3 Ways You Can Increase Case Average

In one of our past years, we hosted a Back Stage Pass event for those who purchased one of our products, the 3X Method. We had an exceptional and unique group of about 50 people in attendance. One key question that came up was “How do you increase case average?”

Shortly after that event, I developed a list of nine specific ways a practice can increase their case average. Here are the first three:

1.) Move

Case average is influenced by the income demographic of where your practice is and the competitive nature of your market. Relocate if necessary.

2.) Congruency

One common factor in underperforming practices is an incongruency in the appearance of their location, the appearance of their facility or the appearance of their staff. One example is when a staff appears less professional than other offices.

3.) Cosmetic Conversation

If you can tactfully communicate with patients about what they do or don’t like about their smiles (without inadvertently insulting them), you can then educate and inform them about the benefits of your practice’s cosmetic services.

Case average is a key concept because if you want to increase collections, you need to either increase the new patients you see or increase your case average. For most of us, increasing new patients is significantly easier but increasing case average is no less essential.

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