How To Create An All-Star Team

We all want a team of all-stars to work side-by-side with. Many offices find that they tolerate difficult employees more than they normally would. The reason is that they struggle to find good new employees.

So how do you assemble a great team? Take a moment and consider the following:

Stick to your standards – If you hire issues, you’ll end up with issues:

  • One thing we all need to accept is that people probably won’t change much. Often times there is a lot an employer will overlook while hiring. Then they are surprised later when issues arrive. But, if we’re honest, future issues are usually evident right from the beginning.

People support what they help create:

  • Leaders take more ownership of the employees they hire (and ultimately will have to fire if necessary). If a person, doesn’t immediately report to you, you shouldn’t be in charge of hiring them.
  • If a team manager will be supervising them, then they should be the ones that hire and fire them. This makes sure that your team leaders take ownership of the success and failure of those they supervise.

Know when it is time for a change:

  • One mistake I have made is to hold on to a staff member who I know isn’t going to make it. The cost of that is tremendous. At some point you have to say that this relationship isn’t working and its time for a change.

Don’t be a practice that’s unable to fire bad employees because they’re afraid their replacements will be even worse. Establish successful hiring systems so you never end up in that predicament again. With the implementation of great systems, soon you’ll have that office of all-stars you always wanted.