3 More Ways To Increase Your Case Average

In a previous post, I detailed the three of nine ways I see to increase case average. Some of you were interested in knowing the full list. I won’t share the entire list here but I will share three more ways:


4.) Hygiene Pre-Sell

Before the doctor arrives, have hygienists talk about the conditions they see and explain what is normally recommended. This increases case average for two reasons:

    • You have third party endorsement of the treatment from the hygienist.
    • The doctor saves time because he doesn’t have to explain the treatment. He simply needs to bless the hygienist’s assessment.

5.) Target Procedures/Condition-Specific Marketing

In addition to marketing yourself as a general dentist who handles all issues, also market to a specific procedure — a certain niche. A good example is marketing for sedation.

6.) Emotionally Connected Case Presentation

Start with carefully listening to what the patient wants. Educate them on what they need. Encourage them to a higher level of care. Then ask again and accept what they want. If you really lock into what a patient wants, you’ll retain the patient for future treatment opportunities.

As I said last time, this is a key concept because if you want to increase collections, you need to either increase the new patients you see or increase your case average. For most of us, increasing new patients is significantly easier but increasing case average is just as essential.


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