EXPOSED: What If EVERYTHING You’ve Been Told About “High End, High Dollar, High Case Value” Patients Is 100% Flat Out WRONG?…

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Dear Doctor,

Remember back in the early 2000’s when certain “marketing people” in dentistry were convincing some dentists that catering ONLY to AFFLUENT patients was the “Key To Practice Riches”?

Do you remember when they said by focusing on ONE TIGHT NICHE of patients who you KNEW had money because of the cost of the cars, homes & lifestyles they had, you would be ‘set’?

If you said “yes” to either of those questions I want you to consider two things…

1. Whatever happened to those “marketing people”? and
2. Whatever happened to those doctors who listened to them?

The answer is… 1) those “marketing people” have moved on to greener pastures and many are no longer working in dentistry at all. Why? Well that’s the answer to #2…. Because the doctors who took the advice of focusing only on “high dollar cases” either went bankrupt or realized that the fastest way to run your practice into the ground and your family into the poor house is to limit your practice by niching it.

I don’t say these things to you lightly. My family has been in dentistry for FOUR generations. I’ve seen A LOT of things come and go in this profession I love so much. Even just in my own personal 30+ years of practice I’ve seen some of the WORST and some of the BEST our profession has to offer.

“It’s Powerful…”
“What impresses me about John is he’s a dentist like me. I’ve heard a zillion consultants with great ideas but when you have one of the ‘guys’ showing you how to do it and PROVE that it works. It’s powerful. If I could give a gift to any young dentist and tell them someone you could hang your hat on, I would hang it on (Dr. John Meis), (He’s) going to give you skills that will last for a lifetime” – Dr Cris WI

In that time, I’ve been called an “innovator in practice management, marketing, leadership, and team development.” I have spent the better part of 8 years as one of the top 1% of producers in the United States. I’ve multiplied my 1 practice into 14. And I currently play a key role, visiting, coaching and innovating ON THE GROUND inside over 180+ dental practices.

“Copy The Genius That He Has”

“There’s times that we’ve called him, emailed him, and asked him a question. He says, “We tried it, it didn’t work.” If he has 100 offices that have tried it and it didn’t work, I don’t think I’m smart enough to make it work. But one thing that he always teaches is, if it has been done somewhere, it can be done elsewhere. So, it comes back to that (idea of) copy-genius, and so that’s what we’re trying to do in our offices, copy the genius that he has. And he has succeeded and excelled in it, and so it’s not someone talking from their high-horse, theoretically if you do this or that, but they’ve actually done it and they’ve proved that it can work.” -Dr. Randall Smith, ID

I say this not to boast or brag, but instead to help heal up some of the worst of the damage “the marketing people” have done to the profession my family has cherished for 4 generations.

The Truth About “High End Dentistry…”

In 4 generations of dentistry, 30+ years of personal experience and being on the ground INSIDE over 180 practices, I can tell you that your “high end patient” could be a fireman, a school teacher, a middle class laborer or it could be the highest profile litigator in your town. It could be any of them and more often than not you’ll be surprised who not only HAS the money for high end dentistry… you’ll be surprised who’s actually willing to spend it. And more often than not it’s NOT the guy in the $85,000 Mercedes, the gal with the expensive jewelry, the guy with the expensive watch, the couple who just took a European vacation, or the family with a summer home (more on this in “High End Dentistry Trap #1 in a little bit.)

You Can’t Tell Who Your “High End” Patient Is By Looking At Them

In my experience, a “High End Patient” or a “High End Dental Case” is somebody who is interested in making the BEST possible choice for his or her mouth. Truth is, the money involved in the case may not even be large. It may only be $1,000 or $2,000 but it’s always the IDEAL case for the patient. Defining “High End” by dollar amount is a huge & expensive mistake. It must be defined by the quality of the patient and their commitment to “do the very best” for themselves and follow your best recommendations… regardless of cost.

If you attempt to determine WHO is your “high end patient” before they begin your intake process, and you base that determination on what they drive, what they wear, where they live… and you are not presenting ‘best case’ treatment for every patient, you are depriving your patients of the ability to choose what is best for themselves and at the same time costing your practice, your family and yourself the income that was sitting in your chair.

A “High End Patient” is a patient who sees getting the BEST course of treatment as being MORE important than the cost of that treatment

These are the patients you want to cater to. These are the patients you want to engage with and empower everyday. These are the patients you LOVE to work with and help. And it is IMPOSSIBLE to identify them by looking at them or the car they drive, the home they live in, the vacations they take, the clothes and jewelry they wear.

I regularly see people pay for five figure cases who are what some would call “working class”. Just regular everyday people working regular jobs who simply prioritize their dental needs over other things. I consistently see people coming off severe addiction or other life altering problems with family who want to help them get back on their feet. Who are willing to help them pay for their dental work. But if you’re screening these people out before they ever start your intake process YOU NEVER GET TO SEE THEM! And the best part of these TRUE “high end patients” is…

TRUE “High End” Patients Not Only Don’t Need A Dog & Pony Show To “Sell” Them…They Don’t Want One!!!

The true “high end” patient is “in disguise” at least 80% of the time. They simply are not who you think. Sure, there are high end patients who fit the ‘stereotype’ by the car they drive, the clothes they wear, the vacations they take, but that’s only 20% of the population of TRUE “high end patients.”

Here’s The BEST Part About “High End Patients”

You don’t even need to look outside your practice to start engaging with and providing for them. The truth is you have high end patients inside your practice already that you’re unintentionally neglecting every day.

What I mean by that is this… you have a percentage of your current patients who actually want more dentistry from you, but you haven’t asked the right questions, listened carefully enough, processed them in a way that lets them know you WANT to help and support them. Sure you can go out and adjust your marketing and ATTRACT plenty of NEW high end patients, and I’ll show you how to do that in this letter but the most VALUABLE high end patients for many practices are many of the patients YOU ALREADY HAVE! Just imagine that each high end patient is like a combination lock, sitting there just waiting for you to apply the right sequence of (numbers)… questions, solutions and treatment recommendations. If you don’t have the RIGHT sequence/approach they won’t open up.

“He’s Been Able To Answer Questions That Other Consultants Haven’t Been Able To Help Us Get Over…”

“Dr. Meis brings insight that you can only get from having been in the trenches, and he’s still in the trenches. He has a lot of responsibilities to manage multiple offices, and so he gets to see the struggles that any individual office might have. And so he’s been able to answer questions that other consultants haven’t been able to help us get over, and it’s been valuable for that alone.” – Dr. Tyson Gray, Boise ID

Successful High End Dentistry…
Unbreakable Rule #1 of 9:
The 3 High End Dentistry Traps
You NEVER Want To Be Caught In…

Trap #1 – “High End Patients Are Easy To Spot”
You Cannot Identify A TRUE “High End” Patient Until AFTER
They Enter Your Intake Process…

Once you have a patient inside your intake process (and you do it correctly) they will easily identify themselves to you as a “high end” patient. And when they do… That is your time to pull out all the stops and engage with them on their terms. (more on this later).

My point is this. You can’t judge a book by its cover. Your “high end” patients are your BEST patients. These people will happily pay you, with the highest level of compliance and satisfaction, all while making your job as easy and as enjoyable as possible. Setting up your marketing, intake process and clinical services to attract, identify and cater to these people is your straight line path to a practice that is maximally rewarding to EVERYONE involved.

Trap #2 – The Attract / Repel Trap

Every time you focus on one specific type of patient, you REPEL every other type of patient. Which is why the “old school” notion of building a huge profitable practice on the backs of mostly “affluent high dollar cases” is not only wrong, it’s a guaranteed path to financial ruin. If you focus hard on just “high roller” patients, you eliminate far too many people from your marketing pool and you struggle to be profitable.
I know how sexy those “high end cosmetic practices” look from where you sit. Big cases, Big Fees. Big Shot Reputation. But I’ve been inside those practices. I’ve seen their books. And what you see on the outside is nothing like what’s on the inside. Stress, stress and more stress because they have a small pool of patients and rely on 2-3 big cases a month to stay afloat. There are only so many people driving a $85,000 Mercedes who actually want high end cosmetic dentistry. It’s like trying to suck a golf ball through a garden hose.

There’s an EASY way to avoid the “attract / repel trap” though…

Simply make sure that your time, energy and resources are not wrapped up in trying to attract one specific niche of dentistry. Make sure that the “marketing net” you’re fishing with is big enough and wide enough to drive in a steady stream of new patients and that you have the systems in place to present best case dentistry to each and every patient. That you and your team do not change recommendations based on what you think patients can or cannot afford. And make sure your “definition” of a “high end dental patient” does not involve what they drive, where they live, or how much they make. More people than you can imagine…. with regular cars, regular jobs, regular homes will gladly seek, accept and pay for your very best recommendations and services… If you let them.

TRAP #3 – The Cost Of Acquisition Trap

If you follow the antiquated “old school” advice of thinking you can identify a “high end” case by how they look or what they drive or where they work then your marketing is going to be costly and littered with waste. I’ve been inside these practices. I’ve audited their books. I’ve seen acquisition costs of $7,000 to $9,000!!!

Just think about how many patients you’ve seen in the last 6 months… and then consider how stressful and strapped things would be if you had to SPEND $7,000-$9,000 just to get ONE of those patients.

There’s just NO good reason for this. If your acquisition costs are high… it’s simply because your strategy is WRONG. You’ve fallen into the “Cost of Acquisition Trap”.

Successful High End Dentistry…
Unbreakable Rule #2 of 9:
The Rules Of First Contact
(The Patient’s Initial Phone Call)

It’s popular to follow the old… “get them in the doors as fast as you can/get them off the phone fast” type approach to first contact. And if you’re trying to run a “dental factory” that might be an excellent approach. But if you’re trying to create trust. If you’re trying to grow a deep rooted practice capable of supporting your family for generations… it’s a TERRIBLE approach.

In a deep rooted practice capable of producing untold amounts of profits… trust is king. Trust trumps EVERYTHNG. Yes your phone staff must be strong at getting that appointment on the books but not at the expense of trust.

4 Rules Of First Contact

1. Don’t treat the caller like a cow you’re trying to herd
2. Give the caller your 100% undivided uninterrupted attention.
3. Your phone should NOT be in a high traffic area. Distractions KILL trust.
4. You phone staff must have all 6 mandatory attributes of and effective trustworthy phone staff

What About Your “Other” First Contact?

The “Other” First Contact is often overlooked. The “Other” First Contact is your website. Sure you have a website but is it doing what its supposed to do? Let’s face facts… often your FIRST point of contact with a patient is your website. And if it FAILS to deliver… you don’t get that phone call and all is lost.

4 Rules Of The “Other” First Contact (Your Website)

1. Your website (no matter how much you paid for it) has a shelf life. Do you know the actual shelf life of a website? Do you know if yours has expired?
2. Confusion kills trust. No Trust? No High End Patients.
3. TRUE High End Patients as discussed in this letter respond to a very specific website structure. Question is does YOUR website follow that structure?
4. High End Patients search for very specific things online when looking for a dentist. Do you know what those things are? Is your site optimized for them?

Successful High End Dentistry…
Unbreakable Rule #3 of 9:
The Rule Of Referrals

This should be obvious but judging by the direction I see many practices going, it clearly isn’t. The fastest, easiest and most direct way to lower acquisition costs is to dig a DEEP well of Referrals. And the only way to have a deep well of referrals is to have an expansive referral network.

The 3 keys to creating an expansive “High End Patient” referral network are…

1. Offer specific services that “High End Patients” have an affinity for. There are 3 in particular that you’re likely under-utilizing.
2. Allocate a portion of your marketing to target certain markets that want your services, but not 1 in 100 dentists even know these markets exist. There are at least two common conditions in particular that offer an endless supply of “High End Dental Patients”, however, these conditions are rarely engaged with by your average dentist.
3. Connect with the BEST referral sources in your area. Most dentists are awful at this. Knowing where to look, who to connect with and what to say are critical to getting this right. There are at least 17 categories of professionals that I guarantee not one dentist in your town is engaged with…. Yet by just engaging with only 2 or 3 of them could provide you with enough “High End Patients” to last you for DECADES!

Successful High End Dentistry…
Unbreakable Rule #4 of 9:
The Rule of The New Patient Coordinator

As I’ve said numerous times. Trust wins. Trust is all the difference between a willing and cooperative high end patient vs one who leaves to “think about it”. And while that trust impacted by many things… the one key ingredient that brings it all together is your new patient coordinator.

The New Patient Coordinator I’ve heard referred to as everything from baby sitter to “good cop”. And the point is this. Your patient comes in and she’s uncertain. Quite possibly even anxious or apprehensive. A GREAT New Patient Coordinator becomes the new high end patient’s “best friend”. An “advocate” they can ask questions of, find support in, etc. The New Patient Coordinator position done WELL is the difference between a GREAT High End Practice and a struggling one.

There are 6 key attributes of a GREAT New Patient Coordinator… of those attributes the one most important attribute is your New Patient Coordinator must have ZERO money issues. Meaning if they are always crying the blues about money, if they see money as a scarce resource, if they don’t have a deep grasp of the VALUE you provide your patients, if they view the world through their own value of money. If they don’t believe people should pay… if they don’t understand the value of what you sell… your New Patient Coordinator will drive away more patients than you can shake a stick at.

One of the many in depth details (along with ALL 6 key attributes of the ideal New Patient Coordinator) I will cover in my upcoming “Art of Selling High End Dentistry” Training is the ONE most likely place to find your PERFECT New Patient Coordinator.

Successful High End Dentistry…
Unbreakable Rule #5 of 9:
The Rules Of Information Gathering

Sadly, one of the most common complaints (and sources of stress) I hear from dentists is new patients leaving with LESS than ideal treatment. Excuses of “I need to think about it” or “I can’t afford it” are abundant.

Even more sadly is that dentists often feel they have to choose between… becoming a “used car salesman” to get people to say yes to them OR they feel they simply have to suffer with patients not choosing optimal care.

The good news is that there IS a 3rd option. However, for it to work, you need to realize that patients don’t accept optimal treatment for a handful of reasons. NONE of them OBVIOUS! All of them counter intuitive.

The truth is that many practices violate the high end patients’ sense of trust and value during the information gathering process. Asking the wrong questions at the wrong time are the most common reason for high end patients not moving forward with treatment. With the right approach this problem is easily eliminated.

There are 3 key attributes in your information gathering process that you must follow if you have any hope of a) never acting like a used car salesman and b) getting the vast majority of high end patients to accept the very BEST treatment option.

1. Figure out what their #1 Dominant Desire is BEFORE you the doctor ever look in their mouth.
2. Use simple and innocuous “power questions” from which your patients effortlessly volunteer to tell you everything you need to say and do to have them to saying YES to your very best recommendations.
3. Execute an incredibly efficient yet detailed 7 minute examination procedure that inspires a geyser of trust and confidence

Successful High End Dentistry…
Unbreakable Rule #6 of 9:
The Rule Of Open Your Ears

Want to know the REAL secret of “High End Dentistry”? The less you sell the better you do. The more selling. The more telling. The less trust. High End patients need to hear the right questions and need to feel the right amount of trust. Power questions + trust + NO SELLING = Massive High End Dental Success.

Funny thing is, while on one hand it’s clear that as dentists we hate “selling”. And that’s a good thing. But on the other hand, we don’t know when to stop talking. I see dentists engaging with new high end patients and I see a lot of explaining and very little listening. If you want high end patients to flock to your practice like a moth to a flame. And you want them to say YES to you with regularity. You’ll need to do two very critical things…

1. Ask better questions
2. Open your ears and listen to the answers to those questions

If you ignore everything in this letter and just ask better questions and listen to the answers, this will do more for your referrals, patient relations and profitability than anything else.

And this will be a major centerpiece of my upcoming “Art of Selling High End Dentistry” Training. Where most “experts” in our profession have looked to the car selling industry to solve the problem of “converting high end patients”. I’ve done the opposite. I’ve found the way to “sell” high end patients the care they want by never trying to “sell” them at all. Instead I LISTEN to them and then I ask them key “power questions” and based upon their answers I know exactly what they want. Getting a high end patient to say “YES” to what they actually want is not only easy…. It’s stress free… it’s better for your relationship with them… it inspires more referrals… gives you a greater sense of accomplishment, and it makes you 10-100x more money than you would have if you try to intimidate, brow beat, push, and sell them. All the details of my “Art of Selling High End Dentistry” training are on p. 13 of this letter.

Successful High End Dentistry…
Unbreakable Rule #7 of 9:
Don’t Let Your Handoffs RUIN Everything

Another stumbling point that literally repels high end patients and practically forces them to say “no” to the best course of treatment is the handoff from New Patient Coordinator to the Doctor. Yep, it’s unintentional but it’s a common point of breakage caused directly by the actions of the New Patient Coordinator or the Doctor.

Ultimately failure in the handoff is brought on by verbiage and or behavior that causes the high end patient to question their trust level and stimulates suspicion. There are FIVE specific “red flags” I’ve identified that pop up for new high end patients during the handoff. Trigger any one of them and your goose is cooked. Even if you’ve done everything perfect leading up to that point.

The heavy lifting involved in making sure the handoff doesn’t ruin everything that was done by your New Patient Coordinator. The Doctor has a role here but much of the success of the handoff lies with your New Patient Coordinator.

Successful High End Dentistry…
Unbreakable Rule #8 of 9:
The Rule Of Money & Financial Presentation

I know it feels like every time a new patient comes in and says “no”… it’s all about the money. However, if I can communicate anything to you in this letter it’s.


Money is the convenient (and lazy) scapegoat. For you and for them. The patient says “I can’t afford it” because that is a point you can’t argue. They can’t say… “I don’t trust you”, “I don’t like you”, “I don’t believe you”, “I think someone else would do a better job”. But they CAN simply say “I can’t afford it” and you can’t argue that point with them.

In the same vane, when a patient says “no”, they say it right after you talk money with them. So of course, where does the blame for the “no” get placed? On the money, of course. We just talked money, they said yes, yes, yes all through their visit and the FIRST “no” came as soon as the money came up.

Well after 30+ years and being on the ground this past 12 months and in over 180 offices I can tell you unequivocally that… It’s NOT the money. It’s you. Sure there are a small percentage of hardships who sincerely cannot afford the treatment they need. But more often than not the high end patient has been triggered to say “NO” long before the topic of money ever surfaced.

In my upcoming “Art of Selling High End Dentistry” Training, I’m going to show you step by step, detail by detail how MONEY is rarely the issue and to prove it to you I’m going to share with you these 2 gems…

1. 3 ways to virtually guarantee High End Patients can afford care
2. 5 mission critical steps you must take with every high end patient before you ever talk finances

Successful High End Dentistry…
Unbreakable Rule #9 of 9:
The Rule Of The Operatory Setup

I know you have a camera and I know you’re doing intraoral radiography. If you’re not getting many high end patients… the problem is you’re probably doing them wrong. Not clinically wrong. But definitely wrong. And by wrong, I mean your camera and intraoral radiography set up is not inspiring TRUST and CONFIDENCE in your high end patient. Instead your inspiring suspicion and concern. Fortunately by following my Operatory setup rules you’ll be able to fix that rather quickly.

At my upcoming “Art of Selling High End Dentistry” Training, I will show you first hand exactly how Operatory Setup creates TRUST and COMFORT vs. Anxiety and Apprehension. From how you lay out your monitors to which pictures you show it ALL matters. It’s not about how hard you can sell them or how manipulative you can be. It’s about simplicity, honesty and trust. And when you can string all 3 of those together you’ll discover that a remarkable number of high end patients come out of the woodwork. I’m also sharing with you the #1 Operatory item for maximizing high end patient cooperation, confidence and engagement.

The “Art of Selling High End Dentistry” Training What’s It All About?

I created “Art of Selling High End Dentistry” Training, out of a disturbing trend that I’m seeing. Whether it’s the years of following bad advice or poor planning… I’m seeing a disturbing trend of practices struggling with one (or BOTH) of the following 2 things…

1) Difficulty maintaining and or growing profitability
2) Practices feeling increasing pressure to do more things they’re “uncomfortable” with… i.e. “selling services”, “manipulating patients”

The “Art of Selling High End Dentistry” Training is a direct attack on the notion that dentists and their teams need to be sales people and also the notion that long term profit growth in practice is over.

I’m here to tell you right here and right now that both notions are flat out wrong. You do not have to “sell” more. As a matter of fact, I strongly caution you against doing that. And I’m also here to tell you that the future is bright. Long term profit growth can be the norm… but only if you understand what high end patients truly need and expect from you. And that’s what the “Art of Selling High End Dentistry” is all about.

Once the entire training is complete you’ll have complete and total mastery of the following…

The 9 Unbreakable Rules Of Successful “High End” Dentistry

1) The 3 High End Dentistry Traps You NEVER Want to Be Caught In. Attracting high end dental patients who want, need and can afford ALL the care they need from you

2) The Rule of First Contact (The Patients Initial Phone Call). How to connect with new high end patients the RIGHT way and inspiring TRUST… not suspicion

3) The Rule of Referrals. Creating a network of referral sources that gives you a deep well of referrals that produces low cost per acquisition high end patients day in and day out

4) The Rule of The New Patient Coordinator. The lynchpin connecting you and your high end patient. A connection that makes saying “yes” to you incredibly simple and easy for every high end patient

5) The Rules of Information Gathering. No more jailhouse interrogation sessions… high end patients are happy to comply with what you need… IF you speak their language.

6) The Rule of Open Your Ears. Power Questions + The SILENCE of you and your team sincerely listening for the high end patients answers = Near 100% Case Acceptance.

7) The Rule of Handoffs. Don’t Let Your handoffs ruin everything. You’ve invested enormously in cultivating trust with your high end patient… This is where you “seal in that trust” while most practices are taking the opportunity to erode it.

8) The Rule of Money & Financial Presentation. Finally, It’s no longer about the money. Finally, your high end patients hear what they need to hear during the financial presentation and they happily invest in their care.

9) The Rule of the Operatory Setup. Your high end patient is all about feeling confident in you and your team. They’re all about feeling trust in you and your team. Even something as simple as awkward Operatory setup or cumbersome equipment can erase even your best efforts. But now you’ll have the EXACT Operatory blueprint that infuses your high end patient brimming with trust and confidence. All that’ll be left for you to do is deliver the dentistry!


• You’ll have an exact step-by-step execution blueprint to immediately implement in your practice
• You’ll understand the expanded true definition of “High End Dentistry” and why everyone gets this wrong
• You’ll know how to build a referral network so expansive and deep that even the behemoth corporate clinics won’t be able to compete with you
• You’ll also know how to build a referral network that produces a non-stop stream of ideal high end patients ready, willing and able to accept and pay for your very best recommendations.
• Experience First Hand… The New Patient Process that has patients telling you exactly what they want and how you can provide it
• Discovery of the end of selling as you know it
• Complete Mastery of The art of the financial arrangement

The Only Logical Question Left…


This training intensive includes 5 LIVE Virtual Online Sessions Where I Will Teach You My Entire “Art Of Selling High End Dentistry” System PLUS Two Power Packed Full Days Of LIVE In Person Advanced Training With Me Personally!

During our 2 full LIVE in person training days in Louisville, KY on July 15th & 16th. I will personally work with you on IMPLEMENTING the entire “Art Of Selling High End Dentistry” system. I will personally critique your current scripts, help create your NEW “Art Of Selling High End Dentistry” inspired scripts, review every aspect of your personal process. Because of the intimacy and detail the 2 LIVE in person training days will involve… Option A is limited to a small intimate group of only 12 doctors.

The actual “Art Of Selling High End Dentistry” system blueprint will be laid out for you step-by-step BEFORE we meet in Louisville in person… in 5 LIVE Virtual Online Training Sessions. The 5 LIVE Virtual Online Training Sessions will be held on May 24th, June 6th, June 13th, June 20th, and June 27th

Each online training session will include an after-session question & answer forum where I will answer each and every question so you can be 100% certain, confident & confusion free! Session dates: May 24th, June 6th, June 13th, June 20th, and June 27th. And of course you’ll receive the digital master recordings of every session so a) should you be unable to attend one of the sessions you’ll still get full access and b) anytime you need to train your team or freshen up on any aspect you’ll always have access 365/24/7.

Choose Option A and your investment today for THE ART OF SELLING HIGH END DENTISTRY… LIVE IN PERSON TRAINING INTENSIVE is only $2999 today and just 3 EZ monthly installments of $2999 (starting 30 days from today). I’m extending a $1,000 savings/book-keeping discount if you want to make just one payment of $10,997 Today (you save $1,000 book-keeping discount)


This includes 5 LIVE Virtual Online Sessions Where I Will Teach You My Entire “Art Of Selling High End Dentistry” System. Each online training session will include an after-session question & answer forum where I will answer each and every question so you can be 100% certain, confident & confusion free! Session dates: May 24th, June 6th, June 13th, June 20th, and June 27th. And of course you’ll receive the digital master recordings of every session so a) should you be unable to attend one of the sessions you’ll still get full access and b) anytime you need to train your team or freshen up on any aspect you’ll always have access 365/24/7.

Choose Option B and your investment today for THE ART OF SELLING IN PERSON 5 Module LIVE VIRTUAL ONLINE TRAINING is only $999 today and just 2 EZ monthly installments of $999 (starting 30 days from today). I’m extending a $500 savings/book-keeping discount if you want to make just one payment of $2,497 Today (you save $500 book-keeping discount)

Reserve your seat for total high end dentistry mastery with me and a small intimate group of like-minded dentists at The “Art of Selling High End Dentistry” Training

Yes! I Want To Register For the Art of Selling High End Dentistry (you will choose your option on the next page)

“John Brings A Fresh Perspective On What We’re Doing…”

“John brings a fresh perspective on what we’re doing, I think sometimes we lose objectivity because we’re looking within our own practice, we get used to seeing things the way they are, and now we have a new perspective. I think that a lot of people come out of dentistry – out of dental school – not knowing really how to run a practice, and all of it is feeling your way. Even though you might know of some examples, you’re still feeling your way. But the experience of John, the things that he’s put in to his practices and the things that he imparts, help us to feel like we don’t have to feel that way any more.” – Dr. Charles Betts, Decatur AL

Two Options For You To Experience
The “Art of Selling High End Dentistry” Training
First Hand (Pick A or B)…

If you’re still reading then the only logical question left is “Is this really worth it? Or will I be disappointed like with so many other empty promises in our profession?”.

Well, let me answer that with a question first. How much is it worth to master in just a total of SEVEN DAYS what most dentists fail to master in 30 years of practice?!! How much is complete control of your practice when it comes to high end dentistry worth? How much is the financial and mental FREEDOM high end dentistry provides worth?

Most importantly… how much is it worth to have a virtually untapped high end new patient source (your new referral network) and have those new high end patients coming in everyday saying “YES” to your very best recommendations with virtually NO friction whatsoever?

Frankly having learned this process through trial and error over years of time and tens of thousands of dollars spent. And now personally witnessing practices reproduce the same results in rubber stamp fashion in a matter of days… the answer is there is no price you could put on these kind of results. The transformation both in and out of the office truly is priceless.

So here’s where the rubber hits the road. If you had 2 high end patients who could GUARANTEE they’d each refer 5 other folks just like them… would you be willing to invest your time energy and resources into those 2 people?


Well that’s what we’re talking about here. Your investment in The “Art of Selling High End Dentistry” Training is barely the value of 2 good high end cases. And the dividend from that investment isn’t 5 referred high end patients. It’s not even 100. It’s unlimited, because you’ll have MASTERED the skill of attracting, processing, keeping and serving high end patients in just 7 days of training. For the simple value of 2 decent cases you’ll have the skills needed to attract and serve high end dental patients in perpetuity for the rest of your practicing career. I challenge you to find ANY investment that has a better ROI and upside than that!

You Either Become The GO TO High End Dentist
In Your Town Or You Get
100% Of Your Investment Back!!!

For some Dentistry is “just a job” or “a vocation”. For me it’s “my life” and has been for many generations before me. When I make a promise to a dentist, it’s not a “professional bond” I’m leaning on, “it’s family”. I don’t take my promises of “High End Dentistry Mastery” lightly. And because of that I am willing to absorb ALL the risk for you…

Engage with me in The “Art of Selling High End Dentistry” training and see what I’m sharing with you here in this letter is just scratching the surface when it comes to the ACTUAL transformation you’re about to experience. And not only that take an entire 12 months and see the full on infusion of high end patient care that occurs and the staying power what I share with you has. If after 12 months you’ve not seen 5x the value I’ve promised just shoot me an email and I’ll refund every penny. I think you’ll agree that this is more than fair.

Reserve your seat for total high end dentistry mastery with me and a small intimate group of like-minded dentists at The “Art of Selling High End Dentistry” training.

Yes! I Want To Register For the Art of Selling High End Dentistry (you will choose your option on the next page)

The “Old School” Guys Had Just 1 Thing RIGHT About High End Patients

They were right that true high end patients are better quality patients who are better equipped to pay for the care they need and who are also more compliant, engaged and self-sufficient. Everything else from saying all high end patients drive expensive cars and live in expensive homes to encouraging doctors to only cater to the rich was wrong.

The sad part is, because of these errors in judgment… now an entire population of TRUE high end patients are unserved or under served. They’re just waiting for you to get up to speed on how to connect and engage with them. “Art of Selling High End Dentistry” training is your one-way ticket to that connection.

The “Art of Selling High End Dentistry” training is literally my way of handing you the “Keys to a Better Future”! You CAN’T fail because I won’t let you! These high end dentistry systems have been vigorously tested in the harshest and most competitive areas and towns. There’s only one thing you need to do in order to guarantee a radical transformation of your practice… SHOW UP and do the work with me!

Look, you’ve tried to better care for high end patients on your own. You know your results have been “mixed” at best. You also know …

It’s awfully difficult to argue with FOUR generations of dental history and my direct experience in over 180 real world practices! There isn’t ANYONE our profession who can make this claim. Everyone else came into dentistry as an “opportunity”. I was born here and I just want to share my knowledge and experience with you.

Bottom line is if you want real talk, a little hard work and 100% transparent honesty as you discover how to truly master real authentic high end dentistry… then The “Art of Selling High End Dentistry” training is for you. Join me and a handful of other like minded dentists and we meet as an intimate supportive group with the expressed objective of complete and total High End Dentistry Mastery! Reserve your seat at The “Art of Selling High End Dentistry” Training!

Yes! I Want To Register For the Art of Selling High End Dentistry (you will choose your option on the next page)

Dr. John Meis
Founder and CEO of the Team Training Institute

P.S.: I’m not one for “fake deadlines” so I’m going to go with a real one. It should be clear after reading this far that The “Art of Selling High End Dentistry” Training is finally the clear path to you engaging the high end dental patients you know you deserve.

It’s also critical to know that nothing about true high end dentistry involves special talents, circumstances, location, marketplace, charisma, etc… just specialized knowledge about what these patients desire and need.

If your reading this, then you know your practice isn’t seeing nearly as much high end dentistry as you want it to be. You have until May 23rd, before the doors close. And if you miss that date… the kick you feel from behind will be you kicking yourself with regret that you missed out… don’t let that happen!

Reserve your seat for total high end dentistry mastery with me and a small intimate group of like-minded dentists at The “Art of Selling High End Dentistry” Training