Why Serving Your Community Better Improves Revenue

The only way you improve revenue in a dental practice is by serving your community better, serving more people, helping more people with their dental needs. Sometimes that goes without saying but it really needs to be said. This is the only way you can do it. So, if your revenue goes up, it goes up only because you are … Read More

3 Ways You Can Increase Case Average

In one of our past years, we hosted a Back Stage Pass event for those who purchased one of our products, the 3X Method. We had an exceptional and unique group of about 50 people in attendance. One key question that came up was “How do you increase case average?” Shortly after that event, I developed a list of nine … Read More

3 Books To Add To Your Reading List Immediately

Those who know me, know of my lifelong love of reading. This week I would like to share a few books that have influenced me and the way I run my dental practice. Each of the following books have powerful ideas which can help guide you to create a successful world-class office. Gino Wickman’s “Traction: Get a Grip on Your … Read More

How To Create An All-Star Team

We all want a team of all-stars to work side-by-side with. Many offices find that they tolerate difficult employees more than they normally would. The reason is that they struggle to find good new employees. So how do you assemble a great team? Take a moment and consider the following: Stick to your standards – If you hire issues, you’ll … Read More

3 Hygiene Fundamentals You Should Focus On

Today we are going to talk about some ways to increase hygiene production. Today’s technique involves focusing on achieving some fundamental results. You may ask: “Why are fundamentals so important?” Consider the fact that professional athletes still do the same fundamental drills they learned when they were just 10 years old. As dental professionals, we should approach our craft with … Read More

Why You Should Be Maximizing Radiographs

As hygienists, one of our key roles is as a preventative therapist. Of all the tools we have available, X-rays are among the most effective. In 2006, the ADA and FDA suggested significant changes in the recommended frequency for these exams. Still, many practices are not proactively and consistently taking x-rays. If you aren’t convinced, consider these two facts: Anterior … Read More

4 Ways To Ensure Patient Retention

Case acceptance is about how well you are taking patients from their current state of dental health to the next level. If you struggle with case acceptance in new patients, consider this idea: returning patients are better able to accept future treatment, in greater amounts, than new patients. Increased case acceptance is therefore related to patient retention. Here are some … Read More

How To Promote a Positive Workplace

If you don’t pay close attention negativity can creep into any organization. Dentistry isn’t an exception to that rule. Here are some ideas on how to actively maintain a positive workplace for your employees.     Institute Traditions: At my practice we start each of our meetings with “the positive focus”. We each take a minute to go around and … Read More

Why You Should Survey Your Patients

One trait all dentists share is we have an intense concern for being good to our patients. We want to provide a great experience for them. The problem is we don’t always have a good understanding of what patients want or what their perspective on what a better experience is. Surveying your patients gives you an opportunity to take a look at … Read More

Why You Should Care About Your Employees’ Future

We all know the feeling of losing employees to turnover. It can be devastating when you lose bright and capable employees who had such a bright future in front of them. It is tempting to just accept that, for certain jobs, turnover after a month or two is just going to be the norm. In worse case scenarios, you may … Read More