Dr. Tyson Gray has been a dentist for 10 years in Boise, Idaho. He found the Team Training Institute a year and a half ago and describes it as a fun and entertaining way to reach a goal that he didn’t even think was achievable!

His goal…. To have a practice where you can show up to work on Monday morning and not have a whole bunch of management stuff to do, but can go in and do dentistry and have a good day.

“It’s what I think is every dentist’s dream… it may be hypothetical, it may not be achievable in perfection, but we’ve made some steps to getting there.”

 He feels that they have learned a lot from the Team Training Institute; how to get over organizational and structural hurdles, assigning responsibilities to the team that take the weight off of the doctors’ shoulders, and having the faith that it will be okay.

He likes that Dr. Meis brings insights that can only come from having been in the trenches. Being in over 150 different practices has meant that he sees the struggles that any individual office might have, and have an answer to the questions that other consultants haven’t been able to answer.

“It’s much more dynamic…they give us the courage to do what they are asking, not just suggestions, but they get in there. They follow up with us. They report back to us and we report back to them.”

Since joining the Team Training Institute Dr. Gray feels that more than anything he has received the courage to make the big decisions; like hiring a new associate or adding to his existing building. Things that he has talked about for years, but never had the confidence to do.

After his first Blue Diamond Retreat, he went home and made those big leaps and was scratching his head as to why he hadn’t done it sooner.