Are You Prepared For A Disaster?

Today, I wanted to share a very important video that I think every Dentist needs to see. I will warn you, it's a little long, but the lessons in it are too important to miss. With hurricane Harvey, Irma, Jose, and more still to come I wanted you to see this. You will meet Dr. Ed Hood and his team ... Read More

How Do You Find Good Team Members?

Dr. Nate Lester graduated school in 2005 and wanted to move back to rural Wyoming where he grew up. His dad was a cattle rancher, and now he lives and works on the cattle ranch. He has 50 head of cows (I am assuming that they are still attached to their bodies – but I was afraid to ask), and ... Read More

Do You Feel Stuck?

At our last Diamond Coaching Members Retreat, we spent A LOT of time going over this one key: What got you to where you are today - Won't get you to where you want to go tomorrow! In fact, I had our team cut-up the 10 minute video where Dr. John talks about this and lays out the plan to ... Read More

BAD headlines, BAD news for dentistry

“Court orders dentist to pay $85,000 to employee fired for safety complaint.” “Fears for more than 11,000 dental patients who could have been exposed to HIV and Hepatitis due to poor cleaning and sterilization” “Dentist accused of being a menace to the public health faces 17 OSHA violations and a revocation of his license.” When it comes to headlines like … Read More

Navigate To Smoother Sailing In Your Dental Practice, And Your Personal Life

By Dr John Meis, DDS, FAGD, DICOI and Wendy Briggs, RDH Over the years, we have seen many practices struggle to navigate difficult waters. In fact, it seems that lately, there are an alarming number of practices having serious challenges staying on course. Some are facing serious economic challenges. Others are having a struggle to attract New Patients. Your frustrations … Read More

The “Yes Attitude”

Anytime you’re on the phone and you have to answer “no,” that means a patient’s asking for something that you aren’t offering. ” Pay attention to anything your patients repeatedly ask for and that you’re repeatedly saying “no” to. Pay attention to what you’re not delivering and then change your policy to accommodate. There are going to be some policies … Read More

The Single Mother Mindset

Imagine you are a young mother with a couple of kids. You and your husband are just starting out in the world. You both have jobs. Both of you are working hard. You’ve got a house and cars, but you’re stretched very thin (as probably all of us were at some point in our lives). Now imagine that your husband … Read More

The Five C’s Of Emotionally Connected Calls

Of all the mistakes we hear on the phones, the hardest one to measure is how well a team member connects with a patient at an emotional level. Patients, particularly new patients, are hypersensitive to these things. If you aren’t careful, even trained employees can come across as efficient but cold or uncaring. The five “C”s is a framework for … Read More

Having The Right Mindset

Always look at the experience from the perspective of the patient. Make sure their experience is superior in every way. See everything from their point of view and modify what you’re doing accordingly. To paraphrase the most powerful thing we learned from Greg Stanley: Gain a clear understanding of what your patients want when they walk in the door. Then … Read More

Kaizen – Taking Everything Apart and Putting It Back Together Better

Kaizen is a Japanese word that means to take apart and put back together better. Japanese manufacturers, such as Toyota, perform Kaizen on their systems. They aim to achieve flow when a car being manufactured moves down the line without ever stopping. There’s a constant flow of things going onto the car. It’s timed just right so each step has … Read More