Give Me Just 1 Day And I’ll Give You A New Hygienist Who Starts Producing $3,000 A Day, While Serving More Patients and Protecting More Teeth… With No Extra Work For You

I’ll personally turn your hygiene department into an unstoppable patient care force that doesn't require any additional patients, additional time, and without raising your fees -- Guaranteed

Sept 26th, 2019
In Las Vegas,NV

There are 15 14 slots left

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Dear Doctor:

I know, you’re probably thinking: Really? Can my hygienist earn $3,000 in one day? It sounds impossible!

And the reason it sounds impossible is because of the way you’re running your hygiene department.

All it takes is the right training, along with some easy scripting tweaks on how your hygienists talk to the patients and PRESTO. Your hygiene profits will skyrocket.

Now I’m not saying every hygienist will earn $3,000 every day. But you’ll find that ANY hygienist can start having $3,000 days on a regular basis.

Take a look at some of the $3,000-a-day hygienists I’ve trained …


Every hygienist here has topped $3,000 a day … including two over $4,000 … and one at $5,025!


Every hygienist here has topped $3,000 a day!


Every hygienist here has topped $4,000 a day!

And the best part is… even if your hygienists don’t hit $3,000 every day, they are going to drastically increase hygiene production from where it is today and will be serving their patients at a higher level, it becomes a win-win.

But … HOW can my hygienist generate that much in just one day…will this work for my office?

Before I answer that question, let me tell you my story. 

Hi, my name is Wendy Briggs. I’ve been a Hygienist for more than 20 years and a Hygiene Production Consultant to more than 1,718 practices in 12 countries around the world. Hygiene is my passion … and exploding Hygiene productivity and profits is my expertise.

When I started …and for many years … I was satisfied with the status quo.

I saw patients, did my job and never really questioned the system. I was making good money for the practice – but no where even close the potential where it could be!

But something else bothered me even more. I had an arsenal of wonderful treatments to help my patients have a healthy mouth, but I wasn’t using hardly any of it.

The dentist I worked for was busy drilling and filling. Every day it was the same basic routine….and we were using just a fraction of the latest tools. I knew there had to be a better way. So I took action and made a list of everything I knew to be true about the practice:

  • My dentist had excellent skills 
    • We hygienists were the frontline of the practice
    • We weren’t using 75% of the tools at our disposal
    • The dentist haphazardly tried to offer more procedures (he wasn’t comfortable “selling”) with little results
    • Our hygiene department procedures and scripting weren’t consistent with every patient

My interest in improving oral health became an obsession. Every day I would brainstorm for a better way by thinking like a business owner… and improving bottom-line profits was the only measurement tool I used to rate every idea.

And one day…I had one of those Ah-hah moments!

Since hygienists are on the front line of almost every dental practice…and since hygienists spend the most time with patients…and since hygienists have the most tools available to help patients have healthier, more attractive smiles…I had this million-dollar realization…

Why weren’t we maximizing our strengths to produce amazing profits for the practice?

Since that day, I’ve spent years perfecting a system that can literally transform any hygiene department into a Profit Machine for the practice. First, I tested my ideas on my own at the practice where I worked.

Then, through my inner-circle (my network of friends who are working hygienists in practices across the U.S.) we started beta-testing my exact same scripting at the practices where they worked. Bottom line: by approaching hygiene like a business owner, and by consistently asking the same, scripted questions…within the first 30 days…

Hygiene production doubled, tripled even quadrupled in every instance!

In short, some ideas failed and others worked like a charm. The doctor I worked for was stunned and amazed at the financial turnaround. He encouraged me to keep going.

So that’s exactly what I did. In fact, over the next 3 years, I perfected a ridiculously easy to implement system that:

  • Sky-rockets the bottom-line net profit by an average of $27,432 in the first 60 days of the practice because this is newly uncovered, sheer profit!
  • Empowers the hygienist to guide the course of the patient’s treatment and create new opportunities for same-day, in-office treatments and at-home treatments! Translation: more revenue, more period diagnosed, more referrals. AND…I could increase my daily hygiene production right on the stop with ease!
  • Creates the happiest of patients because they become a part of keeping their teeth and gums healthy which means less time in the chair and less pain for them and they also get the beautiful smiles that they’ve always dreamed about!
  • Allows the hygienist to spend quality time with the patients to increase production and not rush more patients through the operatory!

This system is a WIN-WIN-WIN situation. Here’s the score card:

The Doctor, Hygienist and Patient all experience great benefits, so no one loses!

At this point, you’re probably asking yourself:

“How is Hygiene Explosion Different?”

You may have bought other hygiene profit systems in the past. Maybe even one of mine. And maybe you didn’t get the kind of results you were looking for.

But those other systems were missing one critical element: LIVE training.

See, my new Hygiene Explosion Live Training is so different. Your hygienists will be going through my training in REAL TIME with me.

They’ll have the opportunity to ask questions right then and there. I’ll know when certain points need clarification because I’ll be getting immediate feedback from the students.

My LIVE training crushes those old, used-up audios and videos any day. Because those old-school training methods can’t provide the one-on-one attention your hygienists will get from me, someone who’s “been there and done that” when it comes to unleashing the hidden profit potential that’s hidden in your hygiene department.

Seeing Wendy Live Makes All The Difference

“We attended Wendy’s Training in Chicago, and have attended previous conferences. Wendy always brings something new that re-energizes us in the dental hygiene field. Her ideas have been motivating and the implementation of those ideas in our practice have been ongoing and successful. So far we have over 600 patients sign up through Wendy’s incredible patient retention tool, Whitening For Life™. We have also seen adult fluoride acceptance rates climb. Thanks Wendy!” 

- Ellen Kuster and Michelle Hortsman. Iowa

Your Hygienists Will Be Held Accountable

There’s no slacking allowed. Because I’m looking over their shoulder every step of the way in this full-day workshop. They’re not reading it in a textbook or watching it on video. They’re quickly mastering these techniques because they’re experiencing them directly, under my tutelage. This direct learning means they’re making rapid progress. Because I’ve sat where they sit … and had the same conversations they have with patients.

Once they get this gentle push, they’ll get to see how easy it is to give superior care while bumping up profits.

Lack of Execution is the #1 reason why new training fails

It’s not a lack of clinical skills or a lack of good people. It’s because new techniques are not getting used consistently to become part of your office’s standard of care.

But that doesn’t happen here. Because these techniques were created BY a hygienist, FOR hygienists. They are believable and achievable. Your hygienists know I’m on their side and that I share the same concerns and daily frustrations. As a result, they are rapidly learning and building new skills for you.

Are You Tired of Buying Training Programs and Attending Live Coaching Sessions Only Never Implement Most of What You Learned?

Sure you are. And I know that because it’s a common frustration I hear all the time. Look, you’re busy being a dentist. You can’t do it all. And it’s a shame that a majority of what you’re learning about building a profitable practice isn’t being implemented.

But that’s the beauty of the Hygiene Explosion Workshop!

You literally don’t have to do a darn thing. I’ll handle everything.

I’m going to hold the hands of your hygienists and train them to implement what I teach them. Because these techniques are all field-tested, proven, and 100% practical. Painstakingly assembled and polished over my 20+ years of trial and error. So your hygiene staff comes back to your office ready to implement 100% of what I teach them.

So you see, this is the ultimate WIN for you! Finally, you’re able to invest in something that shows an immediate, huge ROI without lifting a finger to get it done!

For years, we in dentistry have been led to believe hygiene can’t be profitable and that we just have to accept that. Not anymore!

So what I’m trying to get to is this: 

It doesn’t matter what size your practice is or where you’re located or whatever else makes you different. I’ve have taught these same techniques to hygienists in small town in the middle of nowhere and in multiple million dollars practices in large metropolitan areas. It works for every where.

I know I can help you turn your hygiene department, too, into an instant PROFIT MACHINE!

I can help you uncover the hidden profits just waiting to be discovered! I know this because I’ve done it before for hundreds of other Dentists, just like you.

And I’m not talking just about another soft tissue program. Hygiene profitability will spill into the rest of the practice with increase demand for and acceptance of high quality, high dollar dentistry.

I’ve created this new HYGIENE EXPLOSION WORKSHOP for Dentists who are serious about taking their practice to the next level.

This new easy-to-implement System contains everything you need to explode your hygiene profits and join an elite group of doctors who can lead a life of leisure!

Check out the following list. If you answer YES to at least one of these amazing benefits of my system then you owe it to yourself and your practice to keep reading:

Do you want:

  • More quality restorative patients that’ll instantly generate higher profits! Listen: if you are not doing enough restorative dentistry, it’s not your fault! It’s a system issue that we can fix in your hygiene dept immediately.
  • More satisfied and educated patients who’ll appreciate you and your staff and keep coming back and refer like crazy!
  • Increased productivity for your entire practice!
  • Lower hygienist turnover because they’re happy, fulfilled and loyal.
  • Hygienists who love to come to work because their job is fun again. They can see the big picture and help you accomplish your practice goals!
  • Less burn-out for you and your hygiene staff because the future possibilities are so exciting!
  • More time for you to spend anyway you wish…time for vacations, time with family, time to expand your practice, time to just relax, or time for anything else you can think of! 
  • And of course—more money because you’ve taken a part of your practice that has typically been a loss leader and now it’s an area that’s highly profitable… while creating a wonderful experience for your patients.

I want you to take a minute and think about what these benefits would mean to you and your practice. How would an extra $100,000 per year (at least!) change your life? 

And again, I need to stress that this system does not mean any more Doctor Time for you. Your hygienists will be able to run with this program and make this happen. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Wendy Can Turn Your Hygiene Department Around To Making Daily Profit Like Magic!

Wendy Briggs of Hygiene Diamonds in just 60 days has taken my already successful hygiene department to a higher profit level. Her "Whitening For Life" program has been wildly successful with our patients. If a doctor doesn't implement this program into their hygiene department, they're "brain dead." Wendy has the ability to pull the hygienists, assistants, front office personnel and the doctors together to efficiently turn the entire dental practice into a like-minded team. If you want your hygiene department to be highly profitable, fun to be around and filled with raving patients who refer, then the next phone call you make should be to Hygiene Diamonds. Thanks Wendy!" - Dr. Kelly Bridenstine, Lenexa, Kansas

“Do I Really Need to Change My Hygiene Department?”

Look—the truth is, I’m not looking to change your hygiene department. 

I’m looking to transform your hygiene department and the overall practice profits.

The reality is the health of your entire practice falls on the shoulders of your hygienists and their assistants. If they are not doing it correctly that’s too much pressure on you, the doctor. And there’s only so much of you to go around. 

So, let me ask you:

  • Aren’t you tired of being tired?
  • Would you like to have 90% of the case presentation done by your hygienists and their assistants?
  • Wouldn’t you like to be able to take a deep breath and relax for once?
  • Wouldn’t it be amazing to add $100k or more per year to your profits?
  • Isn’t it time you start getting to do procedures other than MOD fillings all day and other boring basics?
  • Can you imagine having happy employees who can’t wait to start the day?
  • How about patients who happily come back again and again?
  • Aren’t you ready for patients who willingly open their wallets and say “yes” to a myriad of high-end dentistry?
  • Wouldn’t you relish extra time and money so you can do the things you’ve been dreaming about?

Then why would you wait one more minute before ordering this incredible money-making system?

When I go into a dental practice in person, that doctor pays me $8000 for my field-proven knowledge. That doctor knows the money spent will be generated several times over by the end of that month when the hygienists begin to use my system so he is willing to make that investment in his business.

I can guarantee my system works because it works in practices all over the world that I have worked with.

“After 23 years of practice, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could still learn a lot. And with this program I was actually able to give my patients better service and provide more care to them. It gave me more time with patient to give them information that I thought was important and discuss their treatment plan. I would really recommend the program. It’s worked very well for us. It’s a lot more fun to practice this way actually than it ever was before. The days go faster.” 

 --- Julie, Hygienist

At The Hygiene Explosion Workshop, Your Hygienists Will Discover:

  • The 4 biggest changes in dental technology that help in producing more profits!
  • The 3 cash-generating areas of a highly profitable hygiene department!
  • The common assumption that stops hygienists from bringing in more profit and the step-by step way to turn it around and start raking in the cash!
  • An easy to implement technique that alone can rake in an average yearly profit of about $30,700 based on a simple 8 patients/day and an average 80% acceptance rate!
  • The exact surefire words your hygienists can use to have patients saying Yes, Yes, Yes to any procedure …that includes high end restorative in your!
  • Adding 4 of these procedures a day (and this is a low estimate…82 in one day is the record from one of my trained hygienist!) can generate an extra $34,500 per year in hygiene!
  • 7 vital tips to achieving success with same-day acceptance for this procedure!
  • The condition that 80% of patients suffer from and the ingenious way to get them to happily accept and pay for this treatment without whining or crying!
  • How they can net a yearly average of $34,500 extra with this just 4 of these simple, quick procedure per day!
  • You might be missing this vital increase in insurance coverage that can add approximately $70,000 to your yearly earnings!
  • This amazing product is one your patients will actually use and stop by the office to buy the minute they run out!
  • And much, much more!!!

You literally can’t afford to miss out on this offer! My system is unlike anything you’ve seen before…I guarantee it!

Before I tell you more, let me address a serious issue you may not even know you have…..

What If Your Hygienist Doesn’t Want To “Sell”?

What I’ve found, as a practicing hygienist of over 20 years, is that if hygienists feels like they’re “selling”…they simply won’t do it.

But that’s not what this is about!

That’s the beauty of my system! I created these techniques as a working hygienist after being frustrated in seeing so many patients who needed perio, preventative services and a host of restorative dentistry…but had zero clue they needed it. 

So out of frustration I had to develop my own techniques that would help patients see the value of what we, health providers, can do. 

I wanted to help my patients make the best decisions about their treatment, that’s why I became a hygienist in the first place.

That’s why, when using my system, your hygienists will see that they are not “selling” a thing but they are treating, helping, preventing and guiding the patient to better health. The increased production comes from the superior service and higher efficiency your office will experience.

And what’s even better, your patients won’t feel like they’re being sold but actually walk away appreciating you and your staff even more. I provide, in detail, the exact words they can use to get your patients to agree to almost any treatment! It’ll quickly become completely natural and your hygienist will be empowered by running a highly profitable section of the practice!

You Get The Benefits Of A Personal, $12,997 Consultation, At A Fraction Of The Investment

I’m gearing up and ready to start my next round of Hygiene Explosion Workshops. I couldn’t be more excited. And you should be, too.

Your hygienists will get in on LIVE, personal training in a small class size where they have the ability to ask questions and get clarification for instant feedback, just like in my private consultation days.

And the best part is, they can attend this training in one of our scenic locations for about 50% LESS than what you might pay an ordinary dental consultant to visit your office … and for 70% LESS than the $12,997 consulting fee to bring me to your office.

Not only do you save up to 70%, but you benefit from what’s called “the Boot Camp Effect” as a way to ensure quick learning. Think about it. Where do new Army and Marine recruits get trained in life-changing skills? In the “comfort” of home? No. They go to Boot Camp -- a new environment, with new people, and rapid mastery of new skills.

Your office, where your hygienists are accustomed to working and thinking the same way every day, can actually be a block to learning. By changing their environment and putting them in our off-site classroom, your hygienists are literally seeing things from a new perspective … gaining new insights from other hygienists in the room … and they’re mastering these skills faster than any other way. Just like Boot Camp. I’ve seen it over and over for 20+ years.

This all-inclusive training, for one small investment, saves you $9,497 off my private consultation fee. For up to 10 hygienists in your office. There’s really no better or more affordable way for me to personally train your hygienists in my System!

Plus they’re getting 6 Continuing Education (CE) credits for their participation, to apply to their dental license … in addition to written training manuals.

Important: To maintain the quality of this training, only 15 dental practices can be accepted. After that, the doors slam shut and there's a waiting list until the next workshop, which may be many months away. Please don’t put this off and put up with your current production for another day …

How Does This Work?

The Hygiene Explosion Workshop runs from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Lunch will be served. And 6 CE Credits are available to those in attendance!

Here’s everything your hygienists will discover when they attend:

  • The Big Picture, Introduction to Hygiene Diamonds Paradigm: This is where your hygienists will “get it” and understand their role in the success of your practice. Your hygienist will learn the “method behind the madness” in this section. They’ll finally see how their role is super critical to the success of the practice. You’ll see a difference in attitude and a higher level of excitement from your staff after this section!
  • Maximizing Fluoride: My system will show your hygienists exactly what to say to get your adult patients to happily pay for this treatment again and again…and more parents will be signing on to treat their kids. The best part is all this will be a done deal before you even get in the room! So the bottom-line here is they’ll learn to bring in more profit and help more patients without your involvement!
  • Exploding Same-Day Preventive Procedures: If only your hygienists could get all those profit-adding, same-day preventive procedures accepted…you’d be rolling in dough, right? But they can’t. This is an area where 90% of hygienists fail. But that’s okay because I’ve got some simple tricks and strategies that’ll not only get your hygienists getting acceptance for these procedures but they’ll be excited about doing it! Imagine seeing your productions numbers skyrocket because your hygienists have been hard at work using Hygiene Explosion techniques!
  • Maximizing Radiographs: You can add an average of $70,000 per year just by doing this one, simple thing (I can’t believe how many practices don’t know this!). Instantly turn a no-profit procedure into something that jump-starts your bottom-line all while giving your patients the very best preventive care! 
  • Oral Health Screenings: Here’s another area where most hygiene departments are failing to tap into. And it’s a shame because it’s so important for our patients. So even if your team has never given a second thought to offering this service to your patients, my system will show them an easy way to get this out to your patients. You’ll out perform your competition every day when your staff covers this with your patients!
  • Stop Losing Patients: Arrggh! It’s so frustrating to spend the money to get new patients only to have them trickle away slowly to other practices. Your hygienists hold the key to the patient retention puzzle. Once they discover my techniques, you’ll see a huge bump in your patient retention rates!
  • How Loyal Are Your Patients: Loyal patients refer happily and come back year-after-year. Your hygienists will discover how to create fierce loyalty. And this will help you build a solid dental practice that is recession-proof!
  • The Periodontal Paradigm: This is one of the most underutilized profit areas. Right now I can walk into your dental office and help uncover $1 million in undiagnosed perio disease cases. But 99.9% of dental offices have zero clue about what I reveal in Hygiene Explosion. So get ready to see a huge bump in production when your staff completes this section!

But that’s not all. You also get a full 8 Module Written Training System to go along with the premier Hygiene Explosion Training. That way, your hygienists always have a resource to help them do and say the right thing, every time. 

Attendees say this is the best training they’ve ever been to. Because they get real, original ideas to improve patient outcomes and production, instantly! This workshop isn’t the same old recycled stuff you’ve seen before. Because it was created BY a Hygienist, FOR Hygienists, based on my 20+ years of hands-on experience. 

That’s why I urge you to get your hygienists registered ... today.

“How Much is the Hygiene Explosion Workshop?”

First, how much would you pay to have a personal consultation with me? It’s $12,997.

Yes, $12,997. And that’s only if you can get me because I have a waiting list of offices that goes on for months. Other doctors gladly hand over that money because they know they earn that sum back immediately after their hygienists start implementing my program.

But the truth is...I just don’t have the time to reach every doc who’s interested in their staff learning my system. So that’s where the Hygiene Explosion Workshop comes in. 

I’ve designed this so your staff can learn everything as if I were there in your practice, training you personally. 

Because this workshop lets me work with several practices at once, I’m able to discount this more than 70% off my in-office rate and pass the savings on to you. As a result, tuition for the Hygiene Explosion Workshop -- for up to 10 hygienists! -- is only $3500.

I say “only $3500” because you can earn that back in less than two days with my System. After it pays for itself -- and I guarantee it will -- this training is free.

Why This Is The Best Investment You Can Make In Your Practice All Year -- Guaranteed

  • Your hygiene staff spends more time with your patients than you do…they are on the front lines of your practice. And because of that, you should arm them with the best strategies, techniques and tricks to make the most out of each patient’s experience.
  • If your patients have a great experience with your hygienists then they’ll bemore likely to stick around and have higher-end procedures done. 
  • But on the other hand, if your hygiene staff isn’t so good at what they do, you are missing out on higher profit opportunities AND you’re losing patients.
  • You’re getting significant savings over my private consultation fee, with the same benefits of a small class size.
  • Certification by me for up to 10 dental hygienists.
  • Live training environment, written manuals, built-in implementation for your hygienist (with ZERO time involvement from you.)
  • And all this is only $3500. That’s a $9,497 savings on my private consultation fee. Your office can make up your initial investment in less than a few days, making this workshop essentially FREE!

Bottom line: Sending your staff to my Hygiene Explosion Workshop will instantly increase your patients’ satisfaction and boost how much they spend at your practice. You just can’t lose.

AND …. Each hygienist you register will receive 6 CE credits upon completion! You can’t beat that. Seriously, you’ve never made a better continuing education investment before. Because the Live training will directly benefit you and your practice instead of just satisfying an arbitrary requirement.

And to make this decision even easier …

You’re Protected By The World’s Only ''Triple Your Investment” Guarantee

It’s simple. If your hygienists attend my workshop and you don’t put at least $10,500 in new production back into your practice in the next 60 days, simply send us an email saying this was a waste of your time and you will receive a prompt, courteous refund of the tuition. No questions asked. No hard feelings, either. 

You should know that I’m very comfortable guaranteeing you’ll get a return on your investment of at least $10,500. Because that’s less than half the $27,432 that my first students were adding to their practice in their first 60 days … 10 years ago … when I first developed this System. Today, after 10 years of iteration and improvement, it’s now better and more profitable than ever. And you stand to benefit.

In a worst-case scenario, you receive free training and you don’t pay a thing.

But if it works -- and it will -- you’ll be better serving patients and raking in new production, without lifting a finger. And your profits are compounding week after week as production continues to grow … for the rest of this year … and beyond. 

So there you have it. That’s the best guarantee you’ll ever see. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

You’ll either get an incredibly profitable hygiene department without any added doc time, or you get 100% of your tuition back.

It’s Time to Make Your Choice

You can keep running your hygiene department the same way as your potential for mind-blowing profits never happen.


Grasp on to this opportunity to set your hygiene department ablaze and instantly see profits like you’ve never imagined!

I’m ready to prove everything I’ve promised. So put my claims to the test. Like I said before…YOU CAN’T LOSE!

If you want more guaranteed profits, more efficiency and happier employees and patients, simply choose your city and date, and click the orange button below.

Sept 26th, 2019
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P.S.  Here are 5 more reasons why The Hygiene Explosion Workshop is the best investment you can make this year …

1. You don’t have to sell more dentistry or worry about case acceptance (so you can focus on doing what you do best)

2. You don’t have to waste money chasing after new patients with advertising, postcards, or Facebook -- because this works with the patients you already have

3. NO additional work -- your Hygienists do the work for you (and they are eager to, as it gives them a chance to expand their skills)

4. You don’t have to spend over $100,000 for a CEREC … $30,000 for a Digital X-ray … or invest in any new technology (which only creates more debt, while this pays for itself in less than 60 days)

5. You already have the staff and the equipment, so there’s NO need to expand your office to expand your production 

P.P.S.  Our next workshop is rapidly approaching on Friday, May 17, 2019. There’s room for 15 offices to enroll. Once we fill up, the doors slam shut and you’re on the outside looking in. Don’t miss out …

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