Delegation & Doctor Productivity

Delegating Time Management Doctors should delegate managing time. We first learned this concept from Dr. Vince Monticciolo, who did not look at his schedule all day. He had a dry erase board in the hallway that listed what room he needed to go into next and what he needed to do when he got there. He just followed that board … Read More

Being Attractive To Patients Versus Attracting Patients

The primary function of marketing in a dental practice is getting the phone to ring. The better your marketing, the more often your phone will ring. Obviously, there other things to be gained from marketing, but at its simplest component, the phone call is marketing’s job. There are some things that are really functional pieces of the practice that need … Read More

The 5 Different Types Of Phone Calls in a Dental Office

There are several different types of phone calls. It’s important to understand the goal behind each one. You want to make sure you’re handling the call in an appropriate manner, especially if you have limited staff answering the phone. You want to direct their phone calls where they need to be.   1. New Patient Emergency Caller SITUATION: This caller … Read More

No-Shows & Failed Appointments.

One of the common challenges we hear from practices is that they have a lot of cancelled and failed appointments. This is the way of the world today. In the past when patients made an appointment, it was set in stone. People didn’t change them very much. Today, that’s not the way it is. We don’t see of going back … Read More

Appointment Availability

If the patient is not able to get an appointment in your office for three or four weeks, they’re going find someone else who can get them sooner. We remember a time when practice management consultants said, “You’re doing well if you’re booked out two weeks.” But if you’re booked out two weeks, you’re losing a tremendous amount of new … Read More

The “Everybody Schedules” Delusion

After our team did the phone training, we had the notion that we were scheduling everybody who called. In reality, we weren’t. We now call this The “Everyone Schedules” Delusion, and it’s quite a common mistake in practices. Here’s an example of how this happens: Caller: “I’m trying to get an appointment at such-and-such a time.” They then ask a … Read More

Problem Employees – The “Warm Body” Syndrome (Part 2 of 2)

As mentioned previously, a “warm body” is an employee who is physically there but who is not engaged. That employee either doesn’t get it, doesn’t want it or can’t do it (or a combination of those three).   Management Time Under Short Supply In every growing practice, management time and talent is frequently in short supply. When you have these … Read More

Problem Employees – The “Warm Body” Syndrome (Part 1 of 2)

A “warm body” is an employee who is physically there but who is not engaged. That employee either doesn’t get it, doesn’t want it or can’t do it (or a combination of those three).   Loss of Productivity  When you have a “warm body” employee, it’s an absolute loss of productivity. The problem is that you usually won’t recognize it … Read More

The Top Five Hiring Mistakes In Dentistry

Take a moment and answer these questions: Have you ever been unable to fill a position in a reasonable amount of time? Do some of your new employees seem to start out very well and then fade? Have you ever had a new employee who looked great on paper but who just didn’t perform in your practice? Does the doctor … Read More

More Effective Team Meetings

Does your team dread coming to the team meeting? Do your employees often end up working through meeting times? This is usually because Team Meetings turn into gripe sessions, or we don’t prepare well and we just ramble on without direction. If we don’t feel our time is being utilized effectively, we aren’t going to feel positively about having the … Read More