Are You Capacity Blocked? (Part 1 of 4)

I have observed dentists who produce $200,000 per month easily and other dentists who struggle to produce 20% of that. What is the difference? The myth is that super-productive dentists do a lot of big cases. The reality is that hyper-producers mainly do bread and butter dentistry. They have simply eliminated blockages to production.

It’s our belief that practices will naturally grow until something stops them from growing. And what usually stops the growth is something that we’re doing. It’s our mindset or some condition of our physical space.

Here are some examples of common blockages:

  • Inadequate investment in technology
  • Inadequate number of equally equipped treatment rooms
  • Too few chair-side assistants
  • Room turnover inefficiency
  • Lack of standard clinical protocols

Hyper-producers know the early symptoms of blockages and aggressively treat them. The problem is these blockages are often too subtle to be detected by a busy practitioner. The symptoms don’t feel significant to the capacity blocked as their plates are already full. They don’t have a sense of how much more they could be doing. An expert team is therefore an invaluable resource for any practice looking to grow.

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