Ep 75: Top Financial Mistakes Practice Owners Make with Chris Sands

In this episode, Dr. John and Wendy sit down with Chris Sands, owner of Pro-Fi 20/20 CPAs, an accounting, tax, and financial consulting firm for dental practices. In this episode, they discuss the common mistakes practice owners make when it comes to managing their dental practice finances. You’ll learn how to be financially savvy as a dentist owner, what numbers … Read More

A Foolproof Management Technique to Motivate Team Members To Preform

In one of our recent member retreats, a doctor asked me how he can get one of his associate dentists to offer more same-day treatments?   Another asked me what he could do to get their hygiene to offer more sealants?   Motivating team members to do what we ask them is an age-old question and has been studied extensively. … Read More

Should Your Dental Practice Be Opened On Sundays?

I get this question asked a lot. Should I be open on Sundays? There are a lot of people who can’t take time off of work (or don’t want to). So offering Sunday’s is convenient (and we know patients love convenience). It could also be considered a competitive advantage if there are few practices opened on Sunday, or maybe you’re … Read More

Why New Patients Are Not The Answer To Your Problems

Over the many years of owning several practices and now consulting, there are some really important stats that have made a huge impact on the way I do things. This is one of those stats. 80% of the revenue that you will get from a patient comes in the first 18 months they are in your practice. When I realized … Read More

The Uncomfortable Truth That Is Sinking Most Practices

Imagine you’re going on a cruise and as you board the ship with the others, the captain is there greeting all 200 passengers by name as they come up the gangplank.   “Wow!” you think. “How does he do that?” As you walk past one of the crew members, you ask them how the captain knows all the passenger’s names?  … Read More

The Fastest and Easiest way To Get Superstar Hygienists

I get asked a lot: “How do we find and hire high performing hygienist?”   Really, the fastest and easiest way to get high performing team members is to develop them.   One of the most critical elements in developing high performing hygienist is compensation.   This is often the reason why hygienists don’t achieve high levels of productivity consistently. … Read More

What is the best schedule to work?

What’s the biggest debate happening in dentistry right now? Nope, it’s not are electric toothbrushes really better than manual toothbrushes? It actually has nothing to do with oral care. It’s something successful practices are doing, but we get pushback from doctors when suggest they it if they want to increase their production. It’s what is the best shift to work. … Read More

How To Handle Difficult Conversations With Team Members?

While I was working at a large dental partner, there were over 1,600 employees I oversaw, and the issues that landed on my desk were always complicated. By the time these problems got to me, it had alredy been through multiple layers of management that had tried to resolve it. These problems had either festered or were brought up in … Read More

Stop Patients From Canceling Because of the WHO Recomendations

 On August 11th, the World Health Organization issued a recomendation that has created a lot of fallout for dental practices.   “[Dentists’] procedures involve face-to-face communication and frequent exposure to saliva, blood, and other body fluids and handling sharp instruments,” the new guidance says. “Consequently, they are at high risk of being infected with SARS-CoV-2 or passing the infection to … Read More

The Culture Crisis – Challenges During Reopening

 Sadly over the last few months as dental practices reopen since COVID, relationships between dentists and hygienists have been struggling. We are seeing a lack of trust, disappointment worry and stress occuring in our own practices. It could be that we have some work to do in regards to fixing these issues. It may be the dentist and the hygienist … Read More