Conforming To Your Patients

Each year, dental consumers are becoming more demanding. The old paradigm of patients conforming to the wishes and preferences of dentists and their teams is failing. As dentists and providers, we can no longer pretend like we can make commands and the patients will simply follow. To explain this concept, let’s look at new patient appointments:

One example of where we ask our patients to conform to us rather than us to them is when you tell a new patient they have to wait for more than two days for an appointment.

There are some patients that will wait. There are just not very many of them. Often when a new patient is unable to get the appointment they want, they’ll keep calling practices until they can.

So the easier and more convenient you make it for new patients to come in, the more your new patient numbers will rise without you doing anything else. If you just make it easy for patients, you’ll get more patients.

When we have to tell our patients “no” we are denying them what they want. Those practices that adapt and find a way to say ‘yes’ where others say ‘no’ will realize great return on their effort.