How Dr. Treva Lee Reversed High Turnover, Improved Patient Care, And More Than Doubled Her Practice

Practice Spotlight: Dr. Treva Lee Dr. Treva Lee felt overwhelmed trying to make her practice profitable by herself. She struggled to hire staff and found that inconsistency was causing problems with the patient experience. To add to her frustration, her team wasn’t incorporating her ideas. This kicked in Dr. Lee’s instinct to micromanage. The combination created turmoil inside her practice, … Read More

How Associates in Dentistry Increased Profits, Improved Patient Care, & Brought More Joy To the Practice

Practice Spotlight: Associates in Dentistry In 2020, when things slowed down due to COVID-19, Associates in Dentistry discovered they weren’t being effective or efficient. Located in rural Kentucky, there were six equal partners running four locations. As things slowed down and they stepped out of the rat race, they evaluated the practice. They made the decision to close one location … Read More