EP 68: Clear Away the Confusion; Covid-19 Update

To open or not to open? What infection control procedures are necessary? What should we currently be doing during this transition period? Dr. John and Wendy address these concerns and more on todays episode which is another Covid-19 update aiming to clear away the confusion that has permeated into our dental profession and allow you to make your own decisions … Read More

EP 67: Oral and Systemic Link with Dr. Mark Mathias

Dr. John and Wendy walk through Dr. Mark Mathias’ powerfully shocking story about his personal experience with oral cancer and the importance of the oral and systemic link within our offices. Whether we are getting going with our practices again, or on the fence, Dr. Mathias’ story is one that needs to be heard! Share the message of the importance … Read More

EP 66: Covid-19 Recovery Update

Listen in to this update by Wendy and Dr. John taken from their latest live video series. This series has been focused on tracking this virus and the impact it has had on dental offices and the economy nationwide. As we are beginning to see different phases of moving forward, listen into information that will help you in whatever your … Read More

EP 65: Navigating the Financial impact of Covid-19

Dr. John and Wendy discuss different financial options with CPA Drew Schaefer for this time when faced with this crippling shut down. Listen in for different options to move forward financially as the economy is starting to move again and find resources to help if you are stuck! Drew Schaefer provides insight into how we can recover now and prepare … Read More

EP 64: PPE & Current Covid-19 Update

Listen in today for an update on more personal protective equipment that can be used in our practices once we hit the ground running! Vital information to continue to prepare for the influx of patients that will be at our door once allowed to practice. As well as an in-depth virus update given by Dr. John. Don’t miss this episode … Read More

EP63: Legislation Regarding Covid-19 & What You Need to Know: A Breakdown of the CARES Act

The most current update regarding our crisis status with Covid-19 and what we can be doing to access the government aid provided to us. The dental field is being hit hard and we want to help! Listen in to Dr. John and Wendy while they dive into these different options and how we can get started finding relief during this … Read More

BONUS: Covid-19 Emergency Dental Practice Rescue Masterclass Training

*BONUS* episode including information regarding emergency dental practice rescue. Dr. John sets the stage for the unknown that we are currently experiencing in the dental industry as most of our lives and professions have been put on hold from this virus. Listen in to the basics we can be doing now with our offices, our staff, and how to hit … Read More

EP62: Success Strategies for Todays New Dentists

Are you out of dental school and looking for highly profitable opportunities, or a good long term plan? Are you running at maximum capacity and ready to hire a young associate on board? In this episode, Wendy and Dr. John discuss common frustrations, opportunities and situations experienced by our young dentists today. Highlighting proven strategies they’ve seen in todays market … Read More

EP61: The Patient Who Declines Perio Treatment & What To Do When This Happens

The age-old conversation on the patient who declines perio is one that Dr. John and Wendy hear ALL the time! This episode discusses a tragic story of providers who could not see eye to eye on this issue. How to discuss this disease, the treatment needed and the system to make sure patient, hygienist and doctor are ALL happy and … Read More

EP60: Become A CEO Mastermind with Dr. Ed Hood

In this episode, Dr. Ed Hood dives into the secrets of becoming a CEO mastermind. From strategies with your current team employees, culture and mindset to community outreach and how to bounce back from catastrophic difficulty within your practice. This is a MUST listen for all those who are striving to be better leaders within their practice! “EP60: Become a … Read More