The Team Training Institute Provides the Premier Coaching and Training Programs for Dentists Who Want to Remove Stress, Frustration, Overwhelm, and Confusion...
... and Who Want to Grow their Practices Faster and with More Profits While Always Putting Patients First

We have found that most dental practices fall into one of four stages of growth and have created our coaching programs to help practices advance through these stages of growth:


Our coaching programs focus on helping practices advance from a Chaotic state to Growing by creating systems for the key drivers of growth in the practice. Some practices are happy in the Growing stage, as there is less stress, but not a lot more income.

So, to move from the Growing Stage to the Performing stage (where we can increase the income and reduce the stress), we help practices create a culture by design and default.

And finally, to move from the Performing stage to the Self-Managing stage where there is increased incomes and more security, we help practices provide leadership development to the entire team. We help doctors remove themselves from the day-to-day operations and learn to utilize their management teams and rock-star team members to drive the practice growth.

To find out which stage your practice is currently in and what you can do to move through the stages, take our quick Practice Pulse Scorecard which will provide you with instant results without having to talk to anyone.


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