The Secrets Of Highly Productive Dental Practices

  If you want to be more successful, what should you do? Should you market your business more, upgrade to the newest technology, or take a course? In this episode of the Dr. John Meis Show, Dr. John is revealing the important steps to take before you do any of that. Watch now to learn exactly what to do to … Read More

3 Secrets To Maximize Hygiene Production

I’ve been a hygienist for more than 20 years and a Hygiene Production Consultant to more than 1,718 practices in 12 countries around the world. Hygiene is my passion … and exploding hygiene productivity and profits is my expertise. When I started, and for many years, I was satisfied with the status quo. I saw patients, did my job, and … Read More

Dr. Gordon Christensen Joins Dr. John Meis and Wendy Briggs to Discuss Infection Control and PPE after COVID-19

John:                            All right. Good morning everybody and welcome to the Blue Diamond Retreat. This is a thrill of a lifetime for me to be here with Wendy and to, with her introduce Dr. Gordon Christensen. I’ve been in dentistry since I was about nine years old and for the last half of that I have been following and studying Dr. … Read More

How to Have a Healthy Mindset Around Money

In this episode, Dr. John Meis explores the nuances of money mindset. Feelings and beliefs around money can be complicated. Most people absorb many mixed messages throughout their lives about money, and these impact decision-making, earning potential, and business success. Sometimes these beliefs need to be revisited and rewritten in order to build sustainable success. In this video, Dr. Meis … Read More

Why Your Clinician Mindset Might Be Costing You

Mindset affects everything that you do. Do you have the mindset of a clinician? In today’s video, Wendy Briggs and Dr. John Meis are talking about how mindset could be costing you. They discuss one area where dentists often get tripped up in their thinking and how to use the speed-quality ratio to make improvements in your practice. Watch now:

How To Align Your Vision To Experience Maximum Momentum

Vision is so important to the success of a dental practice. Without a vision of where you’re headed, you can’t get there. Once you have a vision, the next step is to align your team to that vision. It’s vital to get your team on board in order to reach your goals quickly and smoothly. In this episode, Dr. John … Read More

The 3 Hats Doctors Wear When They Make Decisions

In this episode, Dr. John Meis explains the three hats every executive wears when making decisions. While every executive wears these hats, many don’t fully understand them. Being unable to differentiate these roles can lead to flawed thinking. Watch now to learn why it’s so important to understand these 3 hats and how to use them to make the best … Read More

Letting Go is the Fastest Way to Grow Your Practice

In this episode, Dr. John Meis discusses how to grow your dental practice by letting go. He discusses one common habit that holds dentists back from running the kind of dental practice they dream of. Instead of building a thriving, productive practice, growth plateaus. Watch now to learn how to let go and remove those common blockages to growth and … Read More

How to Be a Great Leader for Your Dental Team

Many dentists aren’t happy with the progress of their dental offices, and when we dig deeper we often find that some simple tweaks in leadership style can make a huge difference. Great leadership can quickly rally teams to perform at a higher level and allow the practice to reach its goals much more smoothly. In this episode, Dr. John Meis … Read More

Dr . Meis’s 10 Steps to Success (Part 3)

On today’s episode of the Dr. John Meis Show, Dr. Meis is sharing the last of his 10 steps to practice success. Remember, this series is about simple steps that have a dramatic impact on the success of your practice (all without the investment of dollars, without learning new technology, and without any new techniques). These are strategies Dr. Meis … Read More