Before we began with team training, we came to feel like our hygiene department had gotten into a rut, and was not growing, and not serving our patients as well as they could. As soon as we got involved with team training, we felt like we had taken our practice to a new level.

Our hygienist are educating their patients better, we are making patients aware of the things that impact their own dental health, and the things that can be done to improve that. In the process, we produced the biggest year we’d had in dentistry so far!

The Team Training Institute bring a fresh perspective on what we’re doing, I think sometimes we lose objectivity because we’re looking within our own practice, we get used to seeing things the way they are, and now we have a new perspective.

I think that a lot of people come out of dentistry – out of dental school – not knowing really how to run a practice, just feeling their way. But the experience of John Meis and the things that he’s put in to his practices and the things that he imparts help us to feel like we don’t have to feel that way so much any more.

I feel like we’re better at serving our patients, we’re educating them better than we have, even though we felt like we were doing a good job before, we’re doing an even better job. As far as bottom line, the best year in 25 years.