Why You May Have A Capacity Problem (And Don’t Even Know It)

Eliminating Capacity Blockages Here’s a question for you? Does your practice have a capacity problem or a demand problem? Because you’re dealing with one or the other right now. Most dental practices we work with start out saying they have a demand problem and they think they don’t have enough new patients coming in through the door. You may think … Read More

How To Fill Your Schedule During Coronavirus

Transcript   So one of the things that we talk about when it comes to keeping the schedule full (now, granted we know this is a temporary blip for many practices, right?) is because six months ago, many of us were closed.   So we started talking about this in March, the need for schedule forecasting and, trying to fix … Read More

How To Increase Your Hygiene $327,808 By Building Massive Value

Missing hygiene patients is an untapped goldmine in your practice.   The potential production increase by recovering these missing patients can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.   The reason I see a lot of missing hygiene patients is because we’re not properly communicating the value to them.    Hygiene needs to focus on building value. … Read More

Changes to Periodontal Classifications

You may or may not be aware of some changes to the classification of periodontal disease.For those that have attended our periodontal explosion program, or have had coaches in your office, you may remember in our scientific section, we talk about how in November of 2012 the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) collaborated with the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP) … Read More

How to Get a $35,000 Increase for Each Hygienist with Sealants

I’m a big advocate of same-day sealants. When possible, place sealants the same day they’re diagnosed since sealants are the #1 canceled or failed appointment. We live in an express-lane, fast-paced on-the-go world. People are busy. It’s hard for parents to get their children here. So part of getting them to say ‘Yes’ to move forward is saying, “Hey we … Read More

3 Steps for Incredible Fluoride Case Acceptance

Since the benefits of fluoride are so powerful, make sure every single patient understands it’s value. The key is how you introduce it to them. First, look for verbal cues such as: “How many cavities do I have?” “Bad teeth run in my family” “No matter what I do, I always seem to have a problem.” When they make one … Read More

More Effective Team Meetings

Does your team dread coming to the team meeting? Do your employees often end up working through meeting times? This is usually because Team Meetings turn into gripe sessions, or we don’t prepare well and we just ramble on without direction. If we don’t feel our time is being utilized effectively, we aren’t going to feel positively about having the … Read More

Secrets To Increasing Case Acceptance with Real Financial Options

“I would like to have it done, I just can’t afford it.” “I know I need to get this taken care of, I just don’t have insurance.” Sound familiar? Many times we do a great job with case presentation, only to miss the opportunity for completing treatment due to financial concerns. Remember, questions about cost are good questions. It is … Read More

Dental Anxiety

Patients pick up on subtle things in dental offices. Almost everybody has some level of  anxiety when going into a dental practice. My father used to say “When our anxiety level is up a little bit, our antennae come out.” We pick up things we wouldn’t normally pick up. We notice things we wouldn’t normally notice. We’re irritated by things … Read More

Build Value to Increase Case Acceptance

We all too often assume that if insurance doesn’t cover a procedure, that a patient doesn’t want it done. We forget one thing: Patients will find a way to pay for something if they truly want it. So we should focus on helping them understand their needs and then help them to determine what it is they want. Here are … Read More