Secrets To Increasing Case Acceptance with Real Financial Options

“I would like to have it done, I just can’t afford it.” “I know I need to get this taken care of, I just don’t have insurance.” Sound familiar? Many times we do a great job with case presentation, only to miss the opportunity for completing treatment due to financial concerns. Remember, questions about cost are good questions. It is … Read More

Dental Anxiety

Patients pick up on subtle things in dental offices. Almost everybody has some level of  anxiety when going into a dental practice. My father used to say “When our anxiety level is up a little bit, our antennae come out.” We pick up things we wouldn’t normally pick up. We notice things we wouldn’t normally notice. We’re irritated by things … Read More

Conforming To Your Patients

Each year, dental consumers are becoming more demanding. The old paradigm of patients conforming to the wishes and preferences of dentists and their teams is failing. As dentists and providers, we can no longer pretend like we can make commands and the patients will simply follow. To explain this concept, let’s look at new patient appointments: One example of where … Read More

Build Value to Increase Case Acceptance

We all too often assume that if insurance doesn’t cover a procedure, that a patient doesn’t want it done. We forget one thing: Patients will find a way to pay for something if they truly want it. So we should focus on helping them understand their needs and then help them to determine what it is they want. Here are … Read More

3 Hygiene Fundamentals You Should Focus On

Today we are going to talk about some ways to increase hygiene production. Today’s technique involves focusing on achieving some fundamental results. You may ask: “Why are fundamentals so important?” Consider the fact that professional athletes still do the same fundamental drills they learned when they were just 10 years old. As dental professionals, we should approach our craft with … Read More

Why You Should Be Maximizing Radiographs

As hygienists, one of our key roles is as a preventative therapist. Of all the tools we have available, X-rays are among the most effective. In 2006, the ADA and FDA suggested significant changes in the recommended frequency for these exams. Still, many practices are not proactively and consistently taking x-rays. If you aren’t convinced, consider these two facts: Anterior … Read More

Actionable Ideas To Improve Your Case Acceptance Today

In this video Wendy shares some immediately actionable ideas to improve your case acceptance today:   [call_to_action title=”Get your FREE DVD” tag_line=’Costly Case Acceptance Mistakes Revealed!’ arrow=”yes” button=”Get it today!” link=”/case-acceptance”]

How Much Will Patients Buy On Impuse In Your Practice?

Wendy Briggs, RDH shows how patients are willing to spend up to $500 on impulse buys when visiting the dentist. AND how knowing this can add over $30,000 in profits for your Dental Practice:   [call_to_action title=”Get your FREE DVD” tag_line=’Costly Case Acceptance Mistakes Revealed!’ arrow=”yes” button=”Get it today!” link=”/case-acceptance”]