Case Acceptance Training

Training Overview

2:20 - How Dr. John grew from a small rural practice to managing over 120 locations.

4:48 - Determining if you are in the right place

6:00 - Why Dr. John went from really high case acceptance to dropping almost overnight.

8:56 - How he discovered the 4 Financial Alchemy Strategies to get out of “the valley of death” in his case acceptance

14:18 - The 11 profitability choke points in practices

14:44 - How the perception-performance gap impedes practice growth.

16:00 - One common area where practices are failing to capture new patients

18:10 - Why you need to collect data on your practice

20:00 - The next dollar phenomenon and how a 20% increase in sales creates 19X more profit

27:14 - How I transformed my practice from by transforming my Tx Planning

29:42 - The 4 key discoveries that were impacting the profitability of our practice

36:18 - What was the main problem that was  preventing us from growing and finding the golden piece of the puzzle to fix our practice

37:11 Key levers we discovered that drive up case acceptance

38:56 - The Case Acceptance Breakthrough™ system we created and use to increase case acceptance

44:39 - Key phrases to say in order to build trust with the patient

50:29 - How you can add quickly implement this system into your practice to see a rapid increase of case acceptance of 10% or more

1:02:47 - How Dr. Hood went from producing an average of $85,000 to $135,000 after attending the Case Acceptance Workshop.

1:09:29 - What you get when you attend the Case Acceptance Workshop