Ep. 111: Negotiating Commercial Real Estate in Dentistry with Colin Carr

Most dentists don’t have extensive experience in property negotiations and this puts them at a significant disadvantage when purchasing or leasing property for their dental office. Today, Colin Carr is joining Dr. John Meis to talk about how to level the playing field in these negotiations and allow dentists to expand and grow more seamlessly. Colin’s company offers commercial real … Read More

Ep 109: Using AI Tools to Increase Patient Flow with Amol Nirgudkar

Did you know… on average, 40% of the incoming calls to a dental practice go unanswered? The loss involved with phone inefficiencies is much larger than most practice owners think. When patient calls don’t get answered, appointments don’t get scheduled, and the practice loses a tremendous amount of opportunity.  Amol Nirgudkar is the CEO of Patient Prism, a company that … Read More

Ep 107: Lessons from 1000+ Dental Offices with Jim Philhower

Jim Philhower was the Director of Sales & Leadership at Henry Shein for decades. He helped develop and lead the sales team and worked with dentists around the country to create better results in their practices. Jim has been in over 1000 practices across the US and has intricately studied what works in the dental business. We’re thrilled to announce … Read More

Ep 106: Unlocking the Magic in Your Dental Practice

In today’s episode of The Double Your Production Podcast, Dr. John Meis and Wendy Briggs are sharing a sneak peek of this year’s Champions of Dentistry Summit. The Summit is happening April 28-29 in Orlando, FL where we’ll be working with practices around the country to rapidly improve their results, all while soaking in the magic and business lessons from … Read More

Ep 105: How to Determine Which Technologies to Bring Into Your Dental Practice

Investing in technology is a big decision for any practice owner. Almost every practice has had the experience of investing in technology that doesn’t get used (we’ve seen a lot of “technology garages” in offices with equipment that sits idle). In other cases, when practice owners are more hesitant to make tech investments, the practice can miss out on important … Read More

EP 104: Alleviating Bottlenecks and Designing Efficient Dental Offices with Angie Bachman

Today on the Double Your Production Podcast, Dr. John Meis and Wendy Briggs are sitting down with Angie Bachman of Design Ergonomics to about how she helps practices become some of the top-producing offices in the nation. Design Ergonomics has revolutionized dentistry by applying lean manufacturing principles of the famed Toyota production process to optimize offices. They improve everything from … Read More

EP 102: Four Ways Dental Teams Can Increase Case Acceptance

If patients don’t move forward with treatment, everybody suffers. The patient’s condition worsens over time, team members get frustrated, and the practice performance declines. Part of providing the very best care for patients is helping them feel comfortable saying yes treatment. When it comes to case acceptance, small things make a big difference and when everybody on the team does … Read More