How Do I Hire a Great Office Manager

I spent some time with a great practice this past week, and the doctor asked me a great question that I thought you might be interested in hearing my answer. This doctor is very productive, he works 5 clinical hours a day, and he wanted to hire a manager to take care of the daily operations of the practice so … Read More

How Do You Keep a Team Highly Motivated, Engaged, and Taking Ownership in the Practice?

I remember it clearly, the day it felt like the weight of the world was off my shoulders because the weight of my practice shifted. Until this day I felt like everything was on my shoulders, like I was the one pushing the proverbial rock up the mountain. And on this day the sun was shining and it was a … Read More

How Do We Get More Patients To Accept Complex Treatment Plans?

The key to all of this lies in understanding the patient and what they want. People will find a way to pay for what they want (the key to your financial discussions.) Your case acceptance becomes a lot easier when you are talking to patients about what they want instead of talking to them about care they weren’t aware they … Read More

What Do Reviews Have To Do With Finding More New Patients?

Do you remember the story of the Dallas bride and groom who launched a social media campaign against their wedding photographer for a dispute on a $125 charge – a campaign that ended up destroying her business?Well, the wedding photographer sued for defamation of character and was awarded 1.08M. I was so happy to finally see the business owner come … Read More