Ep 79: 5 Lessons Surviving In The Wild Has Taught Me About Business With Cotopaxi CEO Davis Smith (Part 1)

Special guest Davis Smith, founder of the outdoor company Cotopaxi and an avid survivalist shares with with us his experiences of how surviving in the wild and running a business is not all that different. You’ll learn the 5 lessons he’s learned in survival situations that prepared him to lead his team and business through various crises and challenges. You’ll … Read More

Ep 78: The 3 Things That Hold Practices Back

Dr. John and Wendy collect data from thousands of practices every year and are able to identify the really successful practices and what they are doing differently. In this episode, Dr. John and Wendy dig into some common mistakes and blockages that can actually prevent practices from growing. Listen to this episode and learn how to step around these landmines … Read More

EP 77 – Make Money While Finding And Hiring Great Dental Assistants With David Roux

David Roux, CEO of Accelerated Dental Assisting Academy, talks with Dr. John about his struggle to find and hire needed team members that were a good fit for his culture, and how that led him to start ADAA. They go over how practice owners who are struggling with staffing issues can use ADAA to easily find their next talented team member. … Read More

EP 76: Turning $600 to $6000 With Hygiene With Bert Triche

Bert Triche, a hygiene coach, discusses with Dr. John & Wendy a common mistake that practice owners make that leaves them missing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run for a little short-term gain. She shares a common scenario that happens when doctors think about performance-based incentives for hygienists. You’ll Learn How To Turn $600 to … Read More

Ep 75: Top Financial Mistakes Practice Owners Make with Chris Sands

In this episode, Dr. John and Wendy sit down with Chris Sands, owner of Pro-Fi 20/20 CPAs, an accounting, tax, and financial consulting firm for dental practices. They go over the common mistakes and challenges practice owners have when it comes to managing their dental practice finances. They go into detail how dentist owners can be financially savvy, what numbers … Read More

Ep 74: Growing Your Dental Practice Amidst Chaos with Dr Charles & Sylvia Betts

In this episode, Dr. John sits down with dentist Dr. Charles and his wife Sylvia Betts, owners of a dental practice in Decatur, AL. Like most dental practices, they were shut down for several weeks due to COVID-19, but are now busier than ever and are still getting new patients, even though they are a fee for service practice (a … Read More

EP 73: The Latest Announcement from the WHO and the Possible Impact on Your Schedule

  We have heard a lot of frustration from the dental world about the latest WHO recommendation in the media. Practices are noticing cancellations, concerned patients and sudden fall-out of appointment retention which is very concerning! Listen to Dr. John and Wendy during a facebook live where they update our subscribers on what tools and tactics we have to combat … Read More

EP 72: Weather the Storm with Curtis Marshall

This episode Wendy discusses the current crisis from both a practice and data standpoint with Curtis Marshall from Dental Intel. They lay out strategies on how to move forward now and not only weather the storm that is coming but how to take advantage of this time and come out with some of your best production months yet. All while … Read More

EP71: Strategies to Maximize Change In Your Practice Tomorrow

Wendy and Dr. John analyze case studies with offices who are implementing change and having tremendous success. During this episode you will find tips and tricks that will help you now while recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic as well as strategies that will continue to improve your patient care and practice production for years to come. You can’t afford to … Read More

EP 70: Cash Flow Solutions with David Kirby from Zions Bancorp Practice Pathways Division

COVID-19 has many concerned about Cash Flow. Join us for this episode where Wendy interviews an executive from the banking industry to ask questions regarding best options for surviving COVID Cash flow crunch. Walk away from this episode with ideas to use in your practice tomorrow! Want to tune in to video updates by Wendy and Dr. John? Find our facebook page with … Read More

EP 69: The Threats to Your Ideal Dental Vision & a Covid-19 Update

Dr. John and Wendy give us another update on the latest Covid-19 science and information from the leading governing bodies and real life offices. They also discuss what is currently worrying and threatening providers to creating their ideal dental career. Discussing practice styles and how to achieve exactly what you are looking for! Listen in, you won’t want to miss … Read More

EP 68: Clear Away the Confusion; Covid-19 Update

To open or not to open? What infection control procedures are necessary? What should we currently be doing during this transition period? Dr. John and Wendy address these concerns and more on todays episode which is another Covid-19 update aiming to clear away the confusion that has permeated into our dental profession and allow you to make your own decisions … Read More