EP 94: This May Be Dangerous To Your Wealth with Chris Mahan

Did you know… Between 70% and 80% of dentists don’t have a tax strategy. And if you’re among them, you’re probably throwing away money that you could be investing for retirement. Why work harder and longer than you have to? In this episode of the Double Your Production Podcast, you’ll discover: The biggest tax deduction on the planet for dentists … Read More

EP 93: How to Stop Worrying About Profitability and Staffing [Free Book!]

  Can better patient care really lead to more profitability (even during Omicron, with staff shortages, cancels, and fails)? Yes, it can. How? That’s the subject of today’s episode of the Double Your Production Podcast. Listen and you’ll find the surprising keys to profitability as we take a deep dive into Dr. John’s new book, Cracking The Code. (Plus, there’s a … Read More

EP 92: Grow And Have Fun? With Dr. O’Flaherty

  Is growing your practice fun? If not, you’re doing it wrong. Today’s episode is special because our guest is Dr. Ed O’Flaherty, based in Dublin, Ireland. The traditional practice in Ireland has only one or two treatment rooms, maybe 6 at most. But Dr. O’Flaherty has 16 ops. So, he’s doing things very differently in an environment where growing … Read More

EP 91: How to Have a 60K Day

  Yes, you can produce $60,000 in one afternoon. And, you can do it without sacrificing patient care. That’s the subject of today’s episode of the Double Your Production Podcast. Listen now to discover: The blueprint for a $60k “open house” that your patients will love How to market your event (Tik-Tok? Facebook? The answers may surprise you) Invisalign? Implants? … Read More

EP 90: 4 Secrets To Better Scheduling

  Is your practice behind schedule almost every day? Are you rushing from one patient to the next? Does it take weeks before you can fit a new patient in? If you answered yes just once, you’re not alone. And while there’s no such thing as a perfect schedule, you can make progress. You can see more patients, with fewer headaches, … Read More

EP 89: Burnout: How To Thrive In It [The Surprising Secrets]

  Today, burnout among dentists and their teams is at an all-time high.  For that reason, you might think that now is the wrong time to drive change in your practice. However, the right kind of change may actually save your practice from that burnout (without losing patient flow, team members, or profitability).  That’s the subject of today’s episode of the Double … Read More

EP 88: No Insurance? No Problem.

Ever feel like dropping all insurance? For some doctors, it can be the right thing to do. But for others, it’s not (especially if you drop a carrier based on emotional decisions instead of hard data). So, how can you make the right choices about insurance without risking a loss of patient flow, production, and profitability? That’s the subject of today’s episode of … Read More

Ep 87: Uncovering Hidden Production Potential with Call Force

Did you know… for every $1 in production you’re getting now, there’s another $1.40 waiting for you? To get that additional $1.40, simply put your overdue patients on the schedule. That’s according to the latest stats from Dental Intelligence. So, how do you get those overdue patients to schedule? That’s the subject of today’s episode of the Double Your Production … Read More

Ep 86: How To Successfully Offer Your Own Dental Membership Plan With Paul Lowry

Offering your own dental plan is a great way to increase patient retention, but many practices are doing it wrong. Some practices hire it out to other companies to create and manage, but revenue goes into the outsourced company’s pockets. Other practices benefit plans end up being just a one-time discount on service and struggle to maintain retention. In today’s … Read More

EP 85: The Top 3 Frustrations Of Dentistry, Solved!

In today’s episode of the Double Your Production Podcast, Dr. John and Wendy share the 3 biggest challenges that dental practices are currently facing right now and the strategies to fix them. You’ll learn: How to increase the value of your practice by $4 for every $1 in profits you add. This is great news for anyone who’s behind on … Read More