Do You Have a Proven Wealth Plan for Your Freedom as a Dentist?

Do You Have Oil Wells in Your Existing Operatories?

     After 11 years of trial and error, I created what I call the “Double Your Production System.” It took me to over $225,000/month in personal production, created a gigantic 21-op, $6-million practice … yet I always made it home for dinner. I started sharing this system with others, including one doctor who already had 16 practices -- and I helped him grow from 16 to 50. At that point, I sold ½ of my practices, we formed a new corporation and grew my one practice to 12. I joined the executive team as Chief Development Officer and later President, and we took that group practice from 50 to 120 locations, doing nearly $190 million in revenue. This system has quickly doubled and even tripled production in any dental practice I walked into. And since 2005, I’ve advised more than 4,439 dentists and staff in 12 countries.

     Last year, I decided to retire from the corporation, and discovered that while retirement sounds like a lot of fun, I wasn’t ready to play golf every day. Instead, I decided that the formula I used to grow and purchase multiple practices was something that I could teach to others, which is why I am writing to you today.

     Because, here’s what’s important now – what took me longer to figure out than I wish: As dentists, our practice is our biggest asset. And at some point in the future, you must sell that asset and convert it into cash. Otherwise, retirement is impossible for you … and you may find yourself working until you drop dead chairside (not good).

     Your success or failure in exiting your practice with enough money to support your current lifestyle hinges largely on your answer to this question ...

How Do You Design Your Practice So You End Up With The Most Wealth?


     I have spent the last 7 years in the business of building, acquiring and selling dental practices, which has given me great insight into this topic.

     In my practice, I built systems (to maximize my performance) and then associated with top-achieving dentists (to maximize my thinking) … which grew my one office into 12 offices … and then I sold all 12 of them.

     But, if I had just been a single practice, operating under a "work until I retire one day" model and tried to sell that practice … I would still be working today … and I would have had to sell for less than 10% of what I eventually earned -- generational wealth that will take care of my family for the rest of my life and leave them with a lasting legacy.

     I enjoyed the kind of payday as a dentist that's normally reserved for NFL quarterbacks -- but with a surprising difference. When a pro player signs a multi-million-dollar contract, he's committing to more years of hard work. But my life-changing money came with the promise of no more work … doing only what I choose to do every day … personal and professional freedom for the rest of my life.

     Does that kind of lifestyle interest you?

     If so, you may be a candidate for our .... 

Dental CEO Mastermind

This is a high level mastermind for Dentists, led by a Dentist to help you do more of what you love while enjoying more free time. Prior to joining the mastermind, you should have maximized your production, so we can focus on maximizing the value of your practice.

If accepted, you will join a small group of Doctors only who meet four times a year.

If you think this is for you, please request an invitation below. I will send you information about the program along with an application.