More Effective Team Meetings

Does your team dread coming to the team meeting?

Do your employees often end up working through meeting times?

This is usually because Team Meetings turn into gripe sessions, or we don’t prepare well and we just ramble on without direction.

If we don’t feel our time is being utilized effectively, we aren’t going to feel positively about having the meetings. Even those who consistently produce at high performance levels struggle to keep the team focused at times. To create a meeting worth attending, it should have all of the following:

  • An agenda 
    • Discuss notes from the last meeting (this can be short and to the point)
    • Then open up to new issues.
    • Each team member should be able to add items to the agenda if needed.
  • As the meeting progresses, create an action plan
    • What needs to get done, and who will do it.
    • This plan is reviewed at the beginning of the next team meeting, to hold those accountable who had assignments from before.
  • Decide on 5-8 items to focus on as a team
    • Maybe it is doing a better job of seating patients in a timely manner, or calling patients who have unfinished treatment.
    • Whatever the goal is, write it down, and review at the next meeting.

If you are striving to perform at record levels, communication and strategy must come into play.