The Future of Dentistry (Excerpt from Cracking the Code)

Announcement: Dr. Meis is finishing a new book for entrepreneurial dentists called “Cracking the Code”. Here’s a quick note from Dr. Meis and an excerpt from the book: — I am in the process of finishing my next book. It’s focusing in on how I think about dentistry, what has shaped my thought processes, what I have seen that works, … Read More

EP 85: The Top 3 Frustrations Of Dentistry, Solved!

In today’s episode of the Double Your Production Podcast, Dr. John and Wendy share the 3 biggest challenges that dental practices are currently facing right now and the strategies to fix them. You’ll learn: How to increase the value of your practice by $4 for every $1 in profits you add. This is great news for anyone who’s behind on … Read More

Ep: 84: How To Pull Yourself Out of Stress And Burnout With Steve Adams

Steve Adams had built a highly successful business, but it nearly cost him his health and his family. The high level of stress was slowly killing him and he needed to act quickly to save his marriage and his life. After walking away from his business, he went on a quest to learn the science behind stress and burnout. While … Read More

The Secrets Of Highly Productive Dental Practices

  If you want to be more successful, what should you do? Should you market your business more, upgrade to the newest technology, or take a course? In this episode of the Dr. John Meis Show, Dr. John is revealing the important steps to take before you do any of that. Watch now to learn exactly what to do to … Read More

Ep: 83: The 4 Steps To Improve Diagnosis Percentage

One of the key numbers to improving case acceptance is diagnosis percentage. In today’s episode, we dive into what diagnosis percentage is and why it’s not level all the time. We’ll also discuss why having a thorough and consistent diagnosis process is key to improving case acceptance. This is a big challenge with practices that have multiple hygienists and providers … Read More

Ep: 82: The Untapped Goldmine Behind Your Dental Data With Curtis Marshall

In today’s podcast, Curtis Marshall joins us from Dental Intel, a software that helps dental practices easily track and understand data in their practice. During this episode, you’ll be taken through data from a practice and learn how to identify the opportunities that will create the greatest impact with the least amount of effort. Curtis, Dr. John, and Wendy look … Read More

3 Secrets To Maximize Hygiene Production

I’ve been a hygienist for more than 20 years and a Hygiene Production Consultant to more than 1,718 practices in 12 countries around the world. Hygiene is my passion … and exploding hygiene productivity and profits is my expertise. When I started, and for many years, I was satisfied with the status quo. I saw patients, did my job, and … Read More

The 3 Roles Of Hygiene

Fact: The good that you can do for your patients and for your production simply by delivering better hygiene could be worth a small fortune to them (and you). Let me explain… As a doctor, you know that health is more valuable than money. Nothing can increase your ability to enjoy life more than protecting your health. As a dentist, … Read More

Why You May Have A Capacity Problem (And Don’t Even Know It)

Eliminating Capacity Blockages Here’s a question for you? Does your practice have a capacity problem or a demand problem? Because you’re dealing with one or the other right now. Most dental practices we work with start out saying they have a demand problem and they think they don’t have enough new patients coming in through the door. You may think … Read More