EP28: MORE than Double Your Production; Dr. Nate Lester

 As a young doctor, Nate Lester found himself in his small town with no mentors and an amalgam filling to finish. Dr. John and Wendy talk with Dr. Nate Lester about how he went from a first-generation college graduate to producing more than 4 million dollars this past year. His patient and community service are astounding and that results in ... Read More

EP27: Opportunity is Calling; with Amol Nirgudkar of Patient Prism

The phone is one of the most important tools in the dental office. Dr. John and Wendy talk with Amol Nigudkar about barriers the patients encounter from the phone to your chair. Take action with your reception desk to solve the conversion problem, grab the low hanging fruit and get those callers into your office! Like what you hear? Download ... Read More

EP24: Tips For High Impact Hygiene Tomorrow; Bert Triche, RDH

Dr. John interviews our own hygiene coach Bert Triche, RDH who addresses tips and tricks used to impact your job as a hygienist or your hygiene department. Dynamic hygiene departments that work cooperatively as a team with the doctors have the opportunity to dramatically affect production and more importantly- patient care. Help your patients uncover the problems that they have ... Read More

EP 23: Enjoy The Business Of Dentistry; Dr. Ian Fontenot

Learn how to make the decisions necessary and implement those changes immediately, to help your team grow and tailor your career to YOU. Listen to Dr. John and Wendy interview Dr. Ian Fontenot who is a young second generation dentist, started his practice from scratch and has an incredible new patient flow. He has since doubled his production with team ... Read More

EP22: Dentistry is a Team Sport

Dr. John and Wendy discuss culture and core values that are necessary to create the best team around you. Tackling challenges of everyday in the office is much easier when you hire the right people, encourage your team, create leaders and make the best office atmosphere possible. Listen to the fourth episode in our 6 part series and see how ... Read More

EP21: Providing Optimum Patient Care Every Day

We are in a healing profession and it is hard to talk patient care vs. finances and insurance coverage. Provide value, support and understanding when presenting optimum care that patients will be completely happy with. Listen in to Dr. John Meis and Wendy discuss how to present AND provide the best care for our patients in this third episode in ... Read More

EP 20: Increase Your Google Reviews Tomorrow; with Cameron Hale and Podium

Whether you have focused on reviews and not had much success or haven’t even gotten started, this podcast is an idiot-proof way to dramatically increase reviews! Podium has helped one of our own clients go from 24 google reviews to 468… in ONE YEAR. Listen in to Cameron Hale and Wendy talk about Podium and the benefits of using google ... Read More

EP 19: Dr. Plan B, David Phelps with Dental Real Estate

Listen in to Dr. Meis talking to a long time friend, David Phelps discussing building wealth to dentistry. As he was faced with a sick child who needed more of his time than the office, he came up with plan B and has had incredible success! Find out more about his journey and how the team training institute can help ... Read More