Dr. Tina Goodall is a second career dentist who was only 5 years out of school and has only owned her practice for 3 years. The first 2 years saw tremendous growth, which was great, but she wasn’t prepared to handle it. She knew that something needed to change and was looking for guidance but she didn’t want just any coach. She didn’t want a coach that would come in and revamp her whole practice. She was looking for someone to help her put things in place, with her philosophies, her morals and her way of practicing. Since finding the Team Training Institute 8 months ago she has doubled her practice, gone from just her as the dentist without a full schedule to bringing on second full time dentist, and adding 2 additional hygienists.

Practicing in Cary, North Carolina Dr. Goodall didn’t know how she grow and get better, but knew that she needed systems in place. But she didn’t want just anyone and was worried that she wouldn’t find who she was looking for. She scoured the Team Training Institute website, read all the stories (like this one) and watched all the videos. She was excited to find a company that was in line with her philosophy and weren’t going to change her outside of her comfort zone but help her to be the Dentist that she could be.

After attending her first event, she felt like the sky was the limit and it was. They are growing like crazy and excited about what they are doing. They are now able to do all the things for their patients that they had wanted to do AND their production has gone up, collections have gone up, they went from 4 ops to 5 ops to 8 ops and will be going to 13 ops here shortly.

She is able to do so much more in the community and more for her patients. Her services are constantly improving and they are excited about everything they will be able to do in the future.

As for the founders of The Team Training Institute, Dr. Goodall has a great deal of respect and admiration for Wendy Briggs and Dr. John Meis – not just as dental professionals but as people. “I needed to work with someone that I felt like was going to have the right philosophy, treating people right. They’re not just after the bottom line and they don’t try to make you go after the bottom line either.”

She was looking for and found a place that would guide her to creating the whole picture. To have a practice that is excellent for her patients, will achieve the results she desires, and will be a place where her employees can be proud and excited to work and be a part of. “I really think that is what John and Wendy are all about …helping us to get there and go way beyond where we thought we would be able to go.”

“I’m excited about all the things that we’ve done, all the things that we can do, and that I can provide that Disney world level of service for my patients, and be able to have a business that’s not only successful and surviving but one that’s thriving. I would highly recommend the Team Training Institute to anyone”