How we get 80% Of Our Patients to Accept Fluoride Treatment

One of the biggest mistakes that hygiene makes is the way they approach treatment.    They automatically dismiss treatments because they make assumptions about the patient.    For example, we think when most insurance doesn’t cover a particular treatment, the patient won’t want it.   I see this all the time when I look at the fluoride acceptance rate.   … Read More

How to Minimize Appointment Cancelations

You take a quick look at your calendar and see a full day and lots of opportunity. Then you check your email. “Hey, sorry for the late notice, but I need to cancel my appointment” Ugh! Another cancellation! Do you hate it when you get those messages? Patient last minute cancellations and no shows are a money and resource wasting … Read More

Understanding the 2017 Perio Code 4346

Understanding and applying the new 2017 gingivitis code 4346. I have received many questions about this new code, When is it appropriate to use it? What will insurance cover? What are the limitations we have when billing with this code? All important questions, that I will cover in this video blog. What I find interesting about this code is that ... Read More