Why New Patients Are Not The Answer To Your Problems

Over the many years of owning several practices and now consulting, there are some really important stats that have made a huge impact on the way I do things.

This is one of those stats.

80% of the revenue that you will get from a patient comes in the first 18 months they are in your practice.

When I realized this I knew I didn’t need to spend gobs of money attracting new patients. 

What I needed to focus on was attracting the right kinds of patients and create a bulletproof system to ensure that each new patient accepted the treatments we recommended and kept coming back for those treatments.

There is NEVER going to be a shortage of new patients.

This might shock you, but you do not have a new patient problem.

The problem is that most practices don’t know how to optimize the patient that they currently have.

There is little benefit of bringing in hordes of new patients if they are simply exiting the back door. 

Over the years I created a 5 step system that I implemented in myself and saw my personal production grom to over $225K/ month.

I make a point in the video above. of why you need to stop focusing on patients coming in the door.