How To Double Your Dental Practice Production Starting Tomorrow Workshop


Saturday, Nov 17th In Atlanta, GA

There are 15 2 Seats Available

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If you are a Dentist seriously interested in adding additional profit to your bottom line while building a practice that your patients rave about ... then this is a MUST attend program!

Dr. John Meis and Wendy Briggs, will be hosting a one-day LIVE workshop for any Dentists ready to add additional profit to their bottom line using all the resources they currently have in their practice!

They will reveal;

  • The secrets to serving PPO patients

    Without losing money!

  • The fool-proof way to fill the holes in your schedule

    In fact, one of our members had a day that fell apart so bad that in the past they would have lost money on the day. After implementing this fool-proof system they actually finished the day above goal. And we will show you exactly what he did.

  • Simple little things you can do that will add 30% to your daily production

    And will ease the physical pains of a profession that has us hunched over in awkward positions for most of the day.

  • The 9 words to ensure MAXIMUM acceptance of your treatment plans

  • The step-by-step process that will have any hygienist producing $1500-$3000 a day

  • Plus so much more!

Everything that will be taught requires no new patients, no new marketing, and no additional resources. We will show you how you can double your production using what you already have!

No New Patient, No New Marketing, and No Additional Resources Needed

If you are open to learning a few new things that can create a radical shift in your practice tomorrow then this FREE workshop will totally change your practice, your team, and your life.

Registration is Limited to 15 Doctors

You do need to act fast, there are only 15 seats available for each workshop. For that reason, we are charging a $97 fully refundable deposit when you register - you will receive your refund when you attend and complete the workshop.

You might be asking, "why would we do this for free?" After using this formula to take Dr. John's production to $225,000/month, unassisted, and growing his 1 practice into 6, we started showing our high-level coaching members the formula and they have seen their practices take off! It's our mission to help Dentists across the country see how easy it can be when you serve your patients at a high level and how quickly the production follows.

This is our gift back to the Dental community, which is why we will be doing it at no charge. But we can't do it for long, after this, we will likely start charging $497/person to attend.

But, to the first 15 doctors to register, you will be able to attend for FREE ($97 refundable deposit required to hold your seat.) You can bring team-members along for $97 each.

Who Are Our Founders?


Dr. John Meis was the founder of The Team Training Institute. An innovator in practice management, marketing, leadership, and team development who at his peak was producing in the top 1% of dentists in the United States. He multiplied his 1 practice into 12 and has been inside of more than 180 dental practices, playing a key role, visiting, coaching and innovating on the ground in these practices.

After extensively studying the most successful dentists, dental practices, and business owners he developed the “Productive Practice Mindset” from which the core principles of the Team Training Institute were created. The Productive Practice Mindset consists of 11 key habits and attitudes which differentiate them from less successful practices.

Wendy Briggs, RDH

Wendy has been called the world’s most famous hygienist. She is a highly productive practicing hygienist, strategic advisor, international speaker, trainer, consultant, and coach. She has directly coached more than 3,718 dental practices in 12 countries around the world. She has the longest track record of doubling hygiene production.

Wendy has a unique way of connecting with hygienists, they listen to one of their own!

She has consulted and worked with some of the biggest and fastest growing private dental practices, as well as some of the largest DSO organizations in both the United States and Australia, including Heartland Dental, Mortenson Dental & Dental Corp.

As a speaker, she has shared the stage with every “name” in dentistry including; Dr. Tom Orent, Woody Oakes, and the Dawson Academy. She has appeared at the Chicago Midwinter, the Yankee Dental Meeting, The Greater New York Dental Meeting, The Townie Meeting, Rocky Mountain Dental Implant Institute, The Big Apple Meeting, CDA in San Francisco, the Laser Clinician’s Meeting, and the Academy of General Dentistry.

She is a published author for RDH magazine, Dental Town, Dental Economics, The Journal of Practical Dental Hygiene, The AGD Impact, Henry Schein, and others.

Hygiene is her passion… and exploding hygiene productivity, case acceptance and profits are her areas of expertise.

Together they have written 2 books


Saturday, Nov 17th In Atlanta, GA

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9:00am - 9:30am: Registration
9:30am-Noon: Workshop
Noon-1:30pm: Lunch
1:30pm-3:30pm: Workshop
** session times may change, but you can plan on 9:30am - 3:30pm

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