How to Minimize Appointment Cancelations

You take a quick look at your calendar and see a full day and lots of opportunity. Then you check your email. “Hey, sorry for the late notice, but I need to cancel my appointment” Ugh! Another cancellation! Do you hate it when you get those messages? Patient last minute cancellations and no shows are a money and resource wasting … Read More

Dr. Gordon Christensen Joins Dr. John Meis and Wendy Briggs to Discuss Infection Control and PPE after COVID-19

John:                            All right. Good morning everybody and welcome to the Blue Diamond Retreat. This is a thrill of a lifetime for me to be here with Wendy and to, with her introduce Dr. Gordon Christensen. I’ve been in dentistry since I was about nine years old and for the last half of that I have been following and studying Dr. … Read More

Dr. John Meis – The Mindset Around Money

On this episode, with Dr. John Meis,¬† he will have you exploring a different mindset around money. We have been internally programmed since we were young about how we feel about money. In this video, you will hear about the need to bring those thoughts and ideas about money back to consciousness. Reevaluating your internal programming with these unconsciousness and … Read More

Why Your Clinician Mindset Might Be Costing You

Do you have the mindset of a clinician? In this episode, Dr. John and Wendy Briggs discuss how that could be costing you! They dive deeper into places where dentist and clinicians sometimes get tripped up on their thinking. One important lesson that you will learn, is the speed-quality ratio. Sometimes, our limited and outdated thinking could be costing the … Read More

How To Align Your Vision To Experience Maximum Momentum

In this important episode, Dr. John Meis and Wendy Briggs sits down to discuss how to align your vision to experience maximum momentum in your practice. They will speak on how aligning your team to your vision is of upmost importance. Once the team is on board with the vision, making sure that you have goals set up to achieve … Read More

Dr. John Meis – Every Executives 3 Hats

On this episode, with Dr. John Meis, you will learn about the three hats every executive wears when making decisions. You will gain knowledge why executives typically don’t think about these hats differently. While every executive wears these hats, blending them all together can lead to flawed thinking. Learn more about everything you need to know while making decisions, wearing … Read More

Dr. John Meis – Why Letting Go Is So Important

Dr. John, in the episode, delves into why letting go is so important. You have got to where you are by hard work and determination right? This explains one major development that is holding dentists back, is that they tend to be somewhat micromanaging. They have a mentality that all the weight is on their shoulders. Unfortunately, that will only … Read More

Dr. John Meis on Doctor Leadership

Dr. John Meis speaks on exploring the role of doctor leadership. In this episode, you will learn what it takes to provide great leadership for a team. You will also get clarity on how you, as a great leader, can get your team inline with your vision. Do you know what progress needs to be made for you to feel … Read More

The Truth About Vaping

As Dental Professionals, we need to know the risks facing our patients today. We have known about the risks of smoking but the EXPLOSION of vaping, especially in teenagers has now become an epidemic. According to the Perio-Implant Advisory “The problem is that vaping is thought to be a safer alternative to traditional tobacco products, but can be just as … Read More

Dr . Meis’s 10 Steps to Success (Part 3)

From The Dr. John Meis ShowThe last of my first 10 Steps to practice success, on today’s Dr. John Meis Show. Remember, this whole series on the first 10 steps is talking about how returning to fundamentals can have a dramatic impact on the success your practice. Without investments of dollars, without learning new technology, and new techniques, it’s simple, … Read More