How we get 80% Of Our Patients to Accept Fluoride Treatment

One of the biggest mistakes that hygiene makes is the way they approach treatment. 


They automatically dismiss treatments because they make assumptions about the patient. 


For example, we think when most insurance doesn’t cover a particular treatment, the patient won’t want it.


I see this all the time when I look at the fluoride acceptance rate.


On average, most practices have a fluoride acceptance rate under 10%. Many of our practices and member practices have a fluoride rate of over 80%.


The reason for that is not surprising because I often hear fluoride is being presented like this:


“We recommend fluoride but your insurance doesn’t cover it,”


But what patients hear is this:


“Your insurance doesn’t cover fluoride, so it’s not really important, because if it was, it would be covered.”


It’s no wonder that fluoride has such a low acceptance rate. How can we be providing the highest quality of care when we use self-sabotaging language. 


Our goal should be to serve all patients at the highest level, and when they don’t accept our recommendations, we have failed them.


I’ve put together a brief video training on how we are able to consistently get our fluoride treatment acceptance rate above 80%.


You’ll learn


  • The 3 step process we teach our members to drive acceptance through the roof

  • The 3 “magic” words that break down barriers

  • What to say when to get patients to accept fluoride treatment, even though their insurance doesn’t cover it.