Champions of Dentistry: Overcoming Adversity
May 14-15,  2021 -
Dallas, TX

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Dear Doctor,

Building a strong practice is like winning a gold medal.

It helps to fail first.

That’s why 2020 was actually a good thing.

Let me explain ...

An astonishing number of Olympic gold medal winners have overcome serious adversity in their life -- injury, illness, crushing defeats, a death in the family, etc. Examples:

  • Jesse Owens overcame virulent racism and the sneering presence of Adolf Hitler to break 6 world records in one hour, while winning 4 gold medals at the Berlin Olympics in 1936
  • Wilma Rudolph was stricken by polio at age 4 and hobbled around for years with a brace on her left leg. Yet she won 3 gold medals in Rome 1960
  • Gail Devers suffered so badly from the effects of Graves’ disease in 1990 that doctors discussed amputating both her feet. Yet she won gold in the 100-meter hurdles in Barcelona in 1992

That’s no coincidence, say experts.

An athlete who is hit with adversity can either give up ... or improve. To improve, you must take a deep look at what went wrong, find the lesson, and learn from it. Painful failures are especially valuable, according to research. The reason is because of the powerful negative emotions in adversity, which motivate faster learning and growth.

Well, here’s good news. You don’t have to look for adversity. Because you experienced plenty of it when COVID forced you to close your practice last year! But now it’s time to put the painful lessons of 2020 to work in 2021. Like our Team Training Institute members, many of whom are enjoying record production ...


$2,588.04 production in one
day during COVID


Dr. Mark Braydich and Dr. Rudy Braydich and
team are up overall $204,457 from
Aug 1,2020-Jan 14, 2021


2,778 Sealants in 5 months during COVID

Early Registration Expires:

Why? They learned from adversity and grew stronger than they were before COVID.

For example:

  • They’re getting more production from fewer patients who have less money to spend. You no longer have the luxury of sloth or waste. Does your practice have the systems in place to ensure that you are operating at maximum productivity?

  • Their case presentations are hyper-effective. Nothing is left to chance. They’re using a process to help patients accept the care they need. All with the same diagnostic criteria

  • They’re leading with inspiration. As the practice owner, YOU are the leader. It’s easy to be a leader in good times, but real leaders shine in bad times. Like now

  • They’re financially savvy. Money is tight and hard to come by. We can’t afford holes in our processes. Effective dentists are offering solid financial arrangements, backed by sound collection processes. Because you can't help anyone if you can't pay your bills

Here’s the bottom line: Today, you need ...

New Thinking For New Conditions

A very different world is being created before our eyes. Every industry is changing, including dentistry. It’s Darwin’s natural selection -- at warp speed. We must adapt with new thinking and new ways of doing business. Or disappear. Will you adapt?

You can adapt to adversity and grow stronger at the all-new ...

“Champions Of Dentistry” Summit In Dallas, May 14-15, 2021

What is the Champions of Dentistry Summit?

It's one year's worth of tools and strategies... used by America's most successful dentists... to grow without Facebook or Google... delivered to you in just 2 days live in Dallas.

This year you are invited to discover:

  • How to eliminate all anxiety over PPOs and managed care insurance plans. Protects you no matter what happens to insurance with the new administration.

  • How to quickly fill open times in your schedule, while virtually eliminating no-shows

  • What you need to do to attract a reliable flow of IDEAL patients who are loyal, pay, and refer others

  • Why you need to make your practice and income BULLETPROOF to economic uncertainty

  • All without spending multiple days away from your practice. This event is condensed into one energizing, fast-paced weekend!

The Dental Event of the Year is Happening
On May 14-15, 2021 in Dallas, TX

Over $10 Million in Practice Growth Secrets
Top Producers Reveal Their Biggest Wins and Blueprints For You.

This is your exclusive “early bird” invitation to join your peers at the ONLY event of its kind. Where you get an entire year’s worth of new tools and systems used by America’s wealthiest dentists … who are living life to the full … without sacrificing patient care.

It’s The “Champions of Dentistry” Summit. With specific “What’s Working Now” and “What To Do Next” strategies -- to add $25,000 or more in new production to your practice in 2021.

If you’re still worried about patients who don’t keep their appointments or accept treatment, big DSOs, advertising that doesn’t work, PPOs or “staff drama …” you’ll find solutions in Dallas, May 14-15, 2021.

New and important: I’m determined to create even more massive wins in your practice. That’s why even more dentists and their teams are invited to this Summit. To provide even more opportunities for you to meet smart, motivated dental professionals -- with completely different life experiences than you -- at higher income levels than you ... who can share surprise insights that change everything for you.

Plus, this Summit will cost you NOTHING to attend. That’s because it’s impossible to leave without taking home an armload of practical tips to attract all the high-caliber new patients you want … with the full support of your team … more energized, recharged and productive than before … at a value far above the modest fee to attend. Or I will buy your ticket back from you. Either way, you risk nothing. The only risk you take is to stay home, surrounded by the same four walls and old thinking.

This your first and BEST CHANCE to get in before ticket prices increase and discounts expire. Only those who register early will get the best deal. Most will be left out. That’s why I urge you to get ahead of the crowd and get in now …

Beat the Price Increase on 3/31/20 and Register Now

What To Expect


Actionable Content You Can Use on Monday Morning

Hundreds of Dental Professionals return year after year for one reason: Actionable Ideas they can use starting Monday morning. 

The Champions of Dentistry is 2 jam-packed days of proven strategic principles and actionable ideas that are being used TODAY in practices around the country and even internationally. There is no "concept" or "theory" behind these strategies - only what's working now, today, in 2021 and what will work in the near future. 

The Olympic Gala and Medal Ceremony:

The Olympic gala and medal ceremony is where you will rub elbows and dine with the best of the best in dentistry. We will be recognizing and awarding the top producers in hygiene and the best of the best dental practices throughout the country. 

You will have the opportunity to ask questions of and connect with not only every attendee of the “Champions of Dentistry” event but you’ll also get to meet and greet and talk with the speakers in an intimate and casual setting. Even just ONE idea picked up, ONE new vendor discovered, ONE key question answered during this evening could mean the difference between FAST six-figure growth and no growth at all. The gala is guaranteed to make you money, save you time and frustration and solidify all the concepts and ideas you’re learning and discovering at the event.


The Team Training Institute Olympics

Your chance to bring home the gold medal. There’s no training or abnormal strength or speed needed to win these games. Bring your creativity, your teamwork and your current successes to compete for your Country.

Beat the Price Increase on 3/31/20 and Register Now

Here's Just Some of What You'll Discover at the Champions of Dentistry


Emmitt Smith: What Makes a TRUE Champion On and Off The Field

Most have heard of Emmitt's on-field accolades; all-time leading rusher (with 18,355 yards), all-time rushing touchdown record holder with 164 TD's, 3 Superbowl championship rings, and induction into the pro-football hall of fame. Yet champions are made both on the field and off the field.  Emmitt knew that football would only take him so far and that there would be life after football. This was something that drove him every day as he strived to be the best football player and strived to create a life after football. He founded the Pat & Emmitt Smith Charities with his wife to provide unique experiences and educational opportunities to underserved youth, he won the coveted mirror-ball trophy on Dancing with the Stars, published his first book "Game On", and currently owns multiple businesses spanning real estate, construction and technology.

Attendees will have the opportunity to have their photos taken with Emmitt Smith

Important: You have the opportunity to have your photo taken with Emmitt Smith. 

Why is this important?

Your picture with Emmitt is a tactic "celebrity endorsement," one you might otherwise pay tens of thousands of dollars for. Because it's a scientifcally proven way to gain attention and credibility ... for you and your practice.  

Proof: A celebrity endorsement can increase a company's sales an average of 4% according to research by Harvard Business School. 

So, bring your biggest smile ... a copy of any book or report you've written ... and get ready to strike a pose next to Emmitt Smith. It could be worth untold thousands of dollars to you.    

Wendy Briggs: 6 Keys to Creating Sustainable Success by Striving for BIGGER Influence

What are the keys to influencing patients to choose more?  More of the treatment they need, more of the beneficial services we have to offer...We are seeing an evolution from social media, to social influence. Wendy will be sharing what influential practices do differently than those that are doing the same old things that everyone else is doing.. These 6 keys are what bring BIG successes,
and the good news is practices of any size can replicate them. Wendy will show you how.

In this presentation Wendy will be sharing:

  • What motivates people to share thus causing it to 'go viral' and we can leverage this trend in dentistry without having to create a dancing video of our own.
  • The science behind behavior and how we can use it to predict and improve patient behavior and experiences.
  • 3 strategies to impact your patient experience and fuel growth

Dr. John Meis: 4 Presentations Over 2 Days ... 

  • 10 Ways to COVID-Proof Your Practice in 2021 With “Black Box Thinking”
  • Success or Sabotage? How Everyone In Your Office Affects Case Acceptance
  • Dental Alchemy: Finding The Production Nuggets That Are Hidden in Your Data
  • The Joy of Failure: How to Grow From Adversity While Others Are Quitting

Dr. Ankur Gupta: The 4C's to Changing the Status Quo In Your Dental Practice 

When Dr. Gupta opened his practice in 2005, he believed that success hinged on two factors; being a good dentist and being a nice guy. After 3 years of dissappointments, he began to question that philosophy. But it wasn't until he discovered these 4 key business principles that helped him turn his practice around and create a thriving, happy, profitable practice with engaged employees and patients who are thrilled to refer others. 

Dr. Gupta will be sharing his step-by-step blueprint to create cohesion, cooperation, consistency, and collective happiness in your practice

Elijah Desmond: 6 Emotions that Will Change Your Practice

From the time you open your eyes in the morning until the time you go to bed at night, emotions control your every action. These emotions affect our family, dental team, and our patients in different ways. Have you ever thought how a major shift in your emotional mindset can change the way you practice daily? 

In this presentation Elijah will share:

  • A new way to create empathy with your patients ... it's not about mirroring and parroting.
  • How capturing emotion in video and photography is no longer a 'nice to have' for your practice but instead needs to be the driving force for all of your marketing.
  • His process for dissecting your own emotions and creating an action plan to feeling confident every day. 

Wendy Briggs:  Realizing Your BIGGER Potential

We have heard the cliche "achieve your full potential" but what does that really mean?  Groundbreaking research has shown that achieving our hightest potential is not about being the strongest or survival of the fittest, it is in fact survival of the best fit.

What we have been taught for years in dentistry, is actually causing the failures of today. If you don't curb this thinking and these behaviors, your practice  won't just stop growing in 2021, it will take a major decline. 

In this presentation Wendy will be sharing:

  • The 5 stages of the pursuit of happiness and why every practice needs to be aware of and create a path for every team member. 
  • 3 strategies that quickly reveal the higher potential already in your practice - I guarantee you have never seen this before. 
  • How to create a practice environment where enthusiasm and cooperation spread faster than the common cold and have team members walking over broken glass to help one another and the patients. 

Too Many Dentists Are
Stepping Over Dollars to Pick Up Pennies

This year’s Champions of Dentistry is an Olympic sized experience, giving you tools and strategies to be successful in today’s practice world. Together, we will BREAK THROUGH the false and limited thinking that may be holding you back …

… because you will meet and hear from absolutely amazing Dentists, experts, trainers, and Team Training Institute Members, including those competing for the “Big Idea” Gold Medal.

Too many dentists are focused on the wrong things. They listen to that voice in their head that wants to play it safe by not trying new things. Because, yes, change can be scary. But here’s the thing: the only way to grow and get a different result is by changing the path you’re on right now. If you don’t change, nothing changes!

That’s why I guarantee you will grow and profit by joining us here (more on that guarantee below).

Here’s Why Your Team
Must Be Here, Too

If you remember nothing else from this letter, remember this: It’s not YOU the doctor who holds the key to your success and your future. It’s your team.

Every single dentist I know who’s reached financial independence -- and I know many, including myself -- got there with the help of others. Nobody gets there alone.

YOU can only do so much by yourself.

That’s why your team should be at this event with you … discovering, experiencing, learning and implementing together. It’s the only sure way to achieve the level of success you and your family deserve.

You know you’ve tried to tell yourself in the past that you could go learn everything, while you save a few bucks and leave the team at home. But how did that work out?

The way of the “rugged individualist” is a path to underperformance at best -- and failure at worst. That’s why you need to be here at this event WITH your team.

Okay, What’s The Investment?

I contemplated a price that accurately reflects the total value my team and I are delivering. Certainly $5,000 is a fair price for the surge in productivity and profitability you’ll see when you get back home. You can recoup that in a few days -- and be ahead for the rest of the year.

But there’s a Catch-22. A price tag of $5,000 would, frankly, limit our attendance to people who are already successful.

You see, it’s always the most forward-thinking people who are willing to invest in themselves. They know that acquiring just one new tool or skill is like buying a share of Amazon for $10 -- it’s an investment that compounds in value in the months and years ahead, over and over again.

Honestly, I just want you in the room -- no matter where you are in your journey. That’s why the investment is so small. It’s my way of proving to you before you arrive that my Radical Transformation Team and I care only about you and your success.

In one place, in just 2 days, the most elite collection of Radical Dental Transformation experts is giving you one full year’s worth of new experience, skills, strategies, systems and tools to put to work in your practice immediately.

It’s like learning a new language. The best and fastest way to master a new language is to immerse yourself in the country where it’s spoken, right? Because when you surround yourself with the people and culture of the language you want to acquire, it comes to you naturally. After all, that’s how you learned to speak English!

It’s the same with success in dentistry. That’s why …

If you want to watch your practice grow faster than ever before … and avoid pitfalls that will surprise most dentists in 2021 … you must immerse yourself in a place where “dental success” is spoken and is a part of the culture ... at the “Champions of Dentistry.”

You’ll be surrounded by the sharpest people in dentistry -- in the hallways, on breaks, at meals -- doctors who expose you to a world of knowledge that couldn’t be found by reading 100 books.

This is the most current information, systems and strategies … the best of what’s working NOW in dentistry. The “Champions of Dentistry” is for people who want to take their practice, productivity, profitability and peace of mind to the next level.

But because this is our 16th annual event (so our planning costs are minimized) and you’re already on our contact list (so our costs to reach you are low) …

… your investment to attend the 2021 “Champions of Dentistry” event as a TTI Member is only $897 -- a significant $4,103 savings off the $5,000 value.

Plus your first team member is FREE, and additional team members are only $399 each.

Again, the investment is so small because we just want you in the room, no matter where you are in your journey.

Now, one last thing ...

Even though it’s still weeks away, now is the best time to sign up. You won’t see a lower price than this -- EVER. And the only risk you take is by staying home and being left behind. That’s because your investment is protected by …

Your Risk-Free
“$25,000 Or Else”
Money-Back Guarantee

If, at any time on Day 1, you feel this event is not the most transformational experience you have ever had as a dentist … with ideas and insights you can turn into at least $25,000 in new production over the next year ... just let one of our TTI team members know. You will be discretely refunded 100% of your registration. Plus, you’ll receive $500 toward your documented travel expenses.

That means you can attend entirely at our risk. You have nothing to lose and a new practice to gain. But don’t delay and miss out ...

To lock in your final Discount Savings, you must register before the deadline below ...

Beat the Price Increase on 3/31/20 and Register Now

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Early-Bird Discount

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See you in Dallas,


Dr. John Meis
Co-Founder of The Team Training Institute


Wendy Briggs, RDH
Co-Founder of The Team Training Institute


A Special Thanks to Our Sponsors for the 2021 Summit