What If You Could SNEAK Inside
One Of The TOP Producing Practices In North America & STEAL ALL Of Their Marketing, Team Training, Practice Growth & Patient Experience Secrets For Use In Your Own Practice?

What If Instead They Just Invited You In
As Their Personal Guest & GAVE You A VIP Backstage Pass To Witness Everything With 100% Transparency & Sent You Home With ALL Of Their Secrets & Tools?

To: All Dentists Looking For a Better Way
From: Dr. John Meis, DDS
RE: VIP Invitation: You’re invited to spend the day with me, 19 other hard working dentists (and my secret weapon… *hint* years ago when I first met her, her advice increased my practice collections by 73.8% in just one month) looking over my shoulder LIVE while visit Dr. John Lahota’s Central Park West Dentistry … a 100% transparent look at how one of the most profitable practices in North America operates in REAL TIME! Don’t believe ANYTHING I say… just see it for yourself.

Dear Doctor,

This is how one friend explained this experience…. “Twice a year something magical happens. The best dental practices in the country open their doors to just 20 lucky dentists for a no holds barred, no part of the practice off limits, full disclosure, 100% transparency, EMBEDDED experience to share and expose the REAL TRUTH about how a REAL practice works, thrives and grows in the current economy. No sales tricks, no gimmicky car giveaways, just 100% transparent exposure of the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to growing a practice from zero to $1,000,000 or more.”

Want to ask the staff questions? Great. Want to ask the patients questions? Great. Want to know EXACTLY how they get new patients, what their procedures are, how we approach case presentations, what happens when we answer the phones…. No problem… the practice for this day is a 100% “open book”.

Ever notice how virtually EVERY consultant in dentistry has either NEVER practiced a day in his life or even if he did practice it hasn’t been since the Reagan administration? That’s something that’s bothered me for a long long time. My great grandfather was a dentist, my grandfather was a dentist, my father was a dentist and I’ve continued the family tradition of helping people through dentistry.

My name is John Meis and I want to share with you all the knowledge, experience and “inside track” that have allowed me to create one of the largest and most productive dental clinics in all of North America and our clients to do the same. And I want to do it in a way that has NEVER been done in dentistry before outside of my clinic.

I’m also going to share with you how this all happened. How I woke up one morning with a potentially life threatening heart problem that threatened to potentially end my life and even if it didn’t it would grind my practice and ALL my income to a screeching halt. In the end the health scare turned out to be a major blessing because it turned out to be a wake up call about how I was running my practice… I learned the lesson the “hard” way… but once I did, my practice performance and profit levels went through the roof. I’m sharing the WHOLE story and I promise you won’t need to do it the “hard” way like I did.

You see, I don’t have a dog and pony show, I don’t have a stage to sell from, I don’t have flashing lights and staff running around a hotel seminar room with order forms. I just have access to a an ULTRA low stress, MEGA profitable practice. I don’t know anything about selling things from the stage or giving away cars or other “typical consultant” type stuff. What I do know is how to run a dental practice in a way that the staff LOVES, the patients are ESCTATIC about and that makes life for the dentist INCREDIBLY SIMPLE, STRESS FREE & FUN. And…

On October 20th, 2016

You’re Invited To INTIMATELY ‘Look Over My Shoulder’ Completely IMMERSED LIVE With Patients & Staff During Open Office Hours… And Then Once All The Patients Have Been Seen I’ll Be Sharing With You ALL Of Our…

  • Tools
  • Secrets
  • Tips
  • Tricks
  • Marketing Procedures
  • New Patient Referral Procedures
  • Reactivation Procedures
  • Team Training Procedures
  • Leadership Procedures

No part of the practice is off-limits, no question to personal to answer, 100% transparency.

This Experience Is NOT A Seminar, Bootcamp, Discovery Day, Coaching Event, BS Session. Let’s face it there’s only so much you can learn from a book or a manual or video training or even live training at a seminar. There’s almost ALWAYS a “disconnect”. Why?

There’s always a “disconnect” because until you actually SEE it with your own two eyes. See HOW a procedure, strategy or system is used in REAL life in REAL time, you never really fully grasp what’s happening. And that’s why it’s so hit or miss when it comes to learning things from most consultants and the vast majority of things fail.

Would you learn how to fly a plane by correspondence course? Would you have surgery from a surgeon who’d never been in a surgical suite but only learned by video training? Of course not. Well, it’s high time that the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of your life got the training it properly deserves. My aim with this experience is to…

Eliminate ALL The Guesswork & Confusion and Give You Immediate REAL WORLD Tools To Put In Play IMMEDIATELY When You Return On Monday…

I share this with you because I want to help. Even with my “dentistry in my blood” 4th generation dentist pedigree… My practice was NOT always what it is today. I suffered through the frustration and misery of an UNDER performing practice and struggled to get ahead just like almost every dentist I know. I bought all the pie-in-the-sky gimmicks for getting new patients, referrals, training staff, billing, etc… I was more than willing to learn and more than willing to do the hard work necessary. But after tens of thousands spent on worthless seminars, marketing products, coaching, etc… I got MAD… REALLY MAD!

The “Normal” Way Dentists Are Taught To Grow & Run A Practice Does NOT WORK
(at least not for a lot of very smart, intelligent, hard working dentists who continue to slave away chair side but just can’t get ahead no matter what these “experts” try to sell them).

I’m not 100% down on seminars and continuing education, but so much of it is just fluff trying to separate you from your money. I have partnered with a good friend of mine Wendy Briggs, and we have decided to put an END to this ridiculous, frustrating and LIFE consuming way most dentists try to learn how to run and grow a practice.

NO BS ZONE….100% Transparency

We decided, instead of putting on yet another typical hotel seminar… you’re coming…

– Directly to one of our top clients practice
– DURING office hours
– Side by Side with their patients
– Side by Side with their staff

In virtually every seminar, coaching, marketing situation in dentistry you have to “believe” the guy or gal on stage is telling the truth…. NOT THIS TIME!

“The First two days after the event we added …
$3500.00 PER DAY”

“The first two days after the event we added around $3500.00 PER DAY of same day treatment. That was added to what we previously would have believed to be a FULL SCHEDULE. Everyone was very surprised to see the accomplishment in such a short time.  All because we saw what was possible by attending your Backstage Pass.”
Angela-Dr. Vicki Fidler’s Office

“Since the Backstage Pass Event, not only have we met our daily production goals (keeping in mind I raised them by 30%), we’ve exceeded them. Yesterday we doubled production!”

Veronica Soto – Schaumberg TDental Studio
“REAL Word Experience…”

“I think it’s essential for a consultant in the dental industry to have real world experience. When it comes to the specifics of the practice and the patient interaction, I think it is really important to know what that’s like. We had the opportunity to go to Dr. John’s practice and meet his leaders and see how it operates. The systems, the communications, and the way the staff works in complete harmony, as well as the quality of care was impressive. This is the opportunity to work “ON” your practice and have steps you can take back and implement in your own office right away.”
Joan Forrest, President and CEO of Dawson Academy St. Petersburg, FL

Your VIP “Backstage Pass”

This LIVE & IN PERSON event can ONLY accommodate 20 offices.

At this event you can LEAVE YOUR “BELIEVER” MUSCLE AT HOME. And by that I mean, you won’t have to “believe” ANYTHING I share with you about how YOU will get…

  • At Least 21 New Patients a Month
  • At Least 17 More Referrals a Month
  • Increased Conversion And Compliance By At Least 31%
  • Virtually Unlimited Team Synergy, Cooperation & Competence

You won’t have to “believe” anything I say because you will be IN the office WITH patients and staff LIVE while the office is open. With 100% transparency like that you’ll get to see HOW everything is done, WHY everything is done and most importantly you’ll get to see that EVERYTHING we teach actually WORKS… no more believing, no more guessing, just 100% PROOF from the word “GO”.

That’s Exactly What’s Waiting For You In New York City — On October 20th

We will visit Dr. John F. Lhota and his incredible team at Central Park West Dentistry in New York City! In just one day, I will not only GIVE You The Road Map to Practice Success, I Will SPOON FEED IT TO YOU Live and In Action In a REAL Wet Fingered, Active Dental Practice Operating At

Full Capacity & Full Speed

& Give You An All-Access Pass To EVERY Corner Of the Practice (Nothing Is Off Limits)

I ALSO Promise…

You WILL Hit The Ground Running Monday Morning, Return Home With Immediately Implementable, Proven & Tested Tools For New Patient Attraction, Increased Production, and Decreased Doctor Stress. ALL of Which You Can IMMEDIATELY Turn Into NEW Profits First Thing Monday Morning….

If You’d Rather “Experiment” With The BIG Seminars at Disney World or On The Beach…
This Backstage Pass Total Immersion Is NOT For YOU…

You’ll get to see it with your own eyes, hear it with your own ears, and touch it with your own hands.

o Have you seen a fluctuation or even decrease in your production in the last 12 or 24 months?
o Are you STUCK at the number of New Patients you are able to see in your practice?
o Are you losing money in your hygiene department?
o Are you running your office or is it running you?
o Do you get pulled away from money producing activities only to be met by energy sucking, BS office drama?
o Are you sick of holes in the schedule and the loss of earning potential?
o Are you at all concerned at what will happen to your patients’ finances and their spending habits as the price of gas rises and the cost of living jumps sky high?
o Would you like to collect 20% more each month and begin to do so in less than 90 days?
o Do you want the peace of mind that your practice will continue to increase for the next 3, 6, 12, or 24 months regardless of who ends up in the White House?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to ANY of these questions, then this One-Of-A-Kind Event was created with YOU in mind and you MUST attend.

Here Are Just a FEW Specifics About
WHAT I Share With You At Your Backstage Pass Event

– Taking your Hygiene Department from a loss leader to a PROFIT CENTER.
– The Role of a Team Leader, who keeps the doctor/owner out of day-to-day drama like a super hero creating a ring of protection.
– Adding an instant $5000-$6000/day of unscheduled production to your accounts receivable…everyday.
– Increasing your new patient numbers by un-tapping an often-overlooked resource that is right under your nose.
– Structuring the practice for an associate (or associates, for that matter) who generates income for you, the owner, without any involvement, time, or stress on your part so you are free to enjoy the fruits of your newfound profits.
– A communication system that guarantees all patients are given the optimal care while you double or even triple your current production, all while still keeping the office running like a well-oiled machine.
– Magic formula to incentivize team members to work harder than they thought they ever could AND have them happy about it!
– Turning non-dental producing space in your office into a money making machine. This strategy is so powerful the United States Government might accuse us of running our own printing press.

Oh Wait, I Almost Forgot…
My Secret Weapon!

So before I wrap this up…. I need to let you in on another one of my BIG secrets. Remember at the open of this letter I mentioned “years ago when I first met her, her advice increased my practice collections by 73.8% in just one month”. “Her” is… Wendy Briggs. Wendy is known throughout dentistry as a WIZARD when it comes to maximizing hygiene productivity and performance among other things. Wendy and I met for the first time when I hired her after my heart health scare. She charges $15,000.00 just to walk in the door. I definitely had to swallow hard. But boy am I glad that I did.
She’s been a hygienist for over 25 years and a production consultant to more than 3,718 general dentists in 12 countries around the globe. Hygiene is her passion…and exploding hygiene productivity, case acceptance and profits are her area of expertise.

I remember her telling me… “When i started out, I was satisfied with the status quo. I saw patients, I did my job and never really questioned anything.  I was making good money for the practice – but nowhere near the potential that it could be!  But something bothered me event more…. I had an arsenal of wonderful treatments to help my patients have a healthy mouth, but we hardly used any of it.  Then one-day I had one of those ah-ha moments.  since I was on the front line, and i spent the most time with my patients, and since I had the most tools available to help my patients.. Why wasn’t I maximizing my strengths to produce amazing profits for the practice while providing my patients with the healthiest mouths possible?   Since that day, I have spent years perfecting my system that can literally transform any hygiene department into a profit machine!”

I promised this would be like NOTHING you’ve ever seen with your own two eyes and I meant it. Bringing Wendy along as my 1-2 punch makes this event the equivalent of a “dental unicorn”. Its like NOTHING you’ve ever seen, heard of or experienced.

Ok… BIG Question Time…
How Much?

Well Wendy and I were giving this some serious thought and we realized probably the same thing you did. The consultants, conference and seminar promoters in dentistry are doing these big ballroom hotel events where you have to take everything you hear on FAITH. Selling a lot of stuff that in many cases just doesn’t work, doesn’t produce a significant ROI or is frankly to complicated to figure out on your own. And they’re charging $1,000.00, $2,000.00, $3,000.00… heck, I even heard of one guy charging $20,000.00!!! $20,000 for just a seminar and a few follow up teleseminars??? Really? That’s what it would cost to have me travel IN PERSON to your office and help you DIRECTLY one on one!!! But you don’t need to spend that kind of money. Just come spend a couple days with Wendy and I LIVE inside the most productive office you’ve EVER been in guaranteed

So in considering this, how much do YOU think it’d be worth to spend 48 hours IMMERSED in a practice learning EVERY facet of the business so you could take home REAL world stuff, that REALLY works, that will make PROFIT for you the FIRST HOUR you put it in place. No tweaking, No testing, No figuring it out on your own, no monkey business? Wendy and I decided that $997 was MORE than FAIR!

But with all that being said I know that travel isn’t easy (or cheap)… and you do have to cover your travel expenses so instead of charging you $997, we’re GIVING you a $500 cash credit so you can cover your travel expenses! And you’ll only invest $497.00 in your Backstage Pass.

PLUS: Because great doctors do not make great offices alone, I invite you to bring along one (1) key team member for FREE as my special guest.

I look forward to showing you around the practice and giving you the EXACT BLUEPRINT RECIPE I follow so you can take it back to your office Monday and turn it into profit and growth IMMEDIATELY.

Dr. John Meis
Team Training Institute

P.S. If we haven’t answered all your concerns, feel free to call us at 877-732-2124. We’d love to talk to you.

P.P.S. Your opportunity to draw-back the curtain and see LIVE, in-person, a working $6M/year practice and ask all your questions is LIMITED. We can only accept 20 offices. Don’t let another minute pass!

Catch a Glimpse Into What Makes Central Park Dentistry So Special…