EP 85: The Top 3 Frustrations Of Dentistry, Solved!

In today’s episode of the Double Your Production Podcast, Dr. John and Wendy share the 3 biggest challenges that dental practices are currently facing right now and the strategies to fix them.

You’ll learn:

  • How to increase the value of your practice by $4 for every $1 in profits you add. This is great news for anyone who’s behind on their retirement plan
  • The two easy fixes that will drastically increase your profitability
  • The simple strategy you can start today that will help you double your production
  • How to compete with corporate roll-ups
  • Common misconception doctors and hygienists have when they look at their schedule that is costing them
  • How to hire “rockstar” team members, even if your talent pool has shrunk due to COVID
  • The secret to attracting talent to join your practice


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