EP06: Top 10 Elements of a Successful Bonus System

While listening to this episode of the Double Your Dental Production Podcast, Dr. John and Wendy will fill you in on:  -Real world bonus systems for dental teams that WORK -Ways to motivate and incentivize your team -Ways to create a great environment for your employees while improving your patient experience -How to INCREASE your production with your bonus systems ... Read More

EP05: Common CRUCIAL Mistakes When Compensating Your Hygiene Team

Are you making a crucial mistake when it comes to paying your hygiene team? Do you feel like you struggle with creating motivation for your employees day in and day out? Dr. John and Wendy explore the most common mistakes when compensating your hygiene team in todays episode, and discuss achievable solutions for these problems that could help your hygiene ... Read More

EP04: Who is the Most Profitable Dentist?

Should you take more insurances? What kind of a practice would you like to be? On this Episode, Dr. John and Wendy will discuss what parameters create the most productive dentist. Join us on this podcast and discuss what kind of practices are out there, and how YOU can be more profitable. If you'd like a FREE practice roadmap call ... Read More

EP03: How to Duplicate Yourself

You’ve been waiting for it! Part 3 of Double Your Production Podcast launch introduces the 5th and final step to doubling your production tomorrow: Duplication. Wendy Briggs, RDH and Dr. John Meis, dive into your long term plan and how to duplicate your hard work and keep the ball rolling in the right direction with good systems and real life ... Read More

EP02: What REALLY Affects Your Profitability

On this introductory, part 2 of Double Your Production Podcast launch, you will learn from Wendy Briggs, RDH and Dr. John Meis, how to hand those holes in the schedule. Along with tips on recall and retention systems and how to create your own personal connection with all patients that walk in your door. All of this, and more from ... Read More

EP01: Why You Don’t Have A ‘New Patient’ Problem

We’re excited to announce the first ever episodes of Double your production podcast. On these pillar episodes you’ll learn from Wendy Briggs, RDH and Dr. John Meis, DDS who have doubled production in practices all over the country. During this episode, you will learn why you don’t have a “new patient problem” and how to double your production when you ... Read More