The Ultimate Clinical Profit, Production & Personal Accountability Explosion…

The “Perfect Practice Blueprint” Reveals How To Provide The Highest Quality Patient Care You’ve Ever Delivered And Gain The Biggest JUMP In Personal Production & Profitability You’ve EVER Experienced… Guaranteed.”

6 Razor Sharp, Laser Focused Weeks To Peace Of Mind, Massive Production & The Envy Of All Your Colleagues

Dear Doctor,

I’m writing you this letter today to share with you the culmination of 4 generations of dental excellence, 34 months of intensive research and 42 days of radical practice and personal transformation…

My name is Dr. John Meis and as most dentists have heard by now I’m one of just a handful of 4th generation dentists practicing today. Dentistry and I go WAAAAAY back. I’ve seen and heard of just about every imaginable dental oddity you can think of. From my great grandfather and grandfather to my father and now after almost 25 years in this profession as a “wet fingered” dentist myself I can tell you there’s not much I haven’t seen, heard and experienced.

I’ve been called an “innovator in practice management, marketing, leadership, and team development.” I have spent the better part of the last 8 years in particular as one of the top 1% of producers in the United States. I’ve multiplied my 1 practice into 14. And in the last year I played a key role, visiting, coaching and innovating ON THE GROUND inside over 100 dental practices.

I share my experience with you not to impress you but to impress upon you that I’ve been around the block enough times to have made a few observations and the most important observation is this: the vast majority of dentists… through NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN… waste far too many of the prime years of their lives under producing, under profiting, under delivering the quality of their clinical care. And additionally spend those years worrying, anxious and or frustrated needlessly with their lack of fast or demonstrable growth.

If you feel those words describe your experience in practice (in all or in part) then in this letter today I’m going to change ALL of that for YOU…. FOREVER. So lock the door, turn your phone off, put up the do not disturb sign, buckle in, keep reading and read carefully…

Here we go…

Firstly I want to make absolutely certain I don’t waste your time…. So here’s exactly what you’re about to discover…

• The 6 “Practice Powder Kegs”… The cause of Practice EXplosion or the cause of Practice IMplosion
• How To Make QUALITY of patient care the DRIVING FORCE in ALL your practice growth
• How To Radically improve your personal production and profitability without damaging the quality of patient care and without freaking your team out

If You Could Wave A Magic Wand…

Imagine for a moment you’re 6 years old. You still believe in Santa Claus, Easter bunny, tooth fairy, leprechauns, etc… and on one sunny and breezy spring day you’re given a POWERFUL magic wand with the power to grant you the solution to ALL your problems and challenges in practice when you’re an adult… What might you use that magic wand for RIGHT NOW?

How About This?…

How about you wave that magic wand and in a matter of days this 5-part transformation takes place…

• Clinical Excellence & Patient Care skyrocket to a level you never even knew were possible
• Your Personal Production not only exceeds your own past records but you become the MOST productive dentist within 100 miles of your practice
• Your Team engages and supports you and your leadership without the friction they’ve shown in the past
• Your vacation time QUADRUPLES in the next 6 months with a SIMULTANEOUS doubling or tripling of production and profits
• Your stress, anxiety & worry come to a virtual halt and are replaced with nothing but peace of mind and financial security.

I said that magic wand was POWERFUL. And over the next little bit I’m going to share with you my exact tested and proven “Clinical Explosion Blueprint”. In that blueprint I give you the tools needed to dramatically increase your production, profitability and peace of mind without increasing your overhead and without freaking out your team. All while keeping patient care as our top priority. I GUARANTEE you’ve NEVER seen, heard nor done what I’m about to share with you.

So here’s the problem.

You don’t have a wand. But your…

• Patient Care
• Personal Production
• Team Engagement & Motivation
• Vacation Time
• Profit Growth
• Peace of Mind
• Financial Security
All need a good swift kick in the pants!

The “magic” wand implies time and effort are not in play. Right? If you could just wave a magic wand then you could have all your anxiety, frustration, financial worries, etc… VANISH in the blink of an eye with zero time or effort spent. Sounds amazing… but…

REALITY says that without a REAL magic wand, without spending REAL time and REAL effort and REAL attention and focus. All of those issues you face will be with you, all of those issues will DETERIORATE and your level of anxiety, frustration, worry and pressure grow bigger and bigger as time goes by. Just ask any dentist who’s been in practice for 15 years or more if the pressures get smaller or bigger.

Here’s Why I’ve Decided To Share My
“Clinical Explosion” Blueprint With You…

I share this with you because I want to help. Even with my “dentistry in my blood” 4th generation dentist pedigree… My practice was NOT always what it is today. I suffered through the frustration and misery of an UNDERperforming practice and struggled FOR YEARS to get ahead just like almost every dentist I know. The “Normal” Way Dentists Are Taught To Grow & Run A Practice Does NOT WORK (at least not for a lot of very smart, intelligent, hard working dentists who continue to slave away chair side but just can’t get ahead no matter what these “experts” try to sell them)… Let me explain…

My first practice out of dental school… was a 2-op in a little tiny Iowa town. I started during the absolute depth of the farm crisis in the mid-80’s. And when I say “crisis” I mean it! The price of corn hadn’t been below $1 since the Great Depression…. But upon my arrival that’s exactly where it was! NOT ONE farmer had any money in that little rural farming community, so it was a real struggle to get any patients to do anything.

I desperately and feverishly tried to make up for my lack of opportunities it by working harder and longer for the least amount of money possible. I did grind my way to the point where I could pay the bills. The problem was that the bills didn’t amount to much… my care could BARELY make the 30 mile drive to the office, I had a tiny country shack that I could BARELY make the $385 payment on. “Getting ahead” seemed like the farthest thing from “possible”. It was more like a “fantasy”.

Slowly, month by month my honesty and care grew the practice a small bit each month. I felt the progress but it was at a snails pace and unquestionably the pace of the growth did not match my herculean efforts week after week. After 3 years in practice I started feeling extreme fatigue and chest pains. Eventually I was talked into going to the doctor and I was diagnosed with cardio-myopathy. Cardio-myopathy is an auto-immune disorder that ultimately got me transferred to the transplant center (with cardio-myopathy your heart eventually fails and you either receive a transplant or you die). Needless to say this was NOT “good for business”. At this point I went into a complete panic. I had a mortgage, debt from school, a young family, and he had an over drawn bank account. Coming to the realization that if you die your family won’t make it financially is a SOBERING experience.

Sadly I got sicker and sicker and sicker – until suddenly without explanation the medication they gave me started working and almost miraculously over the next 12 months I got better and have never had a problem since. But that experience of almost dying and leaving my family in debt and with zero ability to pay the bills left a deep and permanent scar. It was clear to me that I needed to establish some form of financial security and stability IMMEDIATELY.

So I did what every honest and smart dentist does WRONG. I spent an enormous amount of time studying to become a better dentist. And after 4 more years… I became a FAR better clinician than I ever imagined I’d become but I still had a practice that was barely afloat and was drowning in debt and financial uncertainty. In other words… I was 7+ years removed from graduation and I was still flat broke.

I was all dressed up with nowhere to go. I had an elite dental skillset but barely a handful of patients to apply it on. And even those patients wouldn’t accept the depth of recommendations I made for the care they REALLY needed. My anxiety and frustration were at an all time high. But when you’re a 4th generation dentist… quitting is simply not an option.

At this point I was beside myself and lost. I really didn’t know what to do and felt like a complete failure. I sincerely don’t know where I’d be if a long lost friend hadn’t reached out from out of the blue and took me to a meeting of most successful dentists in the United States at the time. The meeting was in Arizona (I had to borrow the money to get there) and it turned out it was essentially a group of friends/doctors sharing with eachother what they were doing that was making their practices so spectacular. I the first hour I met doctors who were producing more in a couple of days then I was doing in an entire month. There were practices that had tremendous NP volume, tremendous treatment – I literally couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

After the meeting I tagged along with a small group of them and we went to dinner that night, and we sat around a fire pit waiting for a table for about 30 minutes… I just shut my mouth and listened while they spoke of their practices and things that they were struggling with and the ideas starting shooting back and forth across the fire as each challenge got solved in a barrage of solutions. I remember thinking to myself “I just learned more about practice growth and development in the last 30 minutes than I have in the last 7 years”. Long story short, I ended up visiting EVERY doctors practice who was in that meeting and applying their wisdom to my practice. To say I was a SPONGE absorbing their knowledge would be an understatement.

Who’s Fault Is it?

I learned from them that its important to understand that “not knowing” how to fix things and feeling “frustrated” with the state of your practice is NOT your fault. Additionally the misinformation and poorly assembled information out there isn’t even the fault of the seminar speakers and consultants sharing them. Bottom line, the riddle of running a practice is difficult to solve and all of us as dentists have simply tried our level best to help ourselves and each other in some way. And it was this “conflict” that led me to epic levels of frustration that essentially forced me to solve the riddle or quit practice and as you might imagine…. 4 generations of anything brings its own added pressures so quitting wasn’t exactly a realistic option.

Think about it. If a 4th generation dentist STILL has to struggle and bungle his way to figuring out how practice REALLY works… then how on earth is a 1st generation dentist supposed to figure it out quickly, efficiently and at the least amount of expense? Answer: They CAN’T!

Once I arrived home after that first meeting in Arizona and subsequently traveling to each of those elite practices… I started learning things I never imagined I would learn. I found that not everything that worked for others worked for me … I started to refine it down – and understand the underlying concepts and why it worked for someone else and not me and vice versa.

I discovered that “the 11 principles” or “habits” as I’ve come to know them… are really designed to eliminate all the “failure points”. Meaning when the 11 habits are in place you don’t need a special situation, special marketplace, you don’t need charisma or lots of special talents. The “11 habits” I found, work in main street in anytown USA with Dr. anybody. I didn’t want to learn any more things that work for others but not for me. As I was starting to do this, I saw a lot of progress, and seeing that even with my own limitations that I could do very very well. I didn’t have to be superhuman and I didn’t have to do everything as well as other people. My peak production month is not nearly as high as some of the others – but it was certainly high enough

The Breakthrough You Hope Is Coming…

After years and years of frustration and anxiety I realized I’d go to bed every night with a faint feeling of hope. The feeling that I’d wake up and the “breakthrough” I was looking for would just appear “magically”. And oddly enough IT DID. It didn’t happen as dramatically or “other worldly” as you might expect for a “wish come true”… but in retrospect I got what I was looking for. I SOLVED the “practice riddle”…

My eureka moment was around that fire pit in Arizona when I realized (collectively) these guys have it all figured out and I don’t. Of course I needed to learn everything that they were doing … and then I had to refine it and distill it so it would work in any practice. So I had a lot of work to do yet. And that is really what “clinical explosion” is. My 20+ year distillation of what followed that meeting by the fire. You can take the next 20 years and hope to figure it out or flatten the learning curve like a pancake and let my suffering take the place of yours.

An example of something I want to share with you is something I learned on a practice visit to one of the doctors at the fire pit. I went to his practice and I learned 1 thing that raised my personal productivity more than $40K the next month. And once I had that, it was so huge for me … I was in a whole new financial situation, now I was dying to get the office to do stuff, I was so much happier, I had so much energy, and so much motivation because I could see progress and see progress quickly. $40K INCREASE was MORE than I was actually MAKING! It was HUGE! And that’s just ONE of the many things I’m going to share with you in clinical explosion.

Ultimately I used the “clinical explosion” protocols to talk to patients about treatment, and produce case acceptance rates and compliance that I’d never experienced before. Patients were happy to engage and pay, so I was allowed to do great sophisticated complex dentistry, which was so personally fulfilling.

Previously it seemed like every time I talked to someone about a complex dental problem they just shut down. But I discovered that there’s a simple way to talk to patients about it, how to engage them in the entire process of discovery of what is going on with their situation. Practicing is FUN now. Because patients are actually WANTING those procedures we spend so much time and effort and money learning how to do. At the end of the day we all want to deliver better quality and more sophisticated dentistry so we can simultaneously help more patients and our families. It really is the ultimate win win.

So Why Am I Sharing This Information
Instead Of Hording It For Myself?

Surprisingly this is a common question I get asked. And the answer is simple. I don’t see you or any other dentist as “competition”. I’ve always been taught by my grandfathers and my mom and dad that there’s always more than enough to go around. And I see all the advantages I had going into practice that hardly ANY dentist has and STILL practice was a struggle and a grind.

So if I can make that journey easier for you. If I can make life better for your family, your wife, your husband, your children simply by showing you how to…

• Radically Improve You Patient Care
• Instantly Explode Your Personal Production
• Effortlessly Inspire & Motivate Your Team
• Quadruple Your Vacation Time And Time With Your Family
• Double or Even Triple Your Profit Growth
• Give You Tremendous Ease And Peace of Mind
• Provide You With PERMANENT Financial Security

If I can do ALL of that for YOU… why wouldn’t I. Sincerely, I don’t want any dentists (including you) or their families to struggle and suffer the way I did. So this is simply the way I was raised. I know an ENTIRE roadmap that can make your path to success infinitely smoother so I’m willing to share that with you.

Here’s What You Need To Know RIGHT NOW…
To Start To Turn Your Production and Profits UP
Before Your Head Hits The Pillow Tonight

There are just 6 “detonators” that set off your clinic explosion… focus on them and fix them and the clinical explosion is completely free of stress, worry and anxiety. Ignore them and you’ll have more of exactly what you don’t want… or worse.

The ONE Thing You Need To Burn In Your Brain Today…

Clinical Explosion Detonator #1: The personal prep

If I’m honest about what I’ve discovered from my travels into hundreds of practices it’s that most doctors aren’t mentally and physically prepared for higher production. They WANT it but they they are unable to achieve it because they’re simply not prepared for it.

So, what do you have to do to prepare?

First – you have to understand what mental energy is and how you can control your mental energy. We run out of mental energy while practicing dentistry far faster than we run out of physical energy. Once you understand that, you will want to master the ‘mental energy builders’ and be able to recognize your ‘mental energy drainers’.

Almost every dentist has a time in their career where they are physically unable to practice at a high level. There is some physical preparation that one can do to have a longer career, to be able to avoid many of the things that can cause temporary disabilities in dentistry.

And the last piece, and the one that is most often left out is the motivational component… what are we putting into our brains. What are we reading, studying, and mediating on.

I recently studied the personal prep that Michael Phelps (The all-time Olympic medal swimmer) goes through. He has this down to an absolute science. It is one piece that he credits to winning all the medals – he is sure that without it he couldn’t have done it.

Clinical Explosion Detonator #2: The Treatment Accelerator

Now a days everything is “faster”. Faster phones, faster computers, faster internet, etc… on a planet where not too long ago “indoor plumbing” was a cultural breakthrough… now people complain because their internet that loads a page in 5 seconds is “TOO SLOW”. And things are NOT going to change.

It’s critical that you understand…

– It’s not about drilling faster
– There are simple and easy ways to better utilize your team to increase clinical speed without stressing them out
– There are simple and easy ways to better utilize technology to increase clinical speed
– The ultimate “speed” comes from developing the systems to be able to do same day dentistry – which is dentistry that is diagnosed and done right away – no re-scheduling. The patient is already in the chair – let’s do the dentistry

Psychologically patients still have expectations of SPEED and CONVENIENCE and no matter how unrealistic they are… you have two choices… make SPEED your ally and deliver care and service at lightening speed or they’ll find a dentist who will.

Patients more than ever want to be in and OUT of the office as fast as possible. SPEED has never been more valuable than right now and you need to be able to COMFORTABLY deliver it without rushing. There are 11 Speed
Accelerators that every dentist can deploy to increase speed and efficiency that WILL NOT detract from your patients experience – in fact they will ENHANCE their experience with you and your practice. This is the key to patient referrals ☺

Clinical Explosion Detonator #3: The Technology Trap

Consider the fact that working class people are standing in long lines for the latest greatest $1000 smartphone. New = Better in many of your patients’ eyes. Ignore this reality at your peril.

Yet the flip side of that coin is it creates opportunity for gimmicky ineffective yet EXPENSIVE technology to be brought into the practice. Never before has it been more critical to EVALUATE your technology with laser precision. Get the right stuff and your patients are thrilled and engaged and happy to pay for your services. Get the wrong stuff and you just needlessly empty your bank account.

I have seen doctors that have invested in technology that has been extremely wasteful, hoping on bandwagons before the technology is ready for use in a busy productive dental practice. I have seen dentists who focus their practice on implementation of the technology instead of improving the patient care/experience. Dentists who try to force everyone into a situation where this or that technology is used. Practices where they allow the technology to drive the treatment instead of using the technology in to support the treatment.

In fact I remember a young dentist I worked with who bought a very very very high tech piece of equipment that was very expensive (almost put him in bankruptcy) that he didn’t need – that he wasn’t using – that he didn’t know how to use. Having the wrong technology can COST hundreds of thousands of dollars – and create MAJOR distraction from the things that are going to help you make REAL & PALPABLE progress in the practice

So, what technology should you purchase? I use my “3 technology keys” to make that determination:

1. The Investment Decision Matrix… There are 3 critical steps to determine IF investment in a specific technology is worth my time, energy and money
2. Does it fit the “The 3rd Generation Rule”
3. Is it on my 10 NON – Negotiable Technological Tools You MUST have in place in order to have a RADICAL clinical explosion in your productivity and profitability?

Clinical Explosion Detonator #4: The Case Presentation Puzzle

The days of patients just coming in and following your “all knowing doctor instructions” are long behind us… and equally as outdated and now harmful is the “pushy used car salesman sales tactics.

And the truth of the matter is there’s a better way that works BOTH for the patient and the doctor. The patient enters your practice with desired, questions, concerns & anxiety… almost every patient shares the same ones. When you understand those desires and clearly have an HONEST two way interaction with the patient… they not only bring down their defenses… they happily and willingly take your very best recommendations. But just “winging it” and or “lecturing/talking at them” is the fastest way to get them to say “no”.

There is nothing you can do in your practice that will have a bigger impact than solving this puzzle. There are 3 key parts to the case presentation puzzle.

#1: The team: case acceptance doesn’t take place in a bubble. If you think that patients wait to make their decision on treatment until you have presented – you are dead wrong. In fact their decisions to move forward with your recommended treatment start long before they ever walk through your door. Which is why involving the entire team in the case presentation puzzle is so critical. They are the front line of your dental practice, they are the ones that your patients are talking to.

Your team is already gathering a lot of data from the patients – they just don’t realize it. They can tell you who is getting married next month, whose going through a divorce, who is nervous about seeing the dentist after x years away. BUT what is lacking is the SYSTEM for transferring that vital information from one team member to the next and eventually to you.

Patients view your team as allies, as friends. They look to the team for approval and guidance on their dental health. Offices that use this to their advantage see a significant increase in treatment acceptance.

#2: The Doctor: We are so busy, that when we finally get into the room to see a patient, we usually rush right into our case presentation, we provide our immediate recommendations and then look for the patients response. When you stop for just a moment and listen … really listen to your patients, you will see that they give you clues as to what treatment they are ready to accept. This is the key to the “Emotionally Connected Exam” And the Emotionally Connected exam is the key to the doctors part of the puzzle

#3: The Tools: The last piece of your case acceptance puzzle involves using the tools and technology that we talked about in Clinical Explosion Detonator #3. There are tools that are specifically proven to increase case acceptance. Tools like the inter-oral camera and the cavity detecting laser that when used properly can instantly increase your case acceptance.

In addition, to the technology tools, there are a WHOLE list of approaches that can help people pay for their care and change how people think about paying for their care.

Solve these 3 pieces of the puzzle and your production INSTANTLY doubles, triples or even quadruples in some cases … OVERNIGHT. It just makes sense, if you can get just 3 or 4 of every 10 patients to HAPPILY say “yes” more often, production goes through the roof.

Clinical Explosion Detonator #5: . The Capacity Crisis

After polling hundreds of practices… maybe 2 out of every 10 actually know and admit they have a capacity problem. But here’s the truth… if you are struggling to grow at any significant rate. Meaning if you feel like you should or could have grown more in the last 12 months and didn’t… you likely have a capacity problem. Period. If your foot is nailed to the floor, no matter how many times you say “no its not” you still can’t move.

Most doctors come to me wanting “more new patients”. But when we really analyze practices, only about 40% would actually benefit from new patients. That means that 60% of the practices analyzed would be DAMAGED & STRESSED by more new patients. It is RARE I see doctors who understand that, or the elements of capacity and how to fix them.

What if you could DOUBLE production just by having an extra treatment room? Or doubling yet again by adding just one hygienist? And that’s just TWO capacity examples. The truth is a 1 MILLON dollar increase in annual production from just removing capacity blockages is not only possible its PROBABLE in at least 31% of the practices we’ve analyzed…. But the key is knowing how to identify capacity blockages in your own practice. You have to know the warning signs and the critical leverage point.

Clinical Explosion Detonator #6: The Vison Focuser

If I asked you to walk from your kitchen table to your refrigerator with your eyes closed you could probably do it. (unless there’s a tenant in your home who leaves legos on the floor). However if I asked you to walk to the starbucks 3 miles from your house with your eyes closed… my money is on a hospital visit!

You can’t get from where you are to radically increased production and profitability without a detailed, step-by-step strategic plan. A plan that clearly identifies “YOU-ARE-HERE” and a plan that creates incremental “mile markers” along the way so you always know “how far you’ve come” and “how far you have to go”

Most dentists that I meet have no idea of what they want to do with their practice. They are thinking over the next few months not over the next 3-5 years. The human mind will automatically over estimated what can be done in the short term and will greatly under-estimate what can be done in the long term.

Most dentists (and people for that matter) don’t think far enough into the future. They don’t plan for what is coming, and they rarely think about how they are going to strategically grow their practice. Most just continue the thought process of – just keep bringing in more new patients and the practice will grow.

Most dentists are more worried about growing their wages then growing their profits. But here is the million dollar nugget: Profits are better than Wages. You need to be more concerned about growing your profits AND how you do this is CRITICAL.

So why do you need a “big picture?” It’s the only way to know EXACTLY what you need in your practice. The exact technology you need; the exact number of hygienists you need; the exact number of operatories you need, the list goes on and on. With a clear picture of where you are going ALL decisions in the practice become much easier.

The ONE Thing You Need To Burn In Your Brain Today…

Frankly I don’t know what circumstances conspired to put this letter in your hands. Maybe you’re “big thing” now is you need more new patients. Maybe your “big thing” right now is you need to “radically increase your personal production”. Maybe your “big thing right now is “you’re way to worried and stressed out”. Maybe its something else. But whatever it is… if you take NOTHING else from our time together here in this letter… THIS is the ONE thing you want and need to burn in your brain right now…

There IS A Better And Faster Way…

If you’re a dentist who’s been in practice for more than 24 months and you feel tired when you wake up in the morning or you feel frustrated with the disparity between the herculean effort you’re making compared to the income that effort is producing. If you think your personal production should be or could be higher but don’t know exactly what action steps to take. And you want to RADICALLY reduce the daily “friction” that drains your energy, saps your teams productivity and in turn double or even triple production and profit levels in your practice while simultaneously quadrupling your vacation time…

Let Me Hold Your Hand And Show You in 6 Weeks
What Took Me 20+ Years

Introducing my 6 Week Path To “The Ultimate Clinical Explosion!” This Bluepri is the fast track to eliminating ALL of the problems & stresses that plague you in practice AND fulfill all of the dreams for practice you’ve ever had. It’s NOT an “imaginary magic wand” that removes time and effort. But it IS the next best thing simply because it SHORTENS the amount of time needed to explode and transform your practice and completely MINIMIZES the effort, stress and strain required to make that transformation. So its not a snap of the fingers or a blink of the eye… but in fact the most important time frame involved is your LIFEtime. Instead of spending DECADES like most dentists do being frustrated, anxious, worried, etc… desperately trying to tame the “practice beast”… I’ve distilled your complete practice success down to just 6 weeks of training. And that 6 weeks sets the foundation and path for the rest of your career.

The Ultimate Clinical Explosion:
How To Increase Your Personal Production In Just 45 Days!

My experience with USING this “clinical explosion” blueprint has been like seeing a person who was born blind who on their 40th birthday is given the technological assistance to SEE for the first time EVER. It’s a whole new world!!! And that’s been the experience of every doctor I’ve taken down this 6-week path as well.

It’s Powerful…
“What impresses me about John is he’s a dentist like me. I’ve heard a zillion consultants with great ideas but when you have one of the ‘guys’ showing you how to do it and PROVE that it works. It’s powerful. If I could give a gift to any young dentist and tell them someone you could hang your hat on, I would hang it on (Dr. John Meis), (He’s) going to give you skills that will last for a lifetime” – Dr Cris WI

Better Harmony In The Office, Better Profitability In The Practice…
“… [he] is very good at analyzing blockages in a practice and coming up with unique solutions to help them get past those blockages and to move on to greater things – better harmony in the office, better profitability in the practice. “ – Dr. Mitch Friedman, NJ

“Copy The Genius That He Has”
“There’s times that we’ve called him, emailed him, and asked him a question. He says, “We tried it, it didn’t work.” If he has 100 offices that have tried it and it didn’t work, I don’t think I’m smart enough to make it work. But one thing that he always teaches is, if it has been done somewhere, it can be done elsewhere. So, it comes back to that (idea of) copy-genius, and so that’s what we’re trying to do in our offices, copy the genius that he has. And he has succeeded and excelled in it, and so it’s not someone talking from their high-horse, theoretically if you do this or that, but they’ve actually done it and they’ve proved that it can work.” -Dr. Randall Smith, ID

The “The Ultimate Explosion” Begins IMMEDIATELY

We will break down each of the 6 Clinical Explosion Detonators – 1 per week – and you will walk away with a clear road-map to sky rocketing your personal production:

Clinical Explosion Week #1 – Your Vision Focuser

Simply put you need a process driven strategy, an incentive program that actually MOTIVATES people, a clearly marked and acknowledged path of small attainable objectives and a commitment to make the process fun for everyone including yourself!

This is your ONE WAY TICKET to a practice that’s a well oiled machine, firing on all cylinders. Patients who are happy, paying and referring. A team that is synergized, motivated and compliant. And YOU with less worry, anxiety and stress… reaping the rewards of radically increased production and profitability.

After week #1, you will have your 3-year plan written out with easy to follow metrics, goals and milestones. No longer will you wonder what you SHOULD be doing or even how many new patients you will need. You will have CLEAR picture of EXACTLY what you should be doing to reach your goals.

Clinical Explosion Week #2 – The Personal Prep

You now understand that there are deep seeded requirements for mental and physical energy management on the part of the doctor. Additionally there are deep seeded psychological triggers that motivate every new patient. SATISFYING these energy management and psychological trigger requirements are the KEY to increased production and patient satisfaction.

After week 2, you will know how to manage your own mental and physical energy reserves. Failing to do so is no different than spending all your money recklessly without ever looking at your bank balance. Physical and mental energy management makes it so you can effectively provide patients what they want, win their confidence and loyalty

You will have a clear understanding of what personally gives you energy and what depletes it so that you can structure your days for maximum production while leaving the office with more energy and feeling more fulfilled.

Clinical Explosion Week #3 – The Case Presentation Puzzle

New patients need to be LISTENED to, KNOW they’ve been heard and only then can you simultaneously give them what they want while getting them to want what they need. There is no other piece of Clinical Explosion that will have a bigger impact on your practice.

Week 3, is where I will uncover the puzzle WITH you. I will reveal the secret desires, questions, and concerns that patients won’t tell you. We will script out the “perfect new patient exam” and I’ll show you how you can do this in 8 minutes or less. And you will leave with a clear understanding of how your team can facilitate your case presentation.

This is the ONLY way to instantly increase case acceptance by at least 20% while being LESS aggressive, LESS salesy, LESS obnoxious. Your new patients want to be interacted with in a certain way… interact with them in this fashion and they’ll do whatever you politely ask.

Clinical Explosion Week #4 – The Technology Trap

You grasp the idea now that some investments in technology don’t make sense but there are at least 10 non-negotiable essentials and utilizing the Investment Decision Matrix and The 3rd Generation Rule are keys to making sure your clinical explosion goes as smooth and quickly as possible.

In week 4, we will breakdown what technology you REALLY need, what technology is not worth the box it ships in, and create your Non-Negotiable list of technology for your practice. Most importantly you will know how to maximize the value of each piece of technology in your dental practice arsenal.

Clinical Explosion Week #5 – The Capacity Crisis

Most practices are in denial about their real capacity issues. The Capacity Formula eliminates self-deception and honestly reveals the truth about your capacity situation. (hint*- its likely FAR WORSE than you keep telling yourself). There are “7 Kings” of capacity… and once you’ve “satisfied” these 7 and you’re in position for substantial expansion and growth you’ll have an awareness of the traps and pitfalls to avoid.

Week 5 is where you discover a clear picture of why growth has been (and is) so elusive for most dentists. You’ll clearly see ALL that blocks your practice from growth AND how you can clear those blockages so that your practice is never stagnant or declining. Now every time you create demand for your services you’ll receive and satisfy that demand seamlessly.

Clinical Explosion Week #6 – The Treatment Accelerator

Now you understand that SPEED is your ticket to fast growth. And most importantly patients DEMAND that speed in every interaction these days. There is very specific technology and processes you must have in place that maximize speed. It’s not the fastest dentist who wins but the dentist who can MAXIMIZE their time that wins.

In week 6, this is where I will reveal my 11 Clinical Acceleration points that will allow you to get more done in less time than you ever imagined.

I will show you exactly what I did to go from $20,000 a month to my record high of $225,000 in personal production. Plus I will be revealing that 1 little thing I learned that instantly added $40,000 to my production.

You will increase your clinical speed while serving your patients at a higher level. This is where you will provide a better, faster, more enjoyable experience for your patients but most importantly an experience they’ll be WILLING to pay for and refer to!

Which Dentist Are You?
Dr. A or Dr. B

Its not for Dr. A because without the urgency to transform his/her practice there’s no way for it to happen quickly. I support his/her choice to spend the next 10 or 20 years figuring it out. But in my mind that’s both a waste of time and money that they’ll never get back.

The “Clinical Explosion Blueprint” is also not for you…

If you’re not ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work. I said “Clinical Explosion” is “like” a magic wand. Its not an overwhelming amount of work but there’s definitely effort involved. Name ONE IMPORTANT thing in life that’s available with ZERO effort. Its also important to know that its FAR LESS WASTED effort than the herculean effort you’re probably putting in now. I have personally coached 157 doctors on this blueprint, some have increased by 20% but a lot more have been close to or above 100% as a result of their “Clinical Explosion” transformations.

“He’s Been Able To Answer Questions That
Other Consultants Haven’t Been Able To Help Us Get Over…”

“Dr. Meis brings insight that you can only get from having been in the trenches, and he’s still in the trenches. He has a lot of responsibilities to manage multiple offices, and so he gets to see the struggles that any individual office might have. And so he’s been able to answer questions that other consultants haven’t been able to help us get over, and it’s been valuable for that alone.” – Dr. Tyson Gray, Boise ID

“John Brings A Fresh Perspective On What We’re Doing…”

“John brings a fresh perspective on what we’re doing, I think sometimes we lose objectivity because we’re looking within our own practice, we get used to seeing things the way they are, and now we have a new perspective. I think that a lot of people come out of dentistry – out of dental school – not knowing really how to run a practice, and all of it is feeling your way. Even though you might know of some examples, you’re still feeling your way. But the experience of John, the things that he’s put in to his practices and the things that he imparts, help us to feel like we don’t have to feel that way any more.” – Dr. Charles Betts, Decatur AL

Your Success MATTERS To My Grandfathers…

As I said previously… I don’t see you or any other dentist as “competition”. I’ve always been taught by my grandfathers and my mom and dad that there’s always more than enough to go around. And I see all the advantages I had going into practice that hardly ANY dentist has and STILL practice was a struggle and a grind.

So if I can make that journey INFINITELY easier for you. If I can make life better for your family, your wife, your husband, your children simply by showing you how to…

• Radically Improve You Patient Care
• Instantly Explode Your Personal Production
• Effortlessly Inspire & Motivate Your Team
• Quadruple Your Vacation Time And Time With Your Family
• Double or Even Triple Your Profit Growth
• Give You Tremendous Ease And Peace of Mind
• Provide You With PERMANENT Financial Security

If I can do ALL of that for YOU… why wouldn’t I. Sincerely, I don’t want any dentists (including you) or their families to struggle and suffer the way I did. So this is simply the way I was raised. And this is why I chose to create the “The Ultimate Clinical Explosion” Blueprint and make it available to you today.

The Only Logical Question Left…

If you’re still reading then the only logical question left is “How much is it John?”. What is the investment to be included as a VIP in your “6 Week: Clinical Explosion Blueprint” training?

Well let me answer that with a question first. How much is it worth to accomplish in just 6 weeks what most dentists can’t complete in 6 or 16 or in some cases even 26 years?!! How much is total peace of mind and financial security for the REST of your life? Frankly having been through this process myself. And having seen countless dentists reproduce the same results in rubber stamp fashion… the answer is there is no price you could put on those kind of results. The life transformation in and out of the office truly is priceless.

So lets talk more tangible terms. Would that kind of financial security and peace mind be worth the value of 50 new patients? 40 new patients? 20 new patients? 10 new patients? In all seriousness, if you could treat your next 5 new patients for FREE in exchange for never having another financial worry for the rest of your career would you do it? If you answered anything other than “heck yeah” I don’t know what to say to you. But if you are the kind of doctor that sort of logic makes sense to then you’re in luck because the investment for full VIP enrollment in your “6 Week: Clinical Explosion Blueprint” training is only $997 today and in 30 days 1 additional payment of $997. (I’ll even knock off $200 if you make it all in 1 payment today just for making my bookkeeping easy).

But there you have it… for less than a fraction of ONE decent size new patient case… you get to wave a magic want (sorta) and create lifelong and career long peace of mind and financial security. In any language that’s not only a good bet… it’s the smartest investment with the biggest ROI of ANY investment you’ll ever make in your life.

You Either EXPLODE Or
You Get 100% Of Your Investment Back!!!

Dentistry is my life and has been my life since I was born. I take your time and trust VERY seriously. And because of that I am willing to absorb ALL the risk for you… Engage with me in your “6 Week: Clinical Explosion Blueprint” training and see what I’m sharing with you is just scratching the surface when it comes to the ACTUAL explosion you’re about to experience. And not only that take an entire 12 months and see the FULL on transformation that occurs and the STAYING power what I share with you has. If after 12 months you’ve not seen 5x the value I’ve promised just shoot me an email and I’ll refund every penny. Fair ‘nuf?

But That’s Not All
Act Now to Get My $497 FREE Bonuses To
Accelerate Your Business & Life

The Ultimate Wealth Creator for Dental Practices (Value of $497)

This is my own personal wealth building storehouse. The exact things that I have used to go from not being able to make a paltry $385 mortgage payment to being able to travel anywhere in the world on a moments notice. While studying the top dentists, I also studied their wealth – how they became wealthy and how they kept it. There were 6 things that every wealthy dentist knows:

#1: They know the difference between wages and profits.
#2: They know what their end game is.
#3: They know the difference between short term and long-term financial security.
#4: They know and understand how to use insurance in a cost effective way to provide security.
#5: They know the painless way to put away money
#6: They know how to live on wages, and invest the profits

I’m giving you an incredibly simple and easy to understand financial plan. This bonus is laid out with the MOST detail and transparency I’ve EVER shared it before.

Will You Make The No-Brainer Decision…
Or Take The Long, Hard, Uncertain, Endless, Expensive Path Of Trial & Error…

So if the following radical transformations sound like how you’d like to spend your next 6 weeks…

• Radically Improve You Patient Care
• Instantly Explode Your Personal Production
• Effortlessly Inspire & Motivate Your Team
• Quadruple Your Vacation Time And Time With Your Family
• Double or Even Triple Your Profit Growth
• Give You Tremendous Ease And Peace of Mind
• Provide You With PERMANENT Financial Security

…then your next step is a no-brainer. Complete the enclosed form… become one of just 17 VIP dentists in your “6 Week: Ultimate Clinical Explosion Blueprint” training.

Napoleon Hill revealed in his classic book “THINK AND GROW RICH”, the most important attribute of every successful person is.. WHAT we choose to think about the most important things in our lives. Practice, Family, Finances and the people we invest our time in. Most dentists waste years of their lives thinking timidly. CHOOSING to radically explode your practice, production and profits in the next 6 weeks is NOT a timid choice. And in the timeless words of former British Prime Minister David Lloyd George… “you cannot cross a chasm in two small jumps”. Now is the time for a BOLD decision and commitment to think about yourself, your practice and your family as if your life depended on it… because it does.

When You Enroll In your
“6 Week: Clinical Explosion Blueprint” Training You Get…

➢ 6 online sessions with me personally. I take you by the hand and guide you step-by-step through the process to exploding your personal productivity and clinical production. Nothing held back. You get every single thing you need to shortcut the entire clinical explosion process. Most importantly I’ll be with you every step of the way holding you accountable and making sure your radical transformation takes place within the 6 weeks we are training together.

➢ The Transcriptions of each session… If you prefer to read vs. watch videos … this is for you! There is no need to worry. Want to go back and re-read a section, there is no worry. Your Ultimate Clinical Explosion will be available online at our members site and provided as a hard copy resource.

➢ 12 month. 5x value. Clinical Explosion 100% Money Back Guarantee

And Don’t Forget The FAST Action Bonuses:

➢ HUGE Bonus: The Ultimate Wealth Creator for Dental Practices (Value of $497)

Nearly 20 years and 4 generations in the dental world is an eternity… through good times, bad times. Depressions, recessions, etc… I’ve been broke physically, mentally and financially (fortunately never at the same time). I’ve seen just about everything a dentist can see and after all this time and experience I’m certain of 1 thing….

At least 91% of all the worries, hassles, stresses, anxieties and problems in a dentist’s career can be COMPLETELY AVOIDED. Sadly there are so MANY ways to encounter these issues in practice that it takes 20 or 30 years to learn them all by trial and error. And that’s why we sit here together right now. Because you KNOW how hard practice is. You KNOW that even decreasing your stress level and worries by 20% would have a dramatic impact. And I’m happy to have the experience and willingness to help.

The fact is this… the clock is ticking as your read this letter. Your kids are getting older… soon you’ll be footing the college bills and soon after they’ll be out of the house and not too far off after that you’ll be either a burden or an asset to them as you age. This urgency is REAL it is not imagined. You’re not getting any younger nor is your spouse. At the end of life you can’t buy ANY of the time back. But today. Right NOW. That’s exactly what you can do… BUY time. And while its not a magic wand I’m offering… the opportunity to LITERALLY BUY YOURSELF 10 or 20 or more YEARS of success IS NOTHING SHORT OF MAGICAL. Come with me. Let me help and support you as we help your practice and productivity EXPLODE!!!



Yes Dr. John!

I Want In! Please Enroll Me In The Ultimate Clinical Explosion: How To Increase Your Personal Production By At Least 20% In Just 90 Days. I understand it's 2 payments of $997 or I can pay in full and take an extra $200 off.

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As with all of our programs, there is no risk on your part because both of these training’s are fully covered by our No Risk 100% money back guarantee. If after completing both of these training’s you haven’t seen at least a 20% increase in your production simply contact us and we will gladly refund your entire investment.