EP12: Team Leader Tips and Tricks You Can Use TOMORROW

Create a positive team culture that will allow for productivity to soar, enjoy YOUR job and create a world-class experience for your patients. Patients will be able to sense when a team is happy, cohesive and working toward overall patient health and love coming to see you. Listen in for tips and tricks on positive culture and leadership skills to ... Read More

EP11: How to be an Effective Team Leader and Manager

Team leader, office manager or a member of a team, listen in to Dr. John and Wendy, experts on office management talk about how to be a great team leader, as well as when you NEED more team leadership. Improve the productivity of the office, your doctor and save yourself mental energy tomorrow. As mentioned in this episode, if you’d ... Read More

EP09: Superior Team Culture NOW, Interview with Dr. Mitch Friedman.

If you feel that your office needs a culture boost or even a full facelift, This podcast is for you! Dr. John Interviews a long time friend and client and reviews his experience with keeping an extraordinarily upbeat and great team culture where employees love to come to work and patients love to come to the dentist. He copies genius ... Read More

EP08: One Step to Improve Your Patient Education Tomorrow

Are your patients coming time and time again needing the SAME oral hygiene instruction? Are you tired of feeling like you are lecturing patients all day long? During this podcast Wendy discusses great new ways that we use to educate in ways that patients WILL learn and WILL improve and will no longer be overwhelmed by the oral care aisle ... Read More

EP06: Top 10 Elements of a Successful Bonus System

While listening to this episode of the Double Your Dental Production Podcast, Dr. John and Wendy will fill you in on:  -Real world bonus systems for dental teams that WORK -Ways to motivate and incentivize your team -Ways to create a great environment for your employees while improving your patient experience -How to INCREASE your production with your bonus systems ... Read More

EP05: Common CRUCIAL Mistakes When Compensating Your Hygiene Team

Are you making a crucial mistake when it comes to paying your hygiene team? Do you feel like you struggle with creating motivation for your employees day in and day out? Dr. John and Wendy explore the most common mistakes when compensating your hygiene team in todays episode, and discuss achievable solutions for these problems that could help your hygiene ... Read More

EP04: Who is the Most Profitable Dentist?

Should you take more insurances? What kind of a practice would you like to be? On this Episode, Dr. John and Wendy will discuss what parameters create the most productive dentist. Join us on this podcast and discuss what kind of practices are out there, and how YOU can be more profitable. If you'd like a FREE practice roadmap call ... Read More

EP03: How to Duplicate Yourself

You’ve been waiting for it! Part 3 of Double Your Production Podcast launch introduces the 5th and final step to doubling your production tomorrow: Duplication. Wendy Briggs, RDH and Dr. John Meis, dive into your long term plan and how to duplicate your hard work and keep the ball rolling in the right direction with good systems and real life ... Read More