Case Acceptance Breakthrough 2023

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Case Acceptance Breakthrough Workshop 2022

November 10-11, 2023

(Location to be determined)


At one of The Team Training Institute's Blue Diamond Retreats, doctors were talking about what really affects case acceptance and Dr. Meis told the group a story about a star employee leaving his practice. 

Once that person left, case acceptance plummeted.

Dr. Meis was forced (very quickly) to figure out why. 

Here's what he learned: 

  • He realized that he had grown complacent and relied on his talented team to create case acceptance
  • He discovered that the doctors in the practice all had different diagnostic criteria which led to variations in diagnosis, confusion among patients, and low case acceptance
  • He discovered that his practice had a huge discrepancy in the language that everyone used when talking to patients, which led to discrepancies in case acceptance
  • He realized that what the team was saying prior to his arrival in an operatory was impacting his rate of success and failure in case acceptance and he needed a consistent process and training for the whole team
  • He discovered that his financial process was confusing and complicated for patients (and a confused mind always says no)

He learned that he needed to create a system to ensure that every patient had the same experience and that every doctor was being set up for success when they presented a treatment plan.

So he meticulously developed that system, and when he implemented it, case acceptance increased by 10% across the entire practice. 

The Case Acceptance Workshop is designed to help you create this system in your practiceDuring this packed 2-day workshop, we'll help you engineer your system to rapidly increase your case acceptance rates by 10% or more.

Here's What's Included in Case Acceptance Breakthrough:

  • Case Acceptance Breakthrough™: An exclusive 2-day learning event, where Dr. John and Wendy will work with a small group of doctors, hygienists, and financial coordinators to build a custom set of treatment diagnosis, planning, and presentation systems. This workshop is perfect for practices with associates whose case acceptance is not as strong as possible. When teams achieve their breakthrough, case acceptance often increases at least 10%. ($25,000 value) 
  • The Treatment Planning Made Predictable Script Book: This customized script book drives your case acceptance by “cloning” the best possible words and phrases for case presentation and hand-offs. No stilted or unnatural wording, because you easily assemble your own scripts using everyday language. The resulting templates are easy to master and 100% personalized for your practice. ($5,000 value)
  • The Annual Training Power Pack: You'll receive a pack of 52 images for use in weekly meetings. Reviewing these actual patient images -- a different one each week -- sharpens your treatment assertiveness and ensures that your team is reading from the same playbook. This image pack is perfect for bringing staff and new associates up to speed fast. ($2,600 value)
  • Patient Handoffs: You'll create predictable, smooth, and stress-free handoffs for these scenarios: Hygienist to Doctor, Doctor to Financial Coordinator, and Financial Coordinator to Front Desk. You'll use role-playing with these tools to create your own unique best practices. At the same time, you’ll learn new insights by watching other teams do the same. ($2,000 value)
  • The Trust-Transfer Generator: You'll learn how to make seamless Trust-Transfers between team members. When done well, these Trust-Transfers are predictable, smooth, and stress-free, ensuring patient information accurately flows from one team member to the next

Join Us for Case Acceptance 2023

November 10-11, 2023

(Location to be determined)

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“I went from $90k/month to $173K/month after attending the Case Acceptance Workshop!”


"The processes that Dr. John and Wendy laid out during the 2-day workshop really made it SIMPLE for us to implement. I used to have multiple treatment plans for each patient and now I see how complicated and confusing that was for the patients and how much time, energy and effort it took on our end. Now, with focused treatment plans and an emotionally connected exam to know exactly what the patient wants and come to a conclusion in the operatory with the patient about what path of treatment they want to go down. Really eliminated all of the confusion – everyone knows what the next step is."

"Before the workshop I was averaging about $90K a month. 4 weeks after, I saw the same number of patients and produced $143K. The next month was even higher - $173K. I can’t thank you enough – I just did what you told me to do and it works. EVERYONE is happier and my patients are receiving the care they need and want!"

Dr. Andrew Hood

NOTE: We Can Only Work With 15 Practices

Due to the in-depth nature of this workshop, we can only work with 15 practices. We purposely keep this event small, so that each practice receives the personal attention that they need to create their treatment planning and case acceptance system.

This workshop was created for the practices that want to improve their case acceptance rate and have patients who go without the treatment they need. If you have inconsistent diagnostic criteria and exam processes or have team members who use different language with patients and each other when discussing treatment, this is for you.

Who Should Attend:

  • Owner-Doctor:  The workshop is designed for the owner-doctor (this is where the system needs to start)
  • Financial Coordinator: We will be spending significant time on the financial systems as they relate to your case acceptance system and your financial coordinator will be an integral part of that
  • Support Team: Team leads or key team members (hygienists, assistants, and treatment coordinators)
  • Associate Doctor(s): Capturing and creating a system for diagnostic criteria from each doctor is critical and is made easier if the doctors are present during the workshop (Note: there's a fee for each additional doctor)

Here's What Will Happen Over The 2-Day Workshop:

You'll create your Case Acceptance Breakthrough System™:

  • You'll clarify and document your treatment philosophy so you can start the process of training your team, allowing everyone to be on the same page when interacting with patients 
  • You'll define and document your tribal language to ensure everyone in the practice is on the same page and communicating clearly and consistently with patients
  • You'll create your team pre-assessment process to create more consistency in the practice
  • You'll learn and implement the Emotionally-Connected Doctor Exam to set yourself up for success when presenting treatment plans
  • You'll define and document your financial discussion process to ensure that it is not confusing or overwhelming for patients

What You Can Expect After Attending:

Our goal at the Team Training Institute is to create self-managing practices that can be run by teams of highly-qualified people.

After attending the Case Acceptance Workshop, you'll have strong systems and processes that your teams can use and strategies to help them to sustain those systems.


  • You'll have clarity on who does what in the practice
  • There will be teammate-driven accountability 
  • There will be an increased quality of care when more patients are accepting the care they need
  • There will be less follow-up falling on your already busy front office team

What's the Investment?

The investment in the Case Acceptance Workshop is $19,999 which includes attendance for 1 doctor and 3 non-doctor team members. You may bring your Associate Doctor(s) for just $4,999 per doctor and additional non-doctor team members for $1,499.

*Member Pricing:

If you are currently a member with the Team Training Institute, use the following promo codes to get your member discount:

Blue Diamond members get $3,000 off the registration fee PLUS an additional $500 off each additional doctor registered by using the promo code diamond.

Hygiene Champion and Elite Members will receive a $2,000 discount of the registration fee by using the promo code hygiene.

All returning practices are eligible to take an additional $2,000 off their registration fees by using the promo code return23. This can be used in conjunction with the above promo codes.

Join Us for the Case Acceptance Breakthrough Workshop

November 10-11, 2023

(Location to be determined.)

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