Who Else Want’s A Pre-Release
Copy Of The “How To Double Production
Starting Tomorrow” DVD’s?

Dear Frustrated Dental Professionals,

If you are serious about growing your Dental practice, and I am guessing that you are since you are reading this now, then pay attention because this will be the most important message you’ll read today.

Because I am going to show you how you can get your hands on a copy of the How To Double Your Production Starting Tomorrow Videos!   You’ll be able to watch the entire training from start to finish, pause, rewind, and re-watch any part that you want PLUS you will be able to benefit and receive the 4 CE credits for completing the training.

If you are unable to attend the live training on December 11th or know that you can not stay on until the end then make sure you read this letter in it’s entirety and find out how you can still claim all the benefits from this.

See, what Dr. John and I are sharing can (and has been) applied in Dental Practices all over the country (and even all over the world.) In small towns like Denham Springs, LA and large urban cities like Manhattan, NY.

The systems that we are teaching here will help any doctor – in solo practice or a part of a large multi-doctor practice. It’s the only system that has been created based on the universal principles that work regardless of individual talent…. You can be the most outgoing doctor or dread every social situation … this system will work for you and your practice.

We Have Been In Your Shoes …
We’ve Experienced the Frustration of an Under-performing Practice


Dr. John Meis is a 4th generation dentist. His great grandfather, his grandfather, and his father were all dentists. He grew up knowing that he was going to become a dentist. But even with all that history and knowledge, he still struggled with his first practice.

He suffered through the frustration and misery of an underperforming practice. He had bought into every consultant, every gimmick for getting new patients, for getting referrals, even for training his team but nothing seemed to work.

He had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on seminars, marketing products and coaching. It wasn’t until a health scare threatened his life and therefore the future of his family that he decided he was going to crack the code to dental success … and as quickly as possible.

For the next 8 years he went out and got as much continuing education as possible… he became a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry, a Diplomat of the International Implantologists and president of both his local dental society and the state AGD.

And what happened to his practice?

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING … collection were down, profitability was down. He was a better dentist. But his practice was still failing. And then it hit him!

He was going about it all wrong

He was operating under the wrong structure … he wasn’t thinking of his practice like a business. So he set out to study the best practices AND the best businesses and determined that they all had 11 principles in common and that is what the Double Your Production System is based off of and WHY this system works in any practice in any location regardless of the personality of the dentist.

The World’s Most Famous Hygienist?


Many are calling me the world’s most famous hygienist, I like to say the most famous person you may or may not know. I started out like any hygienist. I had graduated hygiene school and went to work in my first practice and went about serving my patients.

But it didn’t take long for me to realize that while I was making good money for the practice – it was no where it could be. I realized that Hygienists are the front line of the practice … they spend the most time with patients yet no one was working with the hygienists to maximize this strength.

So I spent 10 years perfecting my system that allows hygienists to crank up their daily production to $1500-$3000 a day while providing world-class care for their patients and this has become the standard for optimizing Hygiene Production at the Team Training.

Imagine, for just a moment that

  • Your Patients Happily Accepting Fluoride Treatments and Sealants… Even asking for them before you have a chance to present them
  • Your Patients Happily Accepting The Treatment Plan You Recommend
  • You and Your Current Team Producing 2x What You Currently Produce Without Adding Additional New Patients, Marketing, or Stress

What would this mean for your practice? I know it sounds like the impossible, but there are doctors all over the country experiencing this everyday in their practices….

What Would This Mean For Your Practice?


“We have been with TTI for a couple of months now, and the first thing that we noticed a double in hygiene production and definitely patient satisfaction. They gave us the verbal skills we needed to get the job done easily without any confrontation. And the one thing that we found was that the patients TRULY appreciate the convenience of the additional preventive services at the time of their hygiene appointment.” – Dr. Robert Branca, Long Island NY

I can’t begin to even put a price tag on what Wendy has done for our office. My hygienist saw Wendy speak at the Utah Dental meeting and ASKED me to bring her in. We brought in one of Wendy’s coaches, and my hygiene easily doubled, if not tripled in the year since starting. “ – Dr. Lester, Evanston WY

“Totally different experience…. I’ve been to seminars about team building, and I’ve got my little bit of information. It was totally different here. Instant friends, strangers saying ‘Fly out’ or even more amazing ‘I will fly out to your place and help you do this.’ It’s just incredible. I am completely overwhelmed with how amazing everybody was here. I felt like I had fallen into a hole, all you can see is the sides of the hole as you’re going down and then the light gets smaller and smaller the further you fall… I finally feel like I have a way to get out. They didn’t just throw me a rope, they jumped down into the hole with me and they’re helping me to get out!” – Dr. Gary Wilson, Provo UT

OK, Wendy How Do I Get My Copy?



At the conclusion of the live broadcast, we are going to be turning this training into our newest product the “Double Your Production Starting Tomorrow” System. At which time this will retail for $497. Since you obviously invested in growing your practice, and you have made an effort to attend the training, I am offering you a pre-release discount of $200.

If you invest in your copy of these DVD’s for only $297, not only will I send you a copy of the DVD’s but I am also having the entire training professionally transcribed, edited and bound in a 3-ring binder and I will include a binder along with your DVD’s.

What About The CE Credits?




I have promised everyone who attends the training 4 CE credits, so when you finish watching your copy of these DVD’s just follow the instructions to receive your CE credits!

2 Additional Bonuses
Worth $446 If You Take Action
Right Now





Free Bonus Gift #1: Emotionally Connected New Patient Exam Training: In this one hour training, Dr. John walks through multiple ways to emotionally connect with your patients so that they bond to you and feel like you are the right choice for them. Plus he shares his systems for ensuring that you never put your foot in your mouth when meeting a new patient and his scripts that will have every new patient falling in love with you and your practice. (Value of $249)

Free Bonus #2: Finding the Money – The Secret to Successful Financial Discussions That Actually Convert Patients. In this one hour training Dr. John and Wendy dive deep into the financial arrangements and how to find money for your patients to complete your treatment plan. But here’s the key – it’s never about the money! The secret to these discussions is about HOW you and your team present the treatment and walk the journey with your patients to find the money! (Value of $197)

Dr. John and I believe so strongly in this system and we want to give you everything you need to get started. So set out to find our best 1-hour trainings that would have the biggest impact on your practice IMMEIDATLY. And I’ll include these 2 trainings worth $446 when you invest in your copy of the DVD’s today.

The sooner you get your hands on this system, and these DVD’s, the sooner your team will be able to start doubling their production….

The sooner you will be creating the team you’ve been craving…

And the sooner you’ll see patients raving about the care and treatment they are receiving…

The sooner you will see your collections and profits go UP and your worries about payroll and finances start to diminish … after all, if you can double your production and create good systems – collections and the money will naturally follow.

As soon as you have money from your business, you will the financial freedom your after and you will be better able to determine your future path.

Maybe you want to practice for another 5, 10 or even 20 years … with a practice that is self-sustaining and enjoyable to go into every day!

Or maybe you want to FINALLY retire and have only been working because you had no other choice – until today.

Or maybe you’ll be ready to expand your successful practice into multiple practice like Dr. John did…

But Most Importantly – You Will Be Able to Make the Choices To Do The Things YOU Want To Do … The Things YOU Enjoy … With The People You Love Most!

But I Know That You Might Be Skeptical…
How Can You REALLY Double Your Production
After All… You Haven’t Seen The Full Training





That’s OK, I completely understand. And I believe so strongly in this system and have seen it work for so many doctors and so many practices that I have no worries about offering a full 100% Risk-Free Guarantee:

Amazing 12-Month, $50,000 Guarantee

If in the next 12 months you can honestly say that you have not added at least $50,000 to your production that you know weren’t there without us, I will refund every penny you paid – no hassle.

That’s a 100-fold guarantee. You invest just $297 and I will guarantee that your $297 investment turns into at least $50,000. And if it doesn’t produce, I honestly want you to ask for your money back. Less than 1% of our doctors ever ask for a refund which means that 99% have found success with these systems.

Right now, you have 3 choices:

You can either do nothing and continue down the path you are currently going

Or you can invest in the Double Your Production Starting Tomorrow System TODAY, save $200 and start implementing and experiencing the immediate growth and productivity.

Or you can Wait… and invest at a later date and pay the full retail price of $497.

So grab your copy today, right now, while it’s still hot on your mind!


Yes! Wendy...

Send Me A Copy of The Pre-Release DVD's

I Understand That I Am Paying $297 Today, and That You Will Be Offering These At A Later Date For $497



Wendy Briggs, RDH
President of the Team Training Institute

PS – If you invest in your copy of the pre-release system before midnight on December 11th, you will receive the DVD’s, the professionally transcription, PLUS the “Emotionally Connected New Patient Exam” and “Finding the Money – The Secret to Successful Financial Discussions that Actually Convert” Trainings valued at $446.