Dear Doctor,

 If you’re worried about COVID-19 ...

 Concerned about your income and your finances ...

 Fearful that you may lose everything you’ve worked for ...

 This is for you.

 Hi, I’m John Meis, DDS.

 And I’m here with important news.

 But first, I want you to pay attention to a message from a man uniquely qualified to guide you through the current economic crisis ...

 ... and help you emerge safely on the other side ...

 ... positioned for growth and prosperity in 2020 and beyond.

 Who is he? Briefly ...

  • His great grandfather was a successful dentist during the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918
  • His grandfather was a successful dentist during the Great Depression of the 1930s
  • His father was a successful dentist during two recessions after Opec oil crisis in 1972-73, and 1981-82 Energy and Tight Money crisis.

And he opened his first successful dental practice in Iowa during the Farm Crisis of 1986, when financial panic exploded to levels not seen until now

Who is he?


John Meis, DDS.

And unlike anyone else who may be giving you advice right now, what I’m about to tell you is different, because ...

 I’ve Gone Through Hell Before.
So You Don’t Have To 

Winston Churchill, who led England to victory in World War II, which included 57 straight days of bombing during the Blitz, said: “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

As a dentist, I’ve gone through hell many times. And I brought back dozens of lessons to share -- to save you a trip.

There was the Farm Crisis, when my patients’ livelihoods disappeared overnight ... banks failed ... suicides and murders shook our community ... Main Street was lifeless and half empty. And that was the year I opened my doors as a dentist, in 1986!

There was my cardiomyopathy episode, when overwork put me in the hospital fearing for heart  failure in 1989. .

There was the AIDS scare of the 1992, when patients stayed away from my practice, driven by horror stories in the media about a poorly understood virus (sound familiar?).

And don’t forget The Great Recession of 2008, a dress rehearsal for what we’re seeing today.

So, yes, I know a few things going through hell as a dentist.

Yet, despite it all ... after 11 years of trial and error ... I created what I call the “Double Your Production System.” It took me to over $225,000/month in personal production, created a gigantic 21-op, $6-million practice … yet I always made it home for dinner.

I started sharing this system with others, including one doctor who already had 16 practices -- and I helped him grow from 16 to 50. At that point, I sold half of my practices, formed a new corporation and joined the executive team. And we took that group practice from 50 to 120 locations, doing nearly $190 million in revenue.

This same system has quickly doubled and even tripled production in dental practices I walked into. Since 2005, I’ve advised more than 4,439 dentists and staff in 12 countries.

And during a career that spans 34 years ... 3 recessions ... the Farm Crisis ... and 9/11 ...

I’ve Helped Dozens Of Dentists
Go Through Hell And Emerge Stronger

For example, Dr. Ed Hood, from Denham Springs, LA.

He lost everything in a catastrophic flood in 2016.

His town was devastated. There was 30 inches of water in his office, 5 feet of water in his house, and many of his patients were wiped out financially.

On top of that, nearly 40% of his staff quit.

He had to start over, with no office to go back to.

It was ... a struggle. 

Yet Dr. Hood quickly rebuilt his practice from scratch, following my guidance. Then he acquired another practice at an attractive price (an opportunity that will be common after the quarantine, when many dentists close their doors forever), and he tripled production there, from $600,000 a year to $1.7 million.

How did he do it?

“I attribute it to having really good systems that we implemented as a part of the Team Training Institute. We got back on our feet because of our association with you guys.”

Now, make no mistake. The COVID-19 pandemic is a setback of Biblical proportions for you ... but so was getting wiped out by a flood for Dr. Hood. Yet he came back stronger and better, thanks to an early version of a program you’ll learn about shortly.

So, while the current crisis may be new and frightening to you, I’ve now lived it dozens of times with the dentists for whom I provide practice growth guidance.

Which leads to a crucial question ...

How Do You Plan To
Go Through
This Hell?

If you’re worried about your future ... confused about what to do next ... that’s understandable.

Because, as Navy SEALs teach and I’ve learned by navigating crises before, your brain doesn’t work very well when you’re scared.

To navigate a crisis, you have to slow everything down and focus on the very next activity that’s going to lead you towards the outcome you want.

So often, we dentists get distracted by 1,000 things that we want to do or think we should do. But that’s like riding a horse in 4 directions at once. You end up going nowhere. Whereas if you just focused on the most important thing right now, that’s what can push you out of the rut.

The breakthrough solution you’re about to discover is just like that. It’s not about doing 1,000 things to survive COVID-19 ... or 100 things ... or even 25 things.

It’s about doing just a handful of things, in the right order, at the right time.

It’s about taking a step back from playing “whack a mole” with daily crises and reacting to whatever rules your governor is laying down. It’s about getting ahead of everyone else by having a methodical plan in place. Setting your practice up for success on Day 1 after you open.

And that’s why ...

Timing Is Everything

 With each passing day, we’re moving closer to the economy re-opening and patients coming back into your practice.

But that initial burst of pent-up demand [DJ1] will last only a few weeks. After that, economic reality will set in. Most dentists who will be mystified by what happens next. That’s because 

  • The “real” unemployment rate has now soared past 20% and the U.S. has lost 26.5 million jobs, according to Fortune magazine. That’s the worst labor market since 1934.
  • A “good scenario” would be 20% of small businesses failing due to Coronavirus, according to Yahoo News 
  • Which means many of those lost jobs, and your patients’ ability to pay, won’t come back anytime soon. Some economists say full employment won’t happen until at least 2023. 


For these and other reasons ... 

The First 100 Days After Your Practice Re-opens
Will Be The Most Important Of Your Career

Those first 100 days will be a race to do many things right, all in the right order, to capture every bit of that initial patient demand, then keep those patients coming back and referring others. 

You have NO wiggle-room to get this wrong. Yet you probably have questions about what to do and how to do it.

Because you know it won’t be as easy as just “re-opening" your doors or doing what you did before the pandemic. [DJ1] And you’re not alone ...

In the last 20 days, more than 1,089 dentists have contacted The Team Training Institute for help in dealing with the COVID-19 crisis. There’s been a flood of requests from dentists worried about their future. More requests than we had in the first 3 months of the year.

And if you’re anything like those 1,089 dentists ...

You May Have Questions Like These:

  • How and when should you communicate your re-opening?
  • What should your #1 focus be before you re-open? After you open?
  • What if anything do I need to do differently? 
  • What do we need to do to have patients feeling safe to return to the dentist?
  • Does your team understand the “Why” of your new plans and goals after COVID-19?
  • Will what was working in your marketing before the pandemic work after? What will you have to change?
  • How and where will you fit all the rescheduled patients in?
  • What can you do to immediately improve cash flow?
  • Is there a way to know which patients should be seen first?
  • What if my team says they aren’t comfortable coming back?
  • What if my team tells patients they were ‘forced to come back’?
  • How do I handle it if my team is making more on unemployment and don’t want to come back?

You get the idea. There’s a pile of questions you must answer if you hope to re-open your practice smoothly ... and stay open in the post-pandemic economy. 

And the clock is ticking. You have less time to plan and prepare with every passing hour.

That’s why you should accept this invitation and join me today in ...

“The 100 Day Dental Practice Recovery Plan:
How To Maximize The New Opportunities
Created In The Wake Of COVID-19”
The Essential Program To Protect Your Dental Practice From the Chaos Caused by the Coronavirus

What is it?

It’s everything you need to preserve your practice and your income. To avoid a very painful and public downgrading of your lifestyle tomorrow ... because of what you didn’t do today.

When is it?

The course is available for you to start TODAY. You will have immediate access to all 8 modules immediately. There is no waiting for us to get started, no re-arranging your schedule to be on your computer at a certain time. We know that some practices are already seeing patients again, there is no good time to host a live training session, so you and your team have access to go through the course from the comforts of your home or office, anytime of the day.

Make no mistake, just because the course is not live, we are going to hold your hand all the whole way. You are invited to join us on the upcoming Live Coaching Calls taking place on:

  • May 13th at 8:00pm Eastern
  • May 20th at 8:00pm Eastern
  • May 27th at 8:00pm Eastern
  • June 3rd at 8:00pm Eastern
  • June 10th at 8:00pm Eastern
  • June 17th at 8:00pm Eastern
  • June 24th at 8:00pm Eastern
  • July 1st at 8:00pm Eastern

Who is it for?

  • Doctors and their teams who have been impacted by the coronavirus. Either you have had to close your practice for a period of time, or your practice (while remaining open) has been affected.
  • If your patients or teams are worried about safety in the dental practice between now and when a vaccine is available
  • If your patients or teams are wanting to stay away from the practice because of concerns about the coronavirus
  • Your practice is feeling a financial pinch because of the coronavirus

AND if you are at all uncertain that you will be able to return to the production and profitability that you were seeing in February, this program is for you.

If You’ve Had Your Practice Affected by Coronavirus,
How Important is the 100 Day Recovery Program?

It’s VITAL. I cannot possibly over-emphasize this: everything has changed. From our patients attitudes towards their oral health, to your teams attitudes about coming to work, to what treatment patients will accept, down to what PPE and changes will need to be made. This is too big for you to overlook. Unless you have recently opened a new practice, there has never been a time where you didn't have some revenue coming into the practice. But now, you are facing 4-6-8-12 weeks where there was no production, no collections, and no insurance payments coming in. Yet you're expected to open your doors and your team is expecting that they will be paid - with what money? “They” are suggesting it could take 6-12 months for this to go away and the experts nearly always get it wrong. The reality is that it could last longer than 12 months.

The question is, do you have the cash reserves to see less patients, who are accepting less treatment, and take more time?

This program will keep you totally up-to-date with everything you need to know to ensure you do NOT miss out on the significant opportunities that are already in front of you, both now and in the long-term when the pandemic is eventually over.

If you do not have sufficient cash reserves to cover more disruption, it is vital you attend this program. 

The 8 Modules of the 100 Day
Dental Practice Recovery Plan

Module 1: Mindset Shift - Thinking Like a CEO at War

Most dentists have lost confidence. The pandemic has really shaken them. They suddenly don’t have the financial resources they thought they did. So, they’re struggling on an emotional level ... and even paralyzed by it.

We fix that first, in Module 1.

You get the same mental tools used by Special Forces operators to confront life-or-death threats. You learn to slow everything down, then focus on the next action that leads to the outcome you want

You learn to upgrade your thinking, so you see possibilities where before you saw problems. Because you can be bitter or you can be better -- but you can’t be both.

During any crisis when fears run high the normal way we communicate looses its effectiveness. This affects both your patients and your own team. We need to re-program our communication skills and take a critical look at how we are approaching any form of communication. Most people have a hard time communicating what the real issue is and that becomes 20x harder in times of crisis.

In Module 2 - we will break down the communication methods and provide you with guidelines to communicate with both your teams and your patients.

Warning: It’s tempting to think our teams and patients will come flooding back after we open our doors ... as if nothing happened. But something did happen. And we’ll never go back to what was “normal” just a few weeks ago.

For starters, not everyone in your office may be eager to come back. Some are scared, no matter what they say. But you simply must have a strong team when you re-open. If you’re short-staffed or trying to hire and train too many people, your practice will tear apart at the seams.

To avoid that, you get strategies and tactics to “sell” your staff on coming back -- and keep them productive after you re-open.

You’ll also avoid the costly mistake of thinking that initial rush of patients you see will mean that “Everything’s fine.” But everything is not fine. We’ve got 26 million people out of work. Businesses are failing. Your patients have taken on a tremendous amount of debt.

As a result, elective dental services will be very unattractive to many. So you must up your game on diagnosis, treatment planning and case acceptance.

Otherwise, you’ll be looking at a bare schedule, particularly on the doctor side. You’ll experience your own personal “second wave” of the pandemic. And then what?

 This solves that.

You’ll see an increase in production with better Recovery, Recall, Reactivation, and Reappointment during your first 100 days. It’s predictable, thanks to the systems you get to work your lists and put more hygiene on the schedule.

Key: In a Depression-type economy like we’re facing, there simply won’t be as many new patients looking for you. That means you must keep the patients you have. Because they’re far more likely to move forward with treatment than a new patient who doesn’t know, like and trust you.

When you’re scheduling after the lockdown, you face growing problems as you book farther out. Because retention is harder if you can’t be responsive to patients who want in ASAP. And you can’t afford to lose any of those patients. Not when getting new ones is so difficult and costly.

What’s more, employers will not be open to the idea of their employees -- your patients -- taking time off for dental care. Everyone will be scrambling to make up for lost time. Which means you MUST find the right balance of hours to be available for patients in your first 100 days back.

Bypassing those problems is what Module 4 is all about.

There’s an “open secret” among the most successful dentists in America. And it’s your shortcut to success after you re-open.

What is it?

Same-day dentistry.

Because, after the lockdown, people will be reluctant to miss work to see you. But if they’re already in your office, they’re much more likely to stay and get something taken care of.

That’s a hidden benefit of same-day dentistry -- case acceptance goes up. And case acceptance is one area you must improve, no matter how good you are now. Because you won’t have as many pitches to swing at after the lockdown, when your patients’ paychecks shrink.

With this training, your same-day production can go from 15-25% of production (which is average) to 40-50% (which is common among our most successful members).

Important: If you’re not doing more procedures that weren’t on the book at the start of the day ... all of that new, immediate production is lost to you. Can you afford that after the pandemic?

Whether you realize it or not, case acceptance is likely to plummet after you re-open. Why? Because your team will assume patients don’t have any money. So they may silently sabotage your diagnostic assertiveness.

I saw it in the Farm Crisis of 1986 ... during the Great Recession of 2008 ... and I see it now. If you don’t correct this silent error with the techniques in Module 6, it will naturally happen. And it will cripple you financially.

Another mistake you’ll avoid is unconsciously applying too much pressure in presenting a case ... then offending the patient ... and losing them forever.

That’s why you’ll receive the very best of 16 hours of training on both diagnosis and case acceptance, boiled down to one hour of action steps.

After the lockdown, many dentists will keep doing what they’ve always done with their finances, which is ... failing to understand their finances.

But that’s a recipe for ruin in the post-pandemic economy.

Example: You’ll learn to avoid the trap of making decisions based on your bank balance. Because by the time problems show up there, it’s too late. You’re stuck playing defense.

Instead, you’ll go on offense. We’ll create a financial dashboard for you, with fixed and variable costs, working capital, and other leading indicators. To give you new clarity and confidence about your financial future.

Click Here To Get Started

But You’re Not Alone After Module 8

Not by a long shot! We are doing weekly coaching calls with the group through July 1st! Every Monday night at 8:00pm Eastern, you join Dr. John Meis and Wendy Briggs for an open Q&A and live coaching call. If you're not able to attend the calls live, the recordings are available for each week. We will be holding your hands as you re-open your practice.

PLUS, Receive $4,491 in Bonuses For Fast Action

    Every participant in the program, is eligible to earn up to 8 CE credits for completion of the program
  • $1,200 “Cash-Stimulus Scholarship” ($1,200 value)
    Our mission is #1MillionTeethProtected, and we can't do it alone. We need your help. If you are like most dentists, while the rest of the country was receiving their cash-stimulus check, you received $0. We want to give you your own stimulus check. To do our part, we have added a $1,200 scholarship for every practice enrolling in this program. It will automatically be applied upon registration.
  • Free Ticket to a Double Your Production Live Event ($197 value)
    Dentists who attend are enjoying a practice where the weight of the world is lifted off your shoulders ... your personal and practice productivity are skyrocketing ... and your profitability is going through the roof. You'll receive a Free Ticket to the event nearest you!
  • 3 months of our “Double Your Production” Membership ($597 value)
    If you are not currently a member, you will receive 3 months complimentary months to join our secret society of Dentists quietly doubling their production and growing their practices. This includes our Monthly Huddle Live with Dr. John and Wendy Briggs, our Systems of Training for Success which will supplement your 100 Day Recovery Program, and our “In the Trenches” videos so you can see how we use these ideas live in practices. After your complimentary months, you will automatically continue at only $199 a month and you can easily cancel anytime.
  • The ability to add 5 team members to the program ($50/month
    As a Double Your Production Member, you will be able to add 5 team members to our online portal. They will receive their own user name and password and be able to access all of the online programs that you have access to. This means that they can participate from their own locations, anytime they would like.
  • Wendy Briggs' world-renowned Hygiene Explosion Training ($2497 value)
    This is the foundation of the Double Your Production System and is even more valuable in the wake of COVID-19. Wendy will take your hygiene team through her 8 module program, where they will learn her coveted system for serving patients with the highest quality. She is a firm believer that if you treat the patients right, the production will naturally follow. Hygienists trained in her systems routinely produce $2,000+ days consistently and it records have been set over $5,000. It's not about the money, but about the care that can be provided through the hygiene department.

In short, this is everything you need to avoid hidden pitfalls and maximize the new opportunities created by COVID-19.

It’s never been more important for you to have this advantage than now ...

 ... when a staggering 26 million Americans are without jobs or paychecks ... when your team is fearful of returning to work ... when patients still worry about catching Coronavirus in your office, just as they feared catching the AIDS virus 30 years ago.

Now It’s Decision Time

In the next few moments, you’ll either choose to move forward and open new doors ...

Or you’ll choose to wait ... and stay where you are ... and do nothing.

You know how important it is to make changes in your practice due to COVID-19. If not, you wouldn’t have requested information from us or read this far.

You’ve seen the details of The 100 Day Dental Practice Recovery Plan ... how it can rescue your practice and your income ... replacing fear and uncertainty with a step-by-step Plan ... by focusing your efforts on just 8 key actions.

You’ve seen how The 100 Day Dental Practice Recovery Plan can put your practice on a firm footing now, and position for continued growth later. By helping you maximize every last bit of patient demand that comes your way in the first 100 days after your practice opens.

I’ve done everything I can think of to make this solution available to you. Now, everything depends on what you do next. 

I came out of early retirement and built an entire company to share the principles I discovered, which transformed my life and the life of my family -- for the better.

That’s why I believe that 3 months from now ... a year from now ... and for the rest of your life ... you’ll look back on this moment as the instant in which things really took off for you.

But only if you take action and enroll now.

I’m sure you’ll do the right thing for yourself and your family ...

$4,999 $3,799 or
3 payments of $1,267

What Does the Program Cost?

What's the cost? In reality it costs you nothing because of the increased production and collections made possible by the program. Our coaching programs start at an investment of $36,000, but we wanted to create something to specifically address the changes we as dentists are facing in the wake of COVID-19 and provide it at an investment that everyone could participate in. The 100 Day Dental Practice Recovery Program is only $4,999. When you apply the scholarship, it brings your investment down to only $3,799 and you can choose to break that up over 3 installments of only $1,267 if you need. That means that for less than 1 new patient a month you can ensure that your practice approaches these critical 100 days with all cylinders firing.

Of course, you could wait and “think about it,” but ...

Delay Will Prove Costly

General Douglas MacArthur -- no stranger to crisis leadership -- warned, “The history of failure in war can almost be summed up in two words: Too late. Too late in realizing the mortal danger. Too late in preparedness. Too late in uniting all possible forces for resistance.”

For many dentists, “Too late” will be their epitaph.

Even though they’re in the fight of their professional and financial lives right now, they’re too late in realizing the danger. Too late in preparing plans for the new economic reality of 26 million unemployed Americans. Too late in uniting their staff to meet the challenge.

Don’t be too late.

The 20X Guarantee

Sign up and show up. If at any time in the first 30 days, you don’t feel like you received 20X the value for your investment ($70,000 in practice-building tools and techniques), just let us know and you'll receive a prompt, courteous refund of your money. Every penny.

In other words, you only stand to gain when you say Yes to this incredible offer today.

Space is limited and available on a first come, first served basis. Sign up now.

$4,999 $3,799 or
3 payments of $1,267

Preparing now to restart after the COVID-19 shutdown is key to the survival of your practice. And the fastest path to safety is The 100 Day Dental Practice Recovery Plan.

And you can do so with our $1,200 Scholarship

About Dr. John Meis and Wendy Briggs, RDH ...

Dr. John Meis

Dr. John Meis is the co-founder of The Team Training Institute.  An innovator in practice management, marketing, leadership, and team development who at his peak was producing in the top 1% of dentists in the United States.  He multiplied his 1 practice into 12 and was a partner in more than 180 dental practices, playing a key role, visiting, coaching and innovating on the ground in these practices.

After extensively studying the most successful dentists, dental practices, and business owners he developed the “Productive Practice Mindset” from which the core principles of the Team Training Institute were created.  The Productive Practice Mindset consists of 11 key habits and attitudes which differentiate them from less successful practices.

Wendy Briggs

Wendy has been called the world’s most famous hygienist.  She is a highly productive practicing hygienist, strategic advisor, international speaker, trainer, consultant and coach. She has directly coached more than 3,718 dental practices in 12 countries around the world.  She has the longest track record of doubling hygiene production.

Wendy has a unique way of connecting with hygienists, they listen to one of their own!

She has consulted and worked with some of the biggest and fastest growing private dental practices, as well as some of the largest DSO organizations in both the United States and Australia, including Heartland Dental, Mortenson Dental & Dental Corp.

As a speaker, she has shared the stage with every “name” in dentistry including; Dr. Tom Orent, Woody Oakes, and the Dawson Academy.  She has appeared at the Chicago Midwinter, the Yankee Dental Meeting, The Greater New York Dental Meeting, The Townie Meeting, Rocky Mountain Dental Implant Institute, The Big Apple Meeting, CDA in San Francisco, the Laser Clinician’s Meeting, and the Academy for General Dentistry.

Her own conferences have included Bill Rancic, James Malinchak (The Secret Millionaire), Rulon Gardner (Olympic Gold Medalist), Larry Gelwix, Dr. Justin Moody, and Samantha Meis (from Shark Tank).

She is a published author for RDH magazine, Dental Town, Dental Economics, The Journal of Practical Dental Hygiene, The AGD Impact, Henry Schein, and others.

Hygiene is her passion… and exploding hygiene productivity, case acceptance and profits are her areas of expertise.

What others are saying about their experiences with the Team Training Institute:

“Revenue Up 32%!”
This year, implementing the ideas ... we have increased our revenue by 32%. We’re very happy with the results we’ve been seeing!” - Dr. Randall Smith, Boise, ID

“More Than Doubled The Practice!” 
Eight months after I started, we have more than doubled the practice, our production has gone up, our collections have gone up, we went from 4 ops – to 5 ops – to 8 ops … and will grow to 13 soon. We have added 2 hygienists. It’s very exciting!” - Dr. Tina Goodall, Cary, NC

“Hygiene Routinely Does $3,000 per Day!”
We were doing $250 per hour hygiene … now we're doing $350 per hour hygiene, unassisted. Hygiene routinely does $2,500 to $3,000 per day. Tremendous impact on the bottom line. But most important, we’re offering better service, our patients are better taken care of, and what's interesting is these procedures, the patients are requesting. They’re demanding them, which astounded me!” - Dr. Chuck Tozzer, Irvine, CA

"Doubled Hygiene Production to $2,600 a Day!”
“About a month ago we started with the Team Training Institute, you never know what you are going to get when you sign with a consultant until you pay for it. We have 2 Hygienists who were averaging $1300 a day [combined] and after our in-office training, we are consistently average $2,600 a day [combined].” - Dr. Eric Layton, Charleston SC

"Doubled Hygiene and Patient Satisfaction!”
The first thing we noticed was a double in hygiene production and definitely patient satisfaction. They gave us the verbal skills we needed to get the job done easily without any confrontation. And the one thing that we found was that the patients TRULY appreciate the convenience of the additional preventative services at the time of their appointment.” - Dr. Robert Branca, Long Island NY

$4,999 $3,799 or
3 payments of $1,267