, you get strategies and tactics to “sell” your staff on coming back -- and keep them productive after you re-open.

You’ll also avoid the costly mistake of thinking that initial rush of patients you see will mean that “Everything’s fine.” But everything is not fine. We’ve got 26 million people out of work. Businesses are failing. Your patients have taken on a tremendous amount of debt.

As a result, elective dental services will be very unattractive to many. So you must up your game on diagnosis, treatment planning and case acceptance.

Otherwise, you’ll be looking at a bare schedule, particularly on the doctor side. You’ll experience your own personal “second wave” of the pandemic. And then what?

 This solves that.

Module 3: The 4 Rs of Maximizing Hygiene

You’ll see an increase in production with better Recovery, Recall, Reactivation, and Reappointment during your first 100 days. It’s predictable, thanks to the systems you get to work your lists and put more hygiene on the schedule.

Key: In a Depression-type economy like we’re facing, there simply won’t be as many new patients looking for you. That means you must keep the patients you have. Because they’re far more likely to move forward with treatment than a new patient who doesn’t know, like and trust you.

Module 4: How to Optimize the Schedule

When you’re scheduling after the lockdown, you face growing problems as you book farther out. Because retention is harder if you can’t be responsive to patients who want in ASAP. And you can’t afford to lose any of those patients. Not when getting new ones is so difficult and costly.

What’s more, employers will not be open to the idea of their employees -- your patients -- taking time off for dental care. Everyone will be scrambling to make up for lost time. Which means you MUST find the right balance of hours to be available for patients in your first 100 days back.

Bypassing those problems is what Module 4 is all about.

Module 5: How to Instantly Maximize Production

There’s an “open secret” among the most successful dentists in America. And it’s your shortcut to success after you re-open.

What is it?

Same-day dentistry.

Because, after the lockdown, people will be reluctant to miss work to see you. But if they’re already in your office, they’re much more likely to stay and get something taken care of.

That’s a hidden benefit of same-day dentistry -- case acceptance goes up. And case acceptance is one area you must improve, no matter how good you are now. Because you won’t have as many pitches to swing at after the lockdown, when your patients’ paychecks shrink.

With this training, your same-day production can go from 15-25% of production (which is average) to 40-50% (which is common among our most successful members).

Important: If you’re not doing more procedures that weren’t on the book at the start of the day ... all of that new, immediate production is lost to you. Can you afford that after the pandemic?

Module 6:

Whether you realize it or not, case acceptance is likely to plummet after you re-open. Why? Because your team will assume patients don’t have any money. So they may silently sabotage your diagnostic assertiveness.

I saw it in the Farm Crisis of 1986 ... during the Great Recession of 2008 ... and I see it now. If you don’t correct this silent error with the techniques in Module 6, it will naturally happen. And it will cripple you financially.

Another mistake you’ll avoid is unconsciously applying too much pressure in presenting a case ... then offending the patient ... and losing them forever.


That’s why you’ll receive the very best of 16 hours of training on both diagnosis and case acceptance, boiled down to one hour of action steps.       

Module 7:

After the lockdown, many dentists will keep doing what they’ve always done with their finances, which is ... failing to understand their finances.

But that’s a recipe for ruin in the post-pandemic economy.

Example: You’ll learn to avoid the trap of making decisions based on your bank balance. Because by the time problems show up there, it’s too late. You’re stuck playing defense.


Instead, you’ll go on offense. We’ll create a financial dashboard for you, with fixed and variable costs, working capital, and other leading indicators. To give you new clarity and confidence about your financial future.

Module 8:

In this final module, you fill in the blanks to create a roadmap to success after the pandemic.

Your progress is rapid because we’re focusing on the single most important thing for you to do in those first 100 days. What is it? I don’t know! It’s different for you and for every participant. But it’s crystal clear for you, because it’s based on facts and data we collect in the first 7 modules.

You complete the program with newfound energy and a clear track to run on after you re-open.  

But you’re not alone after Module 8. Not by a long shot!

Here’s why: All 8 Modules will be uploaded to the online member portal over the first 10 days of the program. You’re free to learn at your own pace, as fast or slow as you wish.

But the Zoom Q&A videos are every week for 8 weeks. That gives you two full months of reinforcement, support and personal guidance from myself and my partner, Wendy Briggs, RDH.

  • Wednesday May 13 – 8pm EDT
  • Wednesday May 20 – 8pm EDT
  • Wednesday May 27 – 8pm EDT
  • Wednesday June 3 – 8pm EDT
  • Wednesday June 10 – 8pm EDT
  • Wednesday June 17 – 8pm EDT'
  • Wednesday June 24 – 8pm EDT
  • Wednesday July 1 – 8pm EDT

Plus, this training gives you 8 CE Credits. You’re not only fulfilling a nice chunk of that requirement, you’re also building a stronger, more resilient practice at the same time.

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This is everything you need to avoid hidden pitfalls and maximize the new opportunities created by COVID-19.

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