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How You Can Start Achieving an 85% Case Acceptance of Dental Implants From Existing and New Patients… Guaranteed

Imagine Your Team doing 95% of the educating and selling, your patients raving about you and your team… while YOU earn an extra $125,000 or more of High End Dental Services like Implants in the next 12 months!

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From: Wendy Briggs, RDH
President of The Team Training Institute

Dear Doctor,

There has never been a more vital time to be absolutely flawless at every point of contact with patients!

I created a program just for Implant and High End Cases like Sedation and Cosmetics that I am going to share with you…plus you can get it for a special deal today!!!

Research shows that patients buy from people they like, people who don’t come off as ‘selling’, and refer to people who create an experience that is different than any other business or practice they’ve ever been!

What I am About To Reveal To You IS Your “Bailout”, and Your Invitation To Join The Ranks Of The Top 3% Dentists Who Are Having Record Months While Everyone Else Is Paralyzed With Fear!

Did you know the Dentists who have the highest case acceptance ratio spend the least amount of time explaining to patients, do
ZERO selling, and produce more per hour?

  • Take ALL The Selling Pressure Off Yourself
  • Have Your Team Create Happier, More Educated Patients
  • Get Your New And Existing Patients To Say “YES” To MORE Treatment MORE Often
  • All this while Spending Your Time Producing…Or Doing Whatever You Want!

Now let me ask you this: Do you feel like you have too much pressure on your shoulders to make sure that patients are saying yes?

Do you feel like you’re selling more than you should be selling? Or feel like you’re over-educating and not communicating as clear as you’d like to?

Do you feel like you’re spending too much time with uneducated, unqualified patients?

Well, I know for a fact that you can relate to one of the above. It’s okay, though, 99% of dentists feel the exact same way.

Now, knowing that you agree with the above AND that I have a sure-fire solution for taking the pressure off your shoulders, selling less and spending less time with patients—you’ve got to keep reading because I know you’re interested in what I’ve got to say.

So, now you need to know what I’m about to share, my silver-bullet to getting your dental team to achieve an 85% case acceptance rate (at least) all on their own!

“Wendy Briggs has been good for our office, the attitude of my staff has really changed, especially my hygienist! They are excited about doing things. We never thought about many of the ideas that we have learned from this program. We have a much higher acceptance rate! This program has made things better for the patients, it’s better for the office and it sure is a lot better for the hygienist. I just want to thank Wendy for everything she has done for us!” — Ginger Bratzel, Socorro, New Mexico

Who Am I And Why Should You Listen to Me?

I am a practicing Hygienist, with over 25 years experience. For the last 15 years I have taken my unique system for doubling hygiene production and case acceptance directly to practices. I have consulted with over 3,718 offices in 12 different countries. Hygiene and team training are my passions…and exploding dental practices by maximizing the teams efforts are my areas of expertise.

“Thank you for encouraging us. I believe this will work because we don’t have to completely change everything in our office. We need to tweak some systems and accept personal accountability. I am very excited for our success! –
Jacki Supple (office manager for Dr. Robert Lazarow)

I’ve taken highly productive practices and turned them into colossal industry leaders and I’ve taken struggling small practices and turned them into thriving profit centers.

Over and over I’ve taken practices all over the world and dramatically ramped up case acceptance in a matter of HOURS!

Now I’ve learned a thing or two about what works, what doesn’t and most of all what makes life and practice MOST profitable and EASY for a dentist. And among the top 10 strategies that make life and practice more profitable and easy for you… is the New Patient Experience and getting patients to say “Yes”!

From my experience, most Dentists and consultants are dead wrong on how they approach this topic, but I KNEW that with the RIGHT information, these offices could master case acceptance.

Wendy Briggs, in just 60 days has taken my already successful hygiene department to a higher profit level. Her program has been widely successful with our patients. If a doctor doesn’t implement this program into their hygiene department, they’re “brain dead.” Wendy has the ability to pull the hygienists, assistants, front office personnel and the doctors together to efficiently turn the entire dental practice into a like-minded team. If you want your hygiene department to be highly profitable, fun to be around and filled with raving patients who refer, then the next phone call you make should be to Wendy. Thanks Wendy!” — Dr. Kelly Bridenstine, Lenexa, KS

Are These 4 Critical Case Acceptance Blockages Destroying Your Cash Flow and New Patient Flow
(our research shows, that over 93% of Dental Practices are)

Case Acceptance Blockage #1: Inconsistent or Flawed New Patient Experience & Conversion Process

Did you know, there are 65 points of contact for the new patient experience and conversion process….and 95% of offices have zero clue that THE MOST IMPORTANT part of your practice is being executed by flying by the seat of our pants.

The new patient conversion process should be CONSISTENT, PREDICTABLE, & RELIABLE!

Key point: if you don’t know this…then stop what you are doing right now and realize that you are flying by the seat of your pants. You don’t have a system you have a hope and pray strategy.

By the time I get done with you and your team… not only will you increase your revenue and improve cash flow…you will have PREDICTABILITY!

What’s even better is that patients not only choose more dentistry when you have this dialed in, they refer like crazy and never go anywhere else!

Case Acceptance Blockage #2: Overeducating Your Patients

A very common issue many practices have is getting into too much detail with patients. For example: a patient comes in because he’s interested in Implants. His dentures are uncomfortable and he’s always afraid they’re going to fall out in front of someone.

Now, instead of telling him that implants will allow him to eat whatever he wants with no discomfort AND that he’ll be able to chomp into the biggest apple without fear of dentures falling… many times team members will go on and on about the technical side of what implants are, and how they screw into the jaw and just too many details. You’ll show pictures and x-rays and brochures and whatever else you have on hand.

Does this sound familiar?

The patient becomes overloaded and maybe even fear starts to overshadow their desire to stop the discomfort. And then you wonder why the patient never actually got those implants he seemed so interested in.

Case Acceptance Blockage #3: Using Complex Medical Terminology That Confuses the Patient

Understand this: Confused Patients don’t buy! PERIOD!

Think about it: whenever you have been confused or have someone explaining something in the most ridiculous terms, either you asked them to re-explain in simpler terms (less than 5% of people will do this)

Or you walked out and went somewhere else!

This is why newspaper stories are written at an 8th grade level? Why? Because that is the level that 97% of our population read and communicate at. When educating and selling the simplest form of getting your message across is always the best…and dental staff should use easy-to-understand terminology with every patient.

For example, most folks don’t know what terms like gingivitis, occlusions or abutments mean. And even if they do, there is no picture or emotion associated with them.

Make sense?

A Simple Little 3 Word Strategy That Will Revolutionize Your Implant Case Acceptance!

If you want to increase your case acceptance, it’s vital to use simple, easy-to-understand terminology. A simple formula that I teach in my system will simplify the lives of you and your team, while creating a flawless Patient Experience…which results in more bottom line revenue.

The best way to break it down for patients is a simple 3 word formula designed to get patients to 100% understand what your team is presenting and make them feel like they are in control of the process. Which only increases your case acceptance – especially for high end dentistry!

With this method, your team can take that $12,000.00 treatment plan and break it into bite-size pieces to get the patient into a better emotional state to move forward. So these three words really make the biggest difference and allows easy transition into the discussion of cosmetic and implants procedures (which a lot of times, never even gets brought up).

Case Acceptance Blockage #4: Hygienists Not Using the Available Technology to Increase Case Acceptance

“But there just isn’t enough time.” That’s the biggest excuse hygienists have for not using the highly effective tools like the Diagnodent on patients.

These steps are so absolutely vital to increasing your case acceptance. The whole objection that there’s not enough time, becomes non-existent. Because that’s ultimately the whole reason the patient is in the chair, to direct them to restorative options like Implants and Cosmetics.

So we have to create systems in which there is a time to use these tools. If they are used appropriately and effectively, we are talking minutes here. We are not talking an extra 1/2 hour.

This is valuable, especially with new patients, because there is that lack of initial trust, and hesitation with new patients. They don’t know who you are. They don’t know that you provide ethical care. For all you know, they may think you are looking for trouble when there may not be any.

If you recognize these critical blockages, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Which is good news, because it means these systems can have an immediate impact and increase the bottom line profits.

And that’s why I’m offering the exclusive “New Breakthroughs in Mastering Case Acceptance for Implants: How to Get Your Team To Sell More Implant Cases and High End Dentistry” System to you – a proven, easy-to-use system for creating happy, educated patients, who gladly say “yes”.

Here Are 10 Reasons Your Family (And Team) WON’T Forgive You If You Miss This!
And These Are Just a Small Taste Of What You’ll Discover

You’ll be Crying “Tears Of Joy” When You Realize This Stuff….
Your Team Is Fully Trained And Ready To Bring In an INSTANT EXTRA $20,000-$25,000 THIS Month And EVERY Month for The Next 12 Months!!!…
  1. Word-for-word what your team MUST say at every patient “point of contact”… to influence each patient to make their “buying decision” based upon what YOU say they NEED not what they think they can “afford”
  2. You’ll Kick Yourself when you realize that this EXTRA $125,000 production bump has actually been BLEEDING out of your practice… you’ll see first hand where you & your team are letting this near fortune slip right through your fingers every day… Your entire team will know EXACTLY what to do to STOP THE BLEEDING INSTANTLY!
  3. The step-by-step recipe to make absolutely certain at least 85% of your patients say “YES” to your MOST EXPENSIVE recommendations… best of all you won’t even need to be in the room
  4. Discover what “I can’t afford it” REALLY means and have your team effortlessly slice through it like a hot knife through butter.
  5. The two AMAZINGLY SIMPLE things to do during case presentation that will get new patients feeling like they are in ‘the right place’, say “yes” to treatment, and refer their friends. These two simple things NEVER fail, even if you do them poorly.
  6. The RIGHT Way To “Talk Money” With A Patient. Do it the right way and she’ll gladly give you whatever you ask for… do it wrong and you’re doing yet another “patch job, bare minimum” treatment plan, or worse, they suddenly “can’t afford it”.
  7. How To Turn a “WAFFLER” Into an “Absolutely Positively Yes… When Do We Start”
  8. The power of the “BENEFITS” how and why your patients don’t CARE about anything but “what’s in it for them!” Master this one concept and your practice will NEVER have a case acceptance problem again. Ignore it and perish.
  9. Lies, Lies, Lies – – ALMOST everything out there about closing, case presentation, what makes patients say “yes” is FLAT OUT WRONG. Almost everything you hear from consultants and seminar speakers is DECREASING your case acceptance rates! We’ll give you the simple, step by step system of getting patients to tell you what they want.
  10. How getting your team to increase case acceptance not only creates INSTANT cash surge but It also creates an instant referral surge as well and we’ll show you how and why…

And as I said this is just a SMALL TASTE of what you will get with this specific program for “New Breakthroughs in Mastering Case Acceptance for Implants: How to Get Your Team To Sell More Implant Cases and High End Dentistry.”

And I promise you that I will leave no stone unturned, no question unanswered. You WILL finish this training and have no doubt that you are 100% able to get at minimum 85% case acceptance and most of them at your best care option fee.

“OK, Wendy! You Got Me, How Much is This Gonna Cost?”

I presented this training at a live event that doctors gladly paid $1500 to attend. You’ll get to see me spill my secrets to exploding your profits! I recommend you watch these DVDs as part of your weekly meetings. Everyone in your office will get trained together and make sure you all start off on the right foot to explode your case acceptance of high end procedures likes Implants, Sedation, and Cosmetics.

Look I can’t state it any other way… this system is a critical investment for your practice. But like any good investment, you’ll be reaping the rewards faster than you can say hygienist!

With that said, you must understand, this is a $125,000 increase in production we are talking about. How much would you invest in stock or real estate to get back $125,000 big ones? Would you trade $10,000 for $125,000?

If you look at this as a ‘cost’, then you haven’t been listening. This is an investment making sure your patient contact is maximized to be the most productive time.

Imagine that, starting today, your team improved 10% overall. What that means to your bottom line “take home” over the next 3 years. It might mean hundreds of thousands in net profits. There is no where else, especially in this economy where you can put this money and get quite the same R.O.I (return on investment)

The work, effort and sweat that has gone and is still going into the production of this training system to ensure your team and you have a unified team approach to the New Patient Experience, Case Presentation, and creating higher dollar patients has been monumental. I also understand that that is only possible to guarantee your skill level upon completion.

With that said, your price is NOT $10,000 as it could be, and I normally charge $397 for this system….but since I am so intent on changing the lives of as many doctors as I can and making this next year-your best year, I am giving you a special offer, only good until February 27th. I am offering special discount to a limited amount of doctors – so your cost is only $197

Think about this for a minute. You’re getting a guaranteed way to catapult your case acceptance to 95%! This system actually pays for itself within a day or two from the new procedures and treatments you’ll be racking up.

I have the goal of making you RICH…and getting your entire crew cranking! If $397 seems like a lot, then you are not being honest with yourself. That is less than 1 veneer, a crown, ½ an implant, 1 Invisalign case…need I say more….and if you act quickly you can get your copy for only $197.

Get Started Today and Receive 3 Power-Packed Bonuses To Help You Get Instant Profits From Your “New Breakthroughs in Mastering Implant Case Acceptance”

FREE GIFT #1: My Case Acceptance Toolkit (value of $97)
Sometimes getting onto the same page the hardest part of creating your case acceptance system. The case acceptance toolkit was created to alleviate that problem. Using the tools provided, your office can quickly and easily define your case presentation language and stay on the same page. You will also have 3 individual sheets for your office to define every piece of your languaging so that there is no confusion. Update and change as you like, these are specific for your practice.

FREE GIFT #2: My Case Acceptance Proven Scripts (value of $47)

An Invaluable tool, as you and your team start implementing the secret system for case presentation. Keep this tool by your side as an easy reference to guide you through the system when a patient is in the chair in front of you.

FREE GIFT #3: Free Shipping & Handling (value of $14.99)

Until the time stamped at the top of this page, we are also including FREE shipping and handling.

So in reality, the cost is irrelevant…the real decision you need to make is whether you are ready or NOT you are willing to invest in yourself AND your team! Nothing else!

Honestly, most doctors will look at this and make the fatal mistake of thinking it’s “just another training”. For those like you who are “destined for greatness” this is their loss and YOUR WIN. And it’s for this very reason that you will continue to be dominant in your marketplace for many years to come, simply because you are willing to do what most are unwilling to do. And its that insight, foresight and effort that separate the doctor that will be DECIMATED in this very difficult economy we face now and for the next couple of years

As your practice increases by $125,000 or more while your team does most of the work…what will you do with your extra time and money?

All it takes is one click to get an UNFAIR advantage over your competition and watch your profits head sky high for this year!


Yes! Please also include a copy of “Mastering Case Acceptance for Implants: How to Get Your Team To Sell More Implant Cases and High End Dentistry for the lowest price ever of $197


You Must Succeed OR You Pay Nothing – GUARANTEED!

You should know by now that nobody offers more value and nobody works harder and cares for my members more than I do. But at the same time I understand, it’s an investment of time, trust, and a long way to come so what the heck.

I will back up “New Breakthroughs in Mastering Case Acceptance for Implants: How to Get Your Team To Sell More Implant Cases and High End Dentistry” with an unheard of 12 Month Guarantee. If in the next 12 months you don’t make an extra $125,000 using any 2 of the dozens of strategies revealed in this system, just send the system back and let me know and I will refund your investment 100% no questions asked!

Committed to your Success

Wendy Briggs, RDH

P.S. – $125,000 in your bank account or it’s FREE! Like I said, you either produce an additional $125,000 because of this system or you don’t pay for it. The money you invested goes back in your bank account. No risk, no hassles, no one in the industry has the guts to make such a bold claim, but we can because we can back it.

P.P.S. “I can’t say it any better than those that have used the system have; When I’m playing basketball and want to become the best and Phil Jackson is offering to coach me no one would understand it if I would refuse it. As a dentist, I want to have the best practice possible and with Wendy offering to coach me and my staff why then would I refuse such an offer?” – Leonardo Habegger

P.P.P.S – You have to take the first step to get this ball rolling. I will give you the rest, give you the tools to FINALLY have everyone on the team working to make your practice profitable!!

Lock in your FINAL Decision


Yes! Please also include a copy of “Mastering Case Acceptance for Implants: How to Get Your Team To Sell More Implant Cases and High End Dentistry for the lowest price ever of $197