How To Remove Capacity Blockages (Part 3 of 4)

Previously we spoke about capacity blockages. We learned what they are and how they inhibit the growth of a practice. Today, we’ll talk about the process involved with removing these blockages. Just like the symptoms are not always clear, the solutions may not be as easy as they seem.

Eliminating production blockages almost always involves investment in people, technology, equipment, supplies and/or facility. If the blockage is correctly identified and the correct strategy is used to solve it, the investment pays off rapidly. If the blockage diagnosis is incorrect, the treatment is less likely to be effective and the payoff is negligible or none.

For many dentists, the usual response to a production blockage is to misidentify the problem. Commonly the blocked dentist tries to fix the blockage by trying to attract more new patients. These new patients only exacerbate the problem. Like a dam full to capacity, your practice cannot handle anymore without causing a spillover. The spillover in this case are the patients who don’t return to your practice. As you add more patients in the front door, you increase the patients slipping away through the back.

Once again, this is why having expert help identifying and addressing blockages is extremely beneficial. Any investment you make into removing blockages in your practice should have maximum effectiveness. When you are working with precious resources such as time and money, expert help can remove trial and error so you can start reaping the rewards.

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