Do Everything the Same Way

Productive Practice Mindset

Dr. Meis: We don’t do it my way, do we?

Heather:  We do not.


Dr. Meis: We don’t do it your way?

Heather: We don’t do it my way.


Dr. Meis: What way do we do it?

Heather: We do it the best way.


We all do things in the same way. We use the same materials.  We use the same techniques.

It’s not 100% the same, but it’s close; close enough for any doctor to work with any assistant in our office. They know what I’m going to do because we do it that close.


Finding a Better Way 

If we find a better way, that’ll then become “our way” and we’ll all do it that way.

I can name numerous changes, both in material and technique, we’ve all adopted because it was a better way.

“Better” means it’s higher quality, lower costs, faster or more comfortable.

If we can make an improvement on two of those, we’re going to make a change on it.

It’s that simple.

Excerpted from The X Factor: How to Build Your Dental Dream Team