The Back Door to an Abundance of Cosmetic Patients

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I have observed a common challenge that dentists face. You enjoy doing one aspect of dentistry much more than other aspects. Because you enjoy that aspect, you naturally want to do more. The common example today is dentists who want to do more cosmetic dental procedures. Many want to change the “procedure mix” they perform, performing more cosmetic procedures and …

5 Techniques To Generate New Patients

Productive Practice Mindset

We all know that profitability comes from a combination of factors: how much dentistry we produce, how much dentistry we collect, and how we manage our expenses. The three main factors in controlling overhead are new patients, case average and overhead percentage. In this post weʼll focus on New Patients. Techniques to generate new patients: Referrals – This can be a great …

How Much Will Patients Buy On Impuse In Your Practice?

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Wendy Briggs, RDH shows how patients are willing to spend up to $500 on impulse buys when visiting the dentist. AND how knowing this can add over $30,000 in profits for your Dental Practice:   [call_to_action title=”Get your FREE DVD” tag_line=’Costly Case Acceptance Mistakes Revealed!’ arrow=”yes” button=”Get it today!” link=”/case-acceptance”]

Top 5 Dental Hiring Mistakes

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No process is more critical to the success of a dental practice than developing a great team. That development begins with great hires. This video outlines the top five hiring misatkes I have seen as a Dental Practice Management consultant.   [call_to_action title=”Build Your Dream Team Today!” tag_line=”Sign up for our newsletter and get FREE action items in your inbox:” …

Why You Need To “Sharpen the Saw”

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Dr. John Meis discusses one of the pillars of the productive practice mindset. Continuing education truly has unlimited return on investment. Check out the video:   [call_to_action title=”Yes!” tag_line=”I want to learn more about the Productive Practice Mindset:” arrow=”yes” button=”More Info Here” link=”/we-can-help-you-generate-more-revenue-today/”]