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How To Double Your Production
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Even if your schedule is falling apart…
Even while accepting PPO’s…
All while working the same or less hours…
All while patients are happily saying Yes!

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What we’re sharing with you can and has been irrefutably proven to work in practices throughout North America AND the world. In towns as small as tiny little Denham Springs, Louisiana, all the way to huge metros like the Big Apple in Manhattan, NY. This training and the systems in it will immediately help you double your production whether you’re a small solo practice or a large multi-doctor facility.

Our “Ultimate Guide To Doubling Your Production Book” is the introduction to the ONLY truly plug-n-play formula that’s been created in all of dentistry that’s based upon UNIVERSAL principles that WORK regardless of a doctor’s individual talents, communication skills or charisma… whether you’re the most outgoing extroverted doctor or an introvert that dreads every social situation… this system will work for you and your practice because it’s based on SOLID PRINCIPLES, not gimmicks or personal quirks. In this advanced training, we will break down the formula and give you concepts, strategies and implementation for you to go step-by-step in your practice.

Have You Ever Wanted To:

  • Stop your schedule from falling apart every day?

    to stop worrying about whether or not your will be able to meet your goal?

  • Increase your production while still accepting PPO's

    but think this is an oxymoran?

  • Figure out how you can possibly add more

    to the already busy schedule? Wonder how you can get your team to be more productive with their time?

  • Have patients readily and happily saying "yes"

    before you even walk in the room?

And do you want to do this in a way that is fun, engaging and helps to build an unstoppable team in your practice?

If so, you need a straightforward, no theory – all practice system that will show you AND your team how to create a practice using our 5-step Double Your Production System.

Which means you will be able to go from the Practice that owns you to the Practice you own!

The Real-World Double Your Production Training System

And that’s what the “How To Double Production Starting Tomorrow” Real World Training System is all about … building YOUR practice by providing the highest quality care for your patients while simultaneously maximizing profits for you and your team.

The bottom line is this… FINALLY the ONLY thing you need to do is provide high quality care, care deeply about your patients and the money simply follows.

This is our step-by-step training that will walk you through our 5-step process. Where you will learn:

  • How to Optimize the Hygiene Production

    This is the fastest way to add profit to the bottom line, while providing world-class care for your patients. When done correctly, you can see your hygiene production double overnight!

  • How to Optimize the Clinical Production

    When done properly patients are ready to accept treatment long before the doctor ever walks through the door. Clinical production is all about the doctor effectively using their time, their skills and connecting with their patients

  • How To Plug The Leaky Holes

    Maximize the revenue and opportunities that already exist in your practice! Patients will feel more appreciated and you will feel more in control.

  • How to Duplicate Your Self Through Systems

    Without systems there are a lot of headaches and heartaches happening in the practice. There is only one practice owner, and he/she can not be everywhere at every time. So creating systems allow all the work you do to double your production to continue regardless of who is conducting that part of the patients experiences.

And that’s what the “How To Double Production Starting Tomorrow” Real World Training System is all about … building YOUR practice by providing the highest quality care for your patients while simultaneously maximizing profits for you and your team.

The bottom line is this… FINALLY the ONLY thing you need to do is provide high quality care, care deeply about your patients and the money simply follows.

This is our step-by-step training that will walk you through our 5-step process. Where you will learn:

I’m confident that we could EASILY sell this training for $5000.00. Think about how much you paid for dental school and how LITTLE information you were given about running a practice! This training is probably worth even MORE than $5,000.00. But we’re not charging that… Heck, I wouldn’t even sell this system for even $1,000. The fact is that the value of this system is PRICELESS and our goal is to HELP dentists not fleece them.

What Would It Mean To Have a Full Schedule Again?

Consider this… what would just 5 more new patients per month x 12 months mean to you financially? What if your production this year increased by $100,000.00 without even adding any new patients? What would THAT feel like? Would that be helpful to you and your family?

That’d be worth MILLIONS of dollars over the course of the rest of your career. However, this isn’t JUST about money. It’s also about the peace of mind and TIME you gain. Time spent with children, your spouse, grand kids, travel, etc… and THAT you can’t put a price on. And THAT is what this system is REALLY about.

I give you my word there is ZERO THEORY in this system. No guesswork. No hopeful wishes. Just REAL-WORLD PROVEN FACTS. Step-by-Step formulas that WORK when you deploy them. Every time. All the time.` You won’t have to wonder with even ONE strategy “will this really work?” I guarantee… EVERY step, EVERY process works EVERYTIME in EVERY kind of practice.

Why Should You Listen to Us?

You might be thinking, “who are these guys, and what do they really know about growing a dental practice?”

Well, we are Dr. John Meis and Wendy Briggs, RDH and we are the founders of The Team Training Institute.

I am a 4th generation dentist who has dedicated my life to building a team-run practice where I could spend my time focused on my patients and the high-end production that I loved to do. It wasn’t easy and it took me years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in training and trial and error – but I did figure it out. Once I cracked the code I quickly turned my one practice into 14 and currently I oversee over 180 different dental practices. There isn’t a problem (or solution for that matter) that I haven’t seen.

And Wendy, she has been a practicing hygienist for 25+ year. But she wasn’t just any hygienist, she was one of the most profitable and well-liked hygienists. She developed a system that doubles hygiene production in 60 days or less and I swear I haven’t met a hygienist who doesn’t love Wendy’s approach to using the science of dentistry to provide world-class care for patients..

We have been working with private clients – growing practices, doubling production, and serving more patients – and we are ready to start sharing this process with the entire dental community

Don’t just take our word for it though…

We Saw An Immediate 30% Bump…

“We are doing numbers that I didn’t think we would be able to do and we are even looking at potentially opening another location, because we’re almost out of capacity where we are – something that wasn’t even on my radar screen when we started. We saw an immediate 30% bump…”Dr. Ed Hood

We Produced the Biggest Year We Have Had in Dentistry!

“…I felt like our hygiene department was in a rut, we weren’t growing, and we weren’t serving our patients as well as we could. As soon as we got involved… our practice went to a new level. Our hygienists are educating their patients better, we are making patients aware of things that impact their health and what they can do to improve it…and in the process we produced the biggest year we have had in dentistry in 25 years!”Dr. Charles Betts

Habits = Ruts
And Ruts Are Near Impossible To Get Out Of

Fact is that old habits die hard, but if you’re willing to finally BREAK some of your most unproductive habits then you can ABSOLUTELY Double Your Production.

After 4 generations of dentistry, 25 years of personal experience, thousands of practices evaluated and consulted I can share with you ONE IRREFUTABLE FACT… if you don’t make a change, you will slip right back into your old habits and continue seeing the exact same results you’ve been seeing.

There is only ONE way to get RADICALLY different results and give yourself and your family the life you know you desire and deserve… make a change today… RIGHT NOW. So that you can finally have the tools you want and need to build the practice you’ve always dreamed of.

Here’s What You Get
In YOUR “How To Double Your
Production Starting Tomorrow System”

  • The best way to fix a schedule that’s completely fallen apart … with our step-by-step Same Day Dentistry maximization protocol
  • 3 ways to ensure your schedule NEVER falls apart in the first place… see exactly how giving your patients what they want SHOWS them you sincerely care about them and MAXIMIZES their loyalty and desire to refer
  • The now famous 8 minute new patient exam that will have your patients begging to follow ALL of your recommendations… Step #2 on the Roadmap… the ease and simplicity in which this ONE THING maximizes your clinical production will blow your mind
  • Our EXCLUSIVE… “6 clinical explosion detonators” guaranteed to RADICALLY increase your clinical production
  • The 3 CRITICAL roles of the modern day hygienist … without actually DOING or SAYING anything to them… just having them KNOW these 3 critical roles will instantly put your hygienists in “hyper-production” mode
  • How to completely flip the relationship between patient, hygienist and doctor in a way that creates deep and unbreakable loyalty to your practice. Loyalty like you have never seen from a patient before…. Simple, honest, communication with patients that bonds them to your practice without ANY awful manipulation or dishonesty…
  • One simple way to create bulletproof systems throughout your practice that breaks the invisible chains that hold back so many doctors to their staff… there’s an old adage “you don’t know what you don’t know”… if there’s ONE BLIND SPOT that holds practices back more than any other its NOT KNOWING THIS Roadmap step number 3, your ticket to more freedom in practice than you ever imagined possible
  • Answers to ALL the BIG questions we should have been told in Dental school but weren’t
  • Plus Much More
“You can bring in all the new patients you want into your office, but if you can’t serve them and do the dentistry, that is going to fail. What impresses me about John is he’s a dentist like me. I’ve heard a zillion consultants with great ideas but when you have one of the ‘guys’ showing you how to do it and PROVE that it works. It’s powerful. If I could give a gift to any young dentists and tell them someone you could hang your hat on, I would hang it on these guys, they are going to give you the skills that will last a lifetime.”Dr. Cris

Ready To Double Your Production?

We will show you how to do that, plus so much more. The Double Your Production – Starting Tomorrow System sells for $497, but since you have proven to be an action taker and you know what you want, if you act immediately, you can save $200 and get the entire system for only $297

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