Why You Should Be Maximizing Radiographs

As hygienists, one of our key roles is as a preventative therapist.

Of all the tools we have available, X-rays are among the most effective. In 2006, the ADA and FDA suggested significant changes in the recommended frequency for these exams. Still, many practices are not proactively and consistently taking x-rays.

If you aren’t convinced, consider these two facts:

    • Anterior PA’s increase productivity
      • Adding 5 PA’s per operatory in a 5 operatory practice will increase production by $100,000 over the next 12 months.
    • Anterior PA’s provide a valuable level of service to our patients
      • For many insured patients, this is a covered benefit.
        • There is little, if any, out of pocket expense for them.
        • We are helping them maximize their benefits.
        • We are catching decay in its earliest possible stages.

X-rays catch small problems before they become big headaches for our patients. It is of little cost and of great benefit to patients and your practice benefits as well. It isn’t hard to see that everyone wins with this approach.